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Maui residents flipped off Biden and cussed him out

Biden gets middle finger/YouTube

Biden gets unruly welcome. 

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MAUI — Now he shows up. President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden flew into Hawaii via Air Force One on Monday (albeit 2 weeks late) and they were greeted by Maui residents who are pissed about their response (or lack thereof) to the wildfires that ravaged the island and claimed the lives of more than 100 people with roughly 1,000 more still missing. Protesters chanted “F*ck You!” while giving ’em the middle finger as their motorcade drove by. A disgruntled homeowner put a sign out in his front yard that reads: “Traitor Joe Must Go!” Secret Service agents, needless to say, had their hands full. If you recall, President Biden — while on vacation — said, “No comment,” and remained mute after the fires erupted on August 8th. Then, he had the audacity to crack jokes at the press conference in Lahaina — the town hit hardest by the inferno.

Social media reaction was venomous. One commenter wrote, “He is not physically or mentally competent. PERIOD.” Another chimed in with, “Don’t cry too much for Maui. Those morons are flipping him off but they voted for him!!!” A third person added, “He makes me sick and whoever is responsible for those fires deserve a special place in hell. Sending kids home from school to die alone, turning off the water, blocking off the only exit to safety. It all seems so intentional.”

Biden’s buddy, Oprah Winfrey, purchased 870 acres of land prior to the wildfires.

Now there’s speculation of a land grab.

Watch Maui residents give Biden a piece of their mind.

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  1. I find it funny how they flip him off when they literally voted him in. Will this finally convince Hawaii to flip red? I’m gonna be laughing so hard if not, meaning they deserve him the whole way. 😂

  2. This is what leftist liberal policies get you. Pronouns and sex changes are more important than survival and relief from disasters. When will y’all wake up?

  3. He is a senile old man. Who is running our country? Into the ground, yes. It’s just sad. We need Trump!!

  4. Is anyone looking at what there really doing. Who gives a 💩about that peace of crap there killing people
    This is there new world order it’s all about getting rid of 99% of the population. This ass wipe is a puppet for Satan

  5. He really is a total waste of time, it’s shameful that he is not in jail and even more shameful that he’s POTUS.

  6. What does anyone expect from the same state that faked Obama’s birth certificate

  7. Biden compares a fire massacre in Maui to his small kitchen fire. FJB

  8. It’s time for the people of this once great nation to stand up to our government. This “accident” was on purpose.

  9. It’s amazing to me that the Biden’s are completely oblivious to the fact that they are NOT welcome there. $700 checks. Wow….. After sending billions in hush money to Ukraine. He’s not there to help these people . He and Jill are there to look into real estate.


  11. More Than 140 People Burn To Death! More Than 1.000 People Still Missing! In Maui Hawaii During The Entire Wildfire Disasters! You So Called 46th United States President Joe Biden! Your So Called Dysfunctional Administration Official Still Causing Bloodshed During The Entire Ukrainian/Russian War!

  12. I cannot fanthom why people voted for him and continue to support him! He should NEVER have been allowed to be President! the votes should have been recounted because everyone knows Trump won!u

  13. Voting doesn’t matter anymore! Don’t you people get it! The election was rigged!!!!!!!!!! There’s a new strain quote unquote coming soon to a city near you! Atlanta college is already mandating masks with no recordable cases! Here we go again! Prepare for gain of function engineering of a new flu for us peasants! In a town near you very soon!

  14. The Biden Admin doesn’t give a shit about anyone – only its warped agenda. It was a perfect all-American pissed off greeting 👇

  15. I thought he got 81 million votes and was the most popular president in history?

  16. This entire disaster could have been prevented had the elected officials been serious people.

    The state official did not release water to fight the fires because of “water equity” and now they believe over 1,000 people may be dead – many of those innocent children sent home from school that day.

    This tragedy happened because of the woke equity agenda.

    If you keep electing these people, something this horrific may come to your neighborhood.

  17. I firmly believe the fires were started on purpose TO get the land away from the residents.

  18. And then he takes it even a step worse. He made his speech about him, and compared his almost “lost” cat to children burning alive in homes because of sick politics. That’s the leader of the free world people. His pain over the possibility of losing a cat is the same or worse than the tragedy of losing your children, wife, mother, father, cousins, siblings, friends, and everything you own.

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