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Filipina claps back at black women over Passport Bros

Filipinas defend Passport Bros/YouTube

Spicy Filipina claps back. 

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MANILA — Dammit Passport Bros! Look what you’ve done. Now we have a catfight on our hands. A viral video shows a testy Filipina clapping back at a querulous black chick who lambasted the Passport Bros for traveling overseas to copulate with women from third world countries. The black chick said, “For you bozos who are going overseas to sleep with women from third world countries because they don’t know no better, they only know you’re American. They don’t know you’re broke.” Ouch, that hurt. Ms. Filipina, however, took offense to the black chick’s demeaning choice of words. “I wanna know where these girls are getting their information from,” she retorted. “We have been called poor, uneducated, can barely speak English, and now she’s saying girls from third world countries don’t know any better? Where are you getting all this?”

“I’ve seen a lot of black girls talking B.S. about us, discriminating against girls from poor countries,” the Filipina continued. “And you know what’s funny? These are the people who cry over racism and discrimination in the United States of f*cking America.”

The fed-up Filipina then drew a juxtaposition between her God-given mane and the artificial coiffures African American women are known to wear. “If you want to be a self-righteous person, fix your wig first. It looks nasty. See this? Not a wig,” she cracked while tugging at her hair. “Smooth, silky, straight. Natural hair for Filipina. I’m not an angel. You insult my kind, I’m going to clap back.”

In a separate video, a black woman accused the Passport Bros of looking for slaves — not partners.

“The truth of the matter is you don’t want a wife,” she said.

“You want a slave and then you call it a marriage. That’s not marriage. It’s modern day slavery and I think that it’s sick.”

Watch the catfight.

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  1. Black men use our hair against us, so, when other race of women seek out black men, the first thing they say about black women is, your hair or weave is ugly or fake. Every race of women in this world wear wigs or weaves.

  2. You mean filipinas are protecting their own chance at getting U.S. passports.

  3. Sometimes BW have to learn the hard way and I’m beginning to think disgrace is what they understand. How many times have people warned BW to stand down and not get themselves involved with this passport bro nonsense?? Not our BW!! They are there looking foolish once again and now you’ve got bottom of the barrel third world countries women disparaging and humiliating BW. It’s laughable at this point!!🤓

  4. Please please please come get them all, take them all to your country and love them deeply. Maybe that will fix the black femicide problem we have here. Please and thank you asian congregation.

  5. Exactly. The flippina women is right , black women are too judgemental, rude and prejudiced

  6. I don’t want other races of women. I’m an African and I’m satisfied with my African women. I always have a good selection. Good body, beautiful face, homely and feminine all round. No disrespect to the passport men of America, do your thing and enjoy your life.

  7. I love it. Please please grab your real hair again to wake these brain dead BW up.

  8. Hold up from a black man I don’t like how she went on OUR HAIR stop this gender war bullshit bro

  9. I have to say this and now the women of the world see with Western black men have to go through with Western feminist masculine females. No man from any other country is coming to America to marry a any female with masculinity. This Is Why Us brothers are getting a passport and looking for traditional women that have a culture so with this Filipina I agree with her.

  10. The majority of black women are insecure and psychopathic. They are upset that no one in their right mind would date them. That is why the majority of black women have to date the Pookies and Ray Rays.

  11. Yanno, as funny as I found this,
    I believe we need to not promote this pedantic beefing between the women.
    Let’s not let the women we want get dragged down to their level.

    Starve them of that attention they want.

    Let’s take the high road, move in silence, and keep it pushing.
    Speak with our actions.
    The western women can bicker with themselves, alone.

  12. Im a black man from America. And i think black men and woman look dumb asf arguing back and forth about nothing. We are our own worst enemy. Cant even stand each other. smh 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  13. Her brain was in that crooked wig, that’s why she can’t think straight.
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  14. Did America’s “most educated” BW not know that 92% of the Philippines speaks English? And have college graduation rates equal to the USA.

  15. American women get these ideas about foreign women due to America’s white supremacists nature. The American media has always been racist af, entertainment and news media will depict America and Western Europe and major Asian nations like Japan and China as 1st world powers and the rest of the world as 2nd world at best 3rd world in between and failed states at worse.
    And most Americans are drunk off a lifetime of American mythology/propaganda kool-aid, that’s why overseas there is the concept of the “Ugly American”. Overseas some Americans travel with this I’m better than you because I’m American hence the term Ugly American, these passport bro hating women are the Ugly Americans who cannot or just won’t travel and are angry that their better options that they thought was trapped with him have adapted to and are overcoming their delusional BS.

  16. As a Black American man, I agree wholeheartedly with this Filipina sista. The wig line had to hit home with Black American women 🤣

  17. Nobody should have to tolerate abusive ,hateful, lieing falsifying truths from female woman kings.

  18. Who’s benefitting from this? Women tearing down each other’s for some black men that don’t even have respect for themselves, come on how can some women be so dumbs?do you ever see men doing this?iAm a very proud black Caribbean Island woman and my dignity and pride is very vital to me so I careless for some black men that tearing down their own race that telling u they don’t even care about their mothers such a shame ,just remember that the only thing that last forever is the good salvation .

  19. I’ve been telling ppl this for weeks n weeks… Filipinos are not your sterotyped Asian…They are actually considered the Blk ppl of Asia, along with Cambodians…My Blk folk from Cali, NYC, Philly, Chicago already know the deal with these particular Asians.
    The ignorance and jealousy coming from these h8ful BW is embarrassing but not surprising at all…I can tell these hyenas haven’t been anywhere or lived around many Asians. I grew up around alot of these groups n even went to prom with a Filipina friend of mine. I really wish these BW would quit it already…they’re only making it worse for themselves and they don’t even realize it… ridiculous
    *and the BW in the UK and CA are no different and no better…they’re all speaking from the same playbook

  20. The lady who is “clapping back” bragging about her hair looks like she eats rocks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If I were her I would never open my mouth. 😅

  21. Crazy how nakers only like women to speak up when it’s to defend the naker…the minute a woman speaks up for anything else other than them she’s masculine lmao they are a joke

  22. Sista got the nerves talking ugly bout philipina girls🤣🤣🤣
    Sis…you probably got one of her cousins hair on your head… just stop



  24. I love it!! I’m so glad the ladies from other nations are finally able to reach out and clap back at these black American women . Long!!!!! way over due!!


  26. The whole PPB being broke is becoming cliche and a talking point, just like I need a man that makes six figures and is six feet tall. Those weaves and wigs are preventing them from forming a original thought.

  27. I would like to have one question When the black women say about overseas is poor country if that’s so then why everybody in America is going over those country and why every resource is from that country Black women got to think about it without that weave bundle Long fake nails Eyes lashes BBL.

  28. I’ve seen a bunch of white women say the samething these black chicks are saying but this Filipina is right

  29. Damn…. Black women…. We keep telling yall to stop wearing foriegn women hair.

  30. Now you know what men of color have to put up with, there’s an element of black American women that just run their mouths off for the sake of running their mouths off. There’s no sense to them, they just like the sound of their own voice, think about this how can someone broke be able to afford a plane ticket? without help, Ignore these foolish women.

  31. If those black women stopped working against black men, this wouldn’t happen.

  32. It proves how disgustingly materialistic black women are. They don’t have a real world perspective on life they expect rich dating partners and think that just because they’re in America that they are better than people who are foreign. Disgusting!

  33. Black women will say ANYTHING to pump themselves up, and it usually comes at the expense of someone else. I’m 44, male, black. I’ve been watching, since middle school, black women choose the WORST Men, and be promiscuous AF with the wrong ones. Then wanna say “ALL MEN ARE DOGS”.

  34. Black women do all that talking bad about black men and other races of women. Yet they wear their hair.

    It’s so easy to shut down a black woman bc she’s busy trying to look like them.

  35. Most black American women are unmarried, will never get married, and has lost most of their femininity. They are overly aggressive and disrespectful to black men…..they are haters.

  36. And that’s why black men married Filipinas. Yah men will be finished because why? We dont got no attitude like black girls do!! Our only attitude we have is LOVE!! What yah need is your attitudes needs to change! Maybe just maybe black men will respect you!!! I’m just saying!!
    Oh by the way if you know the history? The first one who came in the Philippines are Africans and Polynesian. Why yah think our skin color are like coffee with milk? Dah!!! There are part of Philippines have negritos? Exactly!!! Know your history girl!!! Because we black too!! Educate your self before yah open your mouth. The only thing how we look like now because many different people came in the Philippines. And we all mix.

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