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Black chick hates big d*ck, preference is 4 to 6 inches

Isa prefers a small penis/TikTok

Black chick wants little d*ck. 

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ATLANTA — No King Ding-a-Ling? A viral video shows TikToker Isa Bucciarati claiming she eschews fellas with foot-long phalluses because they’re extremely abusive to her vulva. Instead, it’s her assertion men shouldn’t be shamed for having diminutive d*cks. Isa said 4 to 6 inches will suffice. “Let’s be transparent here. For all y’all people that be trying to make fun of people’s size and this, that and a third, I always tell y’all: ‘It ain’t about the size. It’s what a person is willing to do for you,'” Isa explained while using a tape measure for visual aid. “Because a mothaf*cka that’s past 6 inches will sit up here and brag. But I’m gonna say this again: ‘What woman wants a broomstick?’ I’m just sayin.’ How is that comfortable? How is that pleasible, pleasurable? How is that bringing a sensation of happiness and joy? Six inches is enough. Hell, even 4 [inches] is decent.”

“Mothaf*ckas that are past 6 inches, they think they just got it like that,” Isa continued. “They think a broomstick is just ‘POW, POW, POW, POW! Just ramming that mothaf*ckin’ broomstick… and be sittin’ up there killing a bitch. Ain’t sh*t about that pleasurable, fun, exciting. Four to six inches is fine.” Social media reaction was hilarious. One commenter wrote, “Well, I guess it’s time to go to white women ’cause I know they’ll love it. They’re tired of 4 inches.” Another chimed in with, “I got 2 inches of thunder. Take it or leave it.”

A third viewer added, “These days, women want Animal D.😂”

Do you agree with Isa?

Are small penises satisfactory?

Watch Isa keep it 💯.

Share your thoughts.

@isa.bucciarati Does “size” matter? #doessizematter #fyp ♬ original sound – Isa Bucciarati

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  1. Whatever you got!!! you got!!! just handle your biz when you in it!!! If she keeps letting you back in it then you are doing something right!!! as long as you do that part you should alright whether your Big, medium or small.

  2. Crazy part is she right and wrong because black women love shit thats out of the norm just like they think every man should make 6 figures they think every man has to be 9 inches

  3. How she gone say be happy with how God created you with a big blonde ahh wig on her head 😂😂😂😂😂

  4. I know they not dick shaming, bc your born with what your born with. They the ones getting fake assess. you wasnt born with that

  5. She is right…a broom stick is definitely not for me. A hospital stay is not worth it.

  6. Lying ass bish . Fellas don’t believe what she talking about these women will laugh at you behind your back to all their girlfriends

  7. I won hundred percent agree with this, but it’s something that she is forgetting see what women don’t understand is and I actually got this from watching a YouTube video on and it was white women who were asking white women much do you know what’s the size they prefer and a lot of them did not say anything over 8 inches You know why she said I didn’t wanna ruin my vagina so again all the females out there who do not know this about your own vagina. Your vagina is a retracting muscle like photosynthesis like a plant in opens in the cold tracks and re-tracks so if you stretch it out what to wear and tear it out off the brick of course you’re gonna need a certain size to go in for you to feel anything because you’re worn out you didn’t keep it in shape so it’s worn out so you need a certain size to go in you in order for your vagina to even feel anything stop trying to be a little man just because we all don’t have the same dick size When a woman tells me 00 asked me you got 9 to 10 inches or anything over that that just automatically let me know OK you’ve been running through your vaginas worn out your walls of God you have no traction whatsoever in your vagina and in order for you to feel something you need a certain size to go with you to the net yo yo shit is like trash. That’s what that means to me. That’s the truth behind that, take it to leave it.

  8. I’m barely 6 inches and have made a lot of bitches squirt. Also women don’t know shit because I’ve had chick’s suggest my joint is 9 inches 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Personally, women don’t know how big an inch is anyway. He may be 7 to 8 but look 10. However, there are some women who are shallow, and the only thing that’s on their minds is the perception of what a man is to them. If he isn’t as big as someone she dated in her past then he is less than a man. You miss out on many great men being shallow.

  10. “Once you go black, you end up in a wheel chair” – Latrell in White Chicks

  11. Here’s the truth, if you need more than that it’s probably because you’ve been down the block and around the corner! This is coming from a woman, most of us want normal 4-6 inches is fine. Absolutely no anacondas over here😂

  12. SOOO SICK! WHY ARE PEOPLE SO PREOCCUPIED WITH SEX 😤🙄 THERE IS A WHOLE LOT MORE to what makes a successful relationship than this physical humdrum! Black people especially need to stop following Satan’s playbook. There is life After this Wicked World! YOU need to be worrying about where your SOULS are going to go!! Some have Already sold their souls! Better PRAY it’s Not Too Late to CHANGE & REPENT!? 🙏🏿

  13. Basically she’s saying she wants to keep her walls in tact…🤣🤣
    I’m not ashamed at all, I was NOT blessed with king ding a ling.. AINT no CRANK A DICK over here🤣🤣 I’m str8 up🤣🤣🤣

  14. The moment you validate what a woman say you FAIL. It’s all about actions. 4-5-6-7-8 make sure you pleasure her in all way possible.. women are NEVER satisfy regardless.. even if you have a 12 inches she’ll still try to shame you saying you don’t last 5 hours. Even if you last 5 hours she’ll still say you don’t stay up after busting, even if you stay hard after bussing, she’ll still say your load wasn’t a bucket of load.. moral of the story is “ pleasure her and do your best.” The woman for you won’t care even if your penis wasn’t there. She’ll want you for YOU.

  15. Speak it sister! I swear I’ve been yelling the same damn thing for years. Take care of my shit please sir!🙏🏽

  16. Regardless of what people believe, vaginas aren’t that long despite being able to stretch. I see it all the time, some big dick negro in a porn phucking a chick and only 6-9 inches is in her. As for what she said about the cervix, well, if while u hitting deep and u feel urself hitting something as u go in and as u come back (I call it “speed baggin”), what ur hitting is the cervix. Unfortunately, if u constantly do that you will ultimately bruise the cervix which if done enough will lead to Cervical Cancer.

  17. 6 inches, it can really satisfy a woman. Don’t let social media fool u. You just have to stir it like muthafukin coffee, R.I.P Bernie Mac😄

  18. I feel exactly as she does, I’d rather have the pleasure than the pain. And there’s so much more to a man than what’s between his legs but some women gotta have a big one lol, different strokes for different folks

  19. She’s cappin 🧢 because the majority of women have said countless of times that Size Matters. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  20. Ladies, if you need more than 6 inches, then you don’t belong to the street, you belong to the circus! 🎪🤡🤡🤹🏻‍♀️

  21. She has a point. The vaginal canal ranges from roughly 1.5–3.7 inches long. The average size penis is 5 inches. So for those women who are complaining about a man’s size too small maybe your vaginal is stretched out and too big. It’s not my fault because I was blessed with length but I’m just making a point for all those women out there b!tching and complaining and shaming men for being too small. Smh

  22. If you can snatch her mind and emotions, size will never matter.

  23. Size only matters when sex is the only objective. If you guys vibe & she really likes u then your hairline (or lack there of), dad pooch, lack of connecting beard, messed up bottom row of teeth, or criss cross toes (even if they have bunions) won’t matter. How do ik? Bc I’m a woman & fell for a guy who was 350+ lbs solid/6’4 & idgaf w nobody had to say about how my teddy bear looked bc of our connection & bc I see what the baby daddies/boyfriends of pretty, decent women look like & they aren’t the nba playboys-they are the “ugly” guys that got game, keep fresh clothes & shoes on, stay at the barbershop, treat her nice & do the best they can with what they got🤷🏽‍♀️ what is bbc anyway? I’m starting to think loose coochie is on the uptrend bc some of us can’t even use super jumbo tampons while others are talking about 10” minimum. Excuse me ma’am?

  24. Women care more about the number than what the number actually represents. If you 4 to 5 inches, just tell her you’re 6. If you 5″10 or 5″11 in height, just tell her you’re 6 feet. If you make $80k, just tell her you make six figures. Women don’t know the difference. They just wanna hear the number.

  25. Im a guy but I know a bro that did adult films for awhile and he said during a crazy conversation among the fellas that he got a healthy 10 inch monster and that he’s had women turn him down for sex once they saw what he had. He said, “That if you don’t have what he got don’t feel bad it ain’t all it’s cracked up to be because most women don’t even use sex toys my size and that should tell you something”. That was my furst time ever hearing anything like that and made me look at myself a lot differently.

  26. Don’t get hopeful fellas. Soon as she get upset you gone be all kind of “Lil Dick Muthaf**kas”

  27. She saying just because you got a big one does not make you good at sex so when you packing and got all the motion in the ocean lord you the man 💪🏽 trust me

  28. I’m late to this, but women that I’ve been with say that I’m the perfect size. Not too big, not too small. Just right. I also heard from women that said they generally want something in the 6 to 8 inch range.

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