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Looking to buy a used car? There’s 6 you should avoid

Some used cars ain’t worth the hassle/YouTube

Stay away from these used cars. 

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LOS ANGELES — If you’re looking to buy an automobile, here’s some interesting news: GoBankingRates released a list of 6 used cars you should stay away from. The avoidable sextet are: 1) Fiat 500 because it keeps breaking down. Not to mention the clutch is crappy and repair costs are a b*tch. 2) Ford Escape because the transmission jerks and shudders. Plus, suspension requires frequent maintenance. 3) Volkswagen Eos is widely regarded as being the worst used convertible to purchase. Not to mention there’s not much room if you aspire to copulate in the back seat. 4) Toyota Camry because the brakes malfunction and it drinks way too much fuel. You have to fill your tank every 30 minutes. 5) Chrysler 200 because they’re constantly recalled for electrical issues and power failures. You’ll fool around and get electrocuted.

And, 6) BMW, sure you can impress your friends and pretend you’re a baller.

But, you’re screwed if it breaks down.

“The cost on those vehicles tends to be insane,” the company said.

“There’s a high cost of maintenance and repair expenses that are through the roof.”

If — for whatever reason, you purchase one of the aforementioned vehicles — be sure to get an extended warranty. Social media reaction was mostly informative. One commenter wrote, “Chevy should definitely be on the list.” Another chimed in with, “Please stay away from CVT vehicles, and anything that has TURBO in them!” A third person added, “So avoid American and Japanese cars.”

Do you agree with the list?

Should other vehicles be added?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. One of my old co-workers had an Maxima, to replace the water pump, they had to pull the engine out of the car.

  2. Always avoid buying a used car with a turboengine.
    Because the previous owner most likely abused that car and its turbo arent what it used to be.

  3. I have to wonder how many Electric vehicles belong on this list. You know, because of timing chain issues, oil leaks, head gasket leaks leading to over heating. LoL

    (Lets see who gets my sarcasm, and who doesn’t……

  4. Toyota and Lexus, Honda, Mitsubishi and Mazda, that’s all you need to know, if you can, get the models made in Japan.

  5. Maxima should also be on the list. They have CVT issues. I replaced CVT with 15000 SAR

  6. Purchased a 2010 Jeep Compass brand new back in the day…drove it up to 56K and without warning (and after a state inspection just two weeks prior) the stability control light comes on, and within 100 yards, the right front wheel…the entire wheel…drops out of the side of the car. The dealership later claims that the ball joint was bad, but again, after an inspection that said that everything was fine, they point to the ball joint, which usually lasts up to 100K before needing to be replaced. In the time that I owned it, I had to replace the suspension, but otherwise, it lasted until 150K miles when I traded it in for another car. So not necessarily the best car, but I didn’t have transmission or engine issues. Oh…and the A/C compressor died after six years of relatively minor usage.

  7. buy a $500 car drive it till it stops buy another one repeat if one lasts a year without needing anything give it oil never FILL the gas tank thats a waste WHEN it dies or burns

  8. I thought for sure a Nissan CVT Car or Crossover would have been on that list..

  9. Glad I got carshield just in time, have a dodge Journey and my entire engine got replaced, $100 deductible 😂

  10. I’m still buying a used BMW because I know how to maintain a performance car 😂

  11. Don’t buy a GM car with the 3.6 V6 if it has any miles on it. Timing chain WILL go bad and it’s an engine out job. Don’t buy a GM with active fuel management on the V8’s. Cam and lifter eaters.

  12. My car is such a piece of shit I wonder why I ever wanted a saturn. It was 400 bucks haha I am cheap. Windshield is cracked seats broke door won’t open heater stopped working

  13. stay away from the Chevy Equinox right now I have a 2017 that they replaced the timing chain now it needs new pistions and waiting if the warranty will cover it if it doesnt I cant afford to fix it

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