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Black woman tells her date Cheesecake Factory sucks

Black chick demands 5-star treatment/YouTube

Black chick slams dating partner.

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ATLANTA — A viral TikTok video shows a high-maintenance black chick refusing to egress the car because an Indian n*gga she met online took her to “The Cheesecake Factory” on their first date, and she felt she deserved better. The crazy ordeal went down in Atlanta. In the clip (watched by roughly 3 million people), the rapacious redbone made it crystal clear she’s way too prepossessing to manducate at a franchise eatery. To her, it’s either five-star or bust. “I ain’t getting out this car. This is the Cheesecake Factory. This is the Cheesecake Factory, y’all,” she told her audience while looking into the camera. “What’s the problem with that?” he replied. “Who takes someone that looks like this to a chain restaurant?” she retorted. “So you expect a man to go all out on a first date?” he countered. “I mean, you’re supposed to. Look at me. When you take out a beautiful woman, and you’re courting her, you’re supposed to take care of her… You’re supposed to protect her. Cherish her. Treat her well,” she explained.

As soon as baybgirl said all that, the guy became a bumbling idiot.

The video is very painful to watch.

Social media reaction was wild. One commenter wrote, “I bet that’s the last black chick he takes out on a date😂😂😂.” Another chimed in with, “Not all women are like this. If men don’t want to be put in the ‘All Men Are Dogs’ category, then please don’t put us in the same box as this disgraceful woman. That kind of thinking is unfair and narrow-minded. Don’t put us in a category you wouldn’t put your mother in. Hopefully, you won’t.” A third viewer added, “If he was black, she would’ve called him a broke, bum-ass n*gga.”

Can’t lie. The plus-size narcissist looked sexy in a plunging neon frock that offered an erotic panorama of her plump embonpoint.

But she showed homeboy no respect.

When the 7-Eleven clerk arrived to pick her up, she wouldn’t let him inside her apartment.

Then she made him wait an hour in his car.

Ain’t that a bitch?

Give Habib credit. He politely took her home because he “didn’t feel respected.”

What’s my take?

Most of what she said is correct. As men, we’re supposed to show women a good time and, yes, we’re supposed to protect them. But she should’ve made her dining preferences known before the date. It’s not what she said, it’s when she said it. That’s why I usually let women pick venues so I don’t end up in situations like this. Hell… if it was up to me, I’d take every popsy to Gates BBQ.

As for online dating? I don’t have an opinion because I’ve never done it. Not knocking it. Just never tried it.

But I imagine babygirl is capable of updating her profile so that bachelors can decipher whether or not she’s a good fit.

Also, when you first meet a stranger, the first date should take place at a coffeehouse.

One of my media confrères suggested I try online dating as an experiment then write a blog.

All of my friends do it, so I’ll have plenty of help building a profile.

She said I should date three or four chicks then draw a juxtaposition between ’em.

It’ll be good research.

We’ll see. Right now, I’m happy playing Xbox and watching movies during my days off.

I’m very slothful. Not sure I have the drive to go on a bunch of dates.

I’m Pookie & Ray Ray minus the femicide.

Besides, online dating appears to be a waste of time and money.

Anyway, did Habib handle the situation appropriately?

Should he purchase a passport?

Watch the gold digger unleash a diatribe.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. She will be known FOREVER as the Cheese Cake Factory date… one is going to date her now 😅😅

  2. I’m a woman and I am appalled at this women’s behavior. She caused them to loose their reservation and got the audacity to say she’s not going to eat at a chain restaurant. She probably loss a great man because of this childish behavior…smdh!

  3. This is the results of social media!!! FEMALES living in a fantasy world pretending to be something they are NOT!! This female is too old to be acting like this. A real EMBARRASSMENT to WOMEN!!!

    First dates need to be at coffee shop, save your money guys!!!

  4. By the size of her she hasn’t been refusing much lately? But I’m glad the nasty attitude of the BW is on display even while swirling. This is why you will be twirling that fake hair alone in your apartment. But one more thing she starts by saying that a man needs to cover and protect her on the first date yet it’s too early to hold the man’s arm walking in? Lmao. The delusion is off the charts!

  5. Cheesecake Factory isn’t cheap! But the inside restaurant is nice! Whats her damn problem? Shes not even a Red Lobster, IHOP, or even a Waffle House worth type of woman!😮

  6. She tried to embarrassed him on social media, and he turned it around and made her look like a fool. Good job on him.

  7. No respect. I would’ve put her ass out right there on the spot. Dudes, get your passports. Western women are fucking clueless, most of them. What’s wrong with the cheesecake factory. He waited for an hour? After 5 minutes I’d be ready to go.

  8. The gentlemen handled the situation respectfully. I’m sorry as a woman you get what you dish out. He should have left when you decided to make him wait an hour. If your job had you running late then maybe a phone call to let him know that would have been nice. You are like too many other little girls out here who THINK because you have a pretty face you are entitled to treat people that way you want. It does not work that way. I hope you do better on your next date.

  9. She’s a 🤡 this ain’t nothing but click bait! She’s gonna be single-single after this! Or a joker will take her to Eddie V’s. I’m glad dude took her home. She ain’t shit!! 💯✌🏽

  10. Made all the sister’s unavailable. 😂😂😂 Women think they had problems to find a man; let this video rotate into circulation. 😂😂😂

  11. Good move my man. Take her stank azz home. Men have expectations too. Some of these women think that all they need to do is look make-up good, let the boobies peak out and men are going to splurge on them, especially on a first date. Some of these women are all about game.

  12. I am a 71 yo white woman. Where does this ultra sense of entitlement come from….she is dressed like a stripper, take her to the club, put her on that pole, let her earn her Uber home. Planet Bizarro.

  13. Id be ok with Applebee’s as long as hes being a gentleman it should be fine

  14. How much u wanna bet when she got home she doordashed something like Wendy’s or Panera Bread 😂😂😂😂

  15. Anyone who pulls out a phone on a date and does this shit definitely belongs to the street. She is suppose to be a grown woman and instead is childish . Having a conversation with the world instead of the man you are on the date with. She was so disrespectful she is not beautiful on the inside or the outside. L all the way around

  16. She is lucky to even go to a Cheesecake Factory I would have taken her out to Jack in the box .. 2 tacos for $1 now that’s a deal ..

  17. Brother did much better than I would have. I understand and agree about her not allowing him in her place, but after waiting 30 minutes if she did contact me to tell me someone is in the emergency room or her place was on fire. I would have simply drove off and blocked her . Stopped at a sports bar had a beer etc. and went about living my best life!!

  18. Bro….why even comment on this made for social media ass skit ….i refuse to believe this dumb ass shit for real 🤦🏾‍♂️

  19. Looks wise, I would give her a 5.5 to 6. That entitlement brings her down to between 3 to 4. Now the internet is roasting her on her own recording. Stupid as hell. Lacking logic.

  20. He’s better than me….. I would’ve took her to the other restaurant, hit her with a “Damn I left my phone in the car” and went on home.

  21. Any 304 out there who chooses to act like this broad, the man needs to seriously lower his standards…..

    Take her ass to Chuck E. Cheese 🧀 and leave her there with the rest of the rats 🐀 to figure it out!

  22. Money bag 💰 hoe.🤨
    She wouldn’t allow him in her apt🤔… but she rides around in his car🤪🤣😭🤣

  23. … POOO NANNY FOR SALE ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️👀👀👀👀👀yes🤮🤑can get it ‼️👀👀👀👀👀👀

  24. When women and their bullshit goes wrong….she knew she took her funky, stuck up attitude (she 6 at best thinking shes a 20) too far , when he said “ok ima drop you off” , she wanted to “negotiate ” afterwards. She’s lucky he took her ass home. 🤦🏿‍♂️

  25. On behalf of the real women, this woman is as my mom would call “Trifling!!!’ this young man deserves an award, cause my brother would have dropped her off at public transit or just put her out,she has a phone to call Uber,this is sad for a 30+ woman to behave like this..smh

  26. I’m married to my high school sweetheart, so most of the BS you guys went through with these trash women, i never went through and I’m very greatful to her for that.

  27. She bought her outfit in Rainbow, for $19.99 and expects better than Cheesecake Factory? Stop it! 🤣🤣🤣

  28. This woman is outrageous! This guy is like the perfect guy, he’s such a gentleman first off and good looks to match. That lady is nothing but ungrateful and rude! I’ll go to The Cheesecake Factory😊 this guy handled this really well and took her ungrateful butt home. She might be an attractive woman but her attitude needs working on heavily! And she didn’t even give him the courtesy of letting him know if in fact she was working late.

  29. If she doesn’t know him well enough to have him in her apartment, he doesn’t know her well enough to spend $200-400 on dinner!

  30. i wouldn’t feel comfortable with a guy i don’t know spending money on a first date. Let’s go for a walk and talk, seecif we are even compatible, before we commit to dinner. To add insult to injury, you left him waiting an hour…..what????

  31. It looks like all she was interested in was getting a free meal from a fancy place instead of getting to know the guy. Brother dodged a fatal bullet there as she would have put him though hell.

  32. This is why there are so many men getting passports and fishing overseas…..because of trash girls like this

  33. she too good for the cheesecake factory? can’t be seen in the cheesecake factory…but she lives in apartments…really. Guys if you show up to a date and a woman takes an hour to come downstairs, this is very disrespectful have some self-worth she has to respect your time. i don’t even see how it got this far because i would have canceled the date when she was 20 minutes late. the recording while out on a date is beyond childish and rude no real man will accept that either. KNOW YOUR WORTH.

  34. Cheesecake Factory? At best, she’s dressed for Hooters…Well maybe Church’s Chicken.

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