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Black chick instantly regret shaming the Passport Bros

Modern woman slams Passport Bros/TikTok

Black chick slams Passport Bros. 

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LOS ANGELES — A viral TikTok video shows an exasperated black chick shaming the Passport Bros for traveling overseas to find soulmates. It’s her assertion too many American men lack the social skills necessary to attract modern women. But babygirl would later regret her decision to excoriate fellas who are dating outside their nationality. “When you say that you’re a Passport Bro, you are publicly admitting that you do not have the personality, social skills, or confidence to get a lady in your country,” she vented. Shortly after disseminating the clip, the loquacious damsel shared another video that shows her out on a birthday date with an Asian n*gga. Ain’t that a bitch? Social media reaction was priceless. One commenter wrote, “Leave modern women in their own misery.” Another chimed in with, “As a ‘reverse passport bro’ (Filipino man living in the United States) that’s dated a diverse group of females (Black/White Americans, Mexicans, Filipinas/Asians, etc.), the difference is drastic. Americans tend to have more attitude, while Latinas and Asians tend to be more sweet, caring, and loyal like real women.”

A third viewer added, “Western women have been corrupted by modern feminism. Meanwhile, my husband comes home to a clean house, peace, food on the table and his balls emptied on the regular. I get loyalty, security and a man who would do anything for me. He’s the King of the house and I’m his unicorn. Western women will die on their lonely hill with only cats to mourn them and TikTok videos of sad expositions of them crying about why they aren’t getting men.”

Are western relationships doomed?

Should every hopeless romantic purchase a passport?

Watch the crazy video.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I am on the fence either artifical womb or be a passport bro? I dont trust divorce system and wont let kids see that shit and project my personal hell onto not just mine but any child. But if i see designer items i immediately GTFO, big red flag, gold diggers puts a child happiness and well being beneath their self centered materialism and bag

  2. Black men, you only have this passport bro power because you live in a white man’s world, in a western country. If you were back in your 3rd world African shthole, you’d have no passport to offer. So thank us.

  3. American women don’t want us and don’t want anyone else to have us either !

  4. Western women are just men 😂. My thai girlfriend speaks great english and has good education. Plus takes care of me like gold and i do the same for her. They cook and take care of you and its fantastic.

  5. I experienced my first foreign woman when I got stationed in Germany. She was from Ethiopia and I met her in Mannheim at an October fest. She blew my mind!! Wish I could have married her, she was beautiful, like super model scale beauty, in nursing school, but her father did not like me at all. Before I left I asked if so could marry her and it was a big no for him. Dating hasn’t been the same ever since. I was spoiled by her!!

  6. Brothers the US women are not wife material.They are rough , loud , gold diggers , poor home makers and basically club girls .Wives Nah

  7. Men are known to want to find love, and women are known to marry old saggy dudes for their money, and then change their expectations because for them security will still outweight love, even if she could get a fit young guy with a good amount of money, the dirtbags will still be looking for old millionare type guys if they could.
    When do you see men marrying rich women, they are usually from the middle east or Africa.
    Men seem to take kind to women who are in need, and they help them, women help themselves, as it all functions and that’s how evolution and this universe works, we are the apex predators on this earth and we need more, a lot of women are copers and insecure, jealous but for other reasons than a man would be jealous for when it goes to hating on the opposite sex.
    Our western values are the best this earth has ever seen, and it will be spread all over the world, and nobody will hate it, that’s just for the copers to hate, people love us and we love people who can accept this better way of thinking, and we will make, and colonize the universe, and grow, men build.

  8. Women are mad at passport bros because those women become wives, they are supported, they can be stay at home mothers, and so many things. These are the things western women want but don’t want to admit it. It is intense insecurity and jealousy. There’s millions of men but they waste their time being mad at a few passport bros. Why be upset? Thats like a straight man being mad at lesbians for not wanting them

  9. These western women that want to become alpha are like zombies, flee from them! To another country, yes!

  10. I’m a passport bro 😎🥳🥳🥳🥳 let the good times roll on🕺🕺🕺

  11. The western world doesn’t value marriage anymore. It’s less of an privilege and more of a life milestone. It isn’t sacred anymore.

  12. I see american females really feel threatened by this movement, i know it from their reactions and need to comment on this topic…..they say they dont care….i see differently tho!

  13. we filipinas are better than american women and we have real hair…… they jealous of us

  14. I’m a man with passport and I’m saying dating overseas hell of a lot more fun.

  15. This has got to stop! All you third world poor women need to stop with this NONSENSE about American women being jealous of you! You are getting the men that we DONT want! But we are suppose to be jealous of you! Some of you third world poor women that are taking these men aint even got indoor plumbing. We all know why most of you third world women are going to do with these men. We all know he is your ticket to america and out of the third world life your living. So you can come over here and live the lives we live. But we are suppose to be jealous of you! Who do you think your kidding?What I want to know if you are such good wives. Why is it that the men of your country aint married you! Why you got to rely on getting our rejects anyway? Why do you think they did not go right across the border to canada to get a woman or any other developed nation to get a woman?Does it not hit you that those specific men need to find desperate women. You poor third world poor women fit the bill. Did you ask him how many female doctors/lawyers/engineers has he dated in YOUR country? Truth is you do not know anything about america or american women. Truth is our standards are higher than yours! We all have indoor plumbing! Ok! Truth is these men are preying on the desperation of the women in the third world. So you third world poor ass women need to stop ego tripping!

  16. The “Black” women in the USA are upset because the Black men are marrying the overseas women, and they are happy. The Filipina women are petite, sweet, easy to talk to, they wear far less makeup, they are pretty, intelligent, they know how to be WIVES, they have small pucci and they have not been ran through. IT’S A WIN WIN! GET YOUR PASSPORT AND GO GET YOU A GOOD WIFE! …Plus, the women come in pretty warm colors. It’s a double WIN for any guy.

  17. I love how they dont want these dudes but also dont want those dudes to be happy

  18. That’s why black men are going to the Philippines to get a wife because the women know how to love and respect their husbands black women do not they’re disrespectful they’re loud mouths they’re unapproachable And they think that they are boss bitches and they’re not

  19. Ask the woman who broke up with her boyfriend after he was in the hospital with brain cancer…she is only one example on how modern woman are so weak in holding a relationship. They breakdown the moment thing gets shaky.

  20. I was dating and engaged to a brazilian woman before she broke up with me as i refused to keep being her living credit card. The relationship was extremely abusive

    She was bipolar and she had massive anger problems. She would always insult me yell at me treat me like dirt and take her problems out on me. She was only ever happy when i bought gifts for her. Lots and lots and lots of gifts or i just flat out gave her money

    She had no interest in coming to america or learning English she just wanted a foreign bank account to pay for her selfish greedy life style

    Since we broke up i met five other Brazilian women who were just as greedy selfish having anger problems taking their anger out on me. No desire to ever learn english or come to america.

    I hope there are decent Brazilian women out there i hope but every single Brazilian women ive met has been mean vindictive greedy selfish and basically not wanting a husband wanting a living credit card she can yell at insult and treat like trash

    Hopefully there are some decent Brazilian women out there but i havent met any yet, and ao far Brazilian women have seemed identidal to americna women just verh good at hiding it

    Ive since then gone to the philipines
    My new gf is filipina and i couldn’t be happier

  21. Thailand is a lot more fun than the Philippines, but the women here can’t compare to the women there.

  22. The more American women run their mouths. The worst it makes them and our culture look in the matrix. Plain n simple.

  23. Let’s make one thing perfectly clear, MY BROTHERS!!!! If you are a sucker in the west. Most likely, you will be a sucker no matter wear you go. Get your self together BEFORE you start traveling….. just saying!!!!! MGTOW MEN GOING THERE OWN WAY 💯 WMBM UP!!!!

  24. Get those passport brothers time to move to another Country find love elsewhere and stay there 🇵🇭🇰🇷🇹🇭🇩🇴🇧🇻🇫🇴🇨🇴🇸🇪

  25. Black women are looking like “Busters”! They’re supposed to be boss chicks or bad bitches but these women overseas are taking Brothers left & right! Y’all weak AF!

  26. big difference between american women and international women, living in poverty teaches people to be grateful and caring. I was born in america and raised, most american women are ungrateful, and needs a man to financially take care of them. Poor people are grateful for the little things.

  27. Men are leaving the western hemisphere to find wives, because the western hemisphere is shot to hell with delusional women!

    If it’s not the last 2 or 3 generations corrupted by government assistance, then it’s the last 2 generations that watched the movie “pretty woman” and said that can happen to me!

    What about these millennials, that swear they don’t need no man in their life. They can accomplish everything they want on their own.

    And the Caribbean is no better! Ever since satellite TV and the internet, they have been steadily being corrupted since the early 90’s!

  28. I feel with black men, I can’t see myself dating these obnoxious, loud, self – centered black women. No thanks

  29. Men, you are a LIONS! 🤨
    REMEMBER that LIONS DON’T associate with HYENAS! 😏

  30. Women now a days are so delusional and really not funny. 😢
    You have Shante, that has been in the streets for 10+ years, being ran through by Pookie, Ray Ray and Tyrone. Now in her late 20s early 30s deciding after 2 or 3 baby daddys that she now wants, excuse me! Now deserve a high end, six figure man. That will rescue her and her kids out of the ghetto and live happily ever after. 🤔

    These women have been watching too much lifetime, reality TV and Social Media 😂!

    Kevin Samuel was right! And these birds don’t get it, until the maternal clock starts ticking. Now they want to compete with the 20 year old woman for the same high level man. You shoot your shot already! Theirs no mulligans in life 😂.

  31. Do whatever you want, but female nature doesn’t change because you went to another country.

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