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Olivia: Dating apps are the worst way to meet women

Olivia says dating apps are bad for men/YouTube

Olivia says eschew dating apps.

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ATLANTA — A viral video shows “Blueprint” author Olivia Alexa warning lonely bachelors to eschew dating apps because they’re the worst way to meet single ladies. It’s her assertion too many scaredy-cats don’t have the balls to approach women. Not to mention, most dating apps are scams. “Over the years, dating apps have become the predominant way of meeting new people,” Olivia said. “But once you look behind the curtain and understand how these apps truly function, you realize they’re not much more than profit-motivated corporations designed to extract as much money from you as possible.” Olivia makes a great point. Think about it. Every time a couple gets into a relationship via online courtship, the dating app loses two customers; which is bad for business. That’s why there’s a plethora of shady algorithms at work to ensure prospects are reliant on the platform (i.e., Bumble, Tinder and Hinge) for as long as possible while giving companionless individuals breadcrumb trails of hope that they’ll meet their soulmate someday. It’s the ultimate hustle.

N*ggas are really getting the short end of the stick. For instance, on Tinder, 80 percent of users are men. Only 20 percent are women. Yikes! The success rate is also low. That’s why Pookie & Ray Ray commit femicide in lieu of breaking up. It’s hard for simps to find available women. So, when it comes to dating apps, bachelors are at a huge buyer’s disadvantage from the get-go.

“This is precisely the market gap these companies exploit to capitalize on male desperation and loneliness,” Olivia explained.

“When online dating first became popular, a lot of guys felt like they finally had a chance to find a match. Walking up to women and starting a conversation at risk of rejection was too difficult. But sitting at home and swiping right was easy… Meanwhile, asking women out in real life or cold approaching is also dying out because of these apps. So it’s a never-ending, brutal cycle.”

“So if you’re a man wondering why you’ve had such little luck in online dating, it may be time to stop fighting an uphill battle,” Olivia continued. “Improve yourself in all aspects. Put yourself out there and try to meet people in real life instead of handing over the fate of your dating life to skewed digital algorithms that put you at a disadvantage from the start.”

Preach Olivia, preach!

Social media reaction was priceless.

One commenter wrote, “You’re better off going into the woods and getting a redneck girl and dating her because at least you know where she stands.”

Another viewer added, “Only men who are incels use the internet to find a date. Losers!”

Do you agree with Olivia?

Is it time for men to stop being pussies and start approaching women the old-fashioned way?

Watch babygirl keep it 💯.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. the problem is meeting online is more effective than meeting in person nowadays. women hate being approached randomly in person if you’re not a super good looking man.

  2. I never used them; I don’t believe in anything that relegates Me to a set of criteria that someone else opts to use to define Me,Lolol! I have always preferred to meet women in person; it’s the only way. A women needs to experience you; and you her, compatibility can be determined from there.

  3. I don’t waste my time on trash like dating sites. If I’m going to meet someone, I’d rather meet a woman in person, that way I know I’m not being catfished.

  4. Just wanted to say that meeting women online is not a problem because I have met plenty. The problem is finding out things that y’all don’t have in common with each other. I remember meeting this one woman and we seemed to hit it off and vibing etc etc. We even spoke about getting together soon. Well this went left REAL QUICK. Long story short, I found out that she had NOT one…NOT two….but THREE dogs!!! She showed me pics of them thinking I would be impressed. When I didn’t respond to the pics, she asked, “Not a dog person?” I said “NOT ONE BIT!!!!” That was the end of our conversations that went on for a few days.

  5. Some apps are based only on algorithms and for those yes I agree the game is rigged. Others you don’t have to wait to be a match, you can chose to talk to whoever you decide, and I like those better. The video is very informative as it explains why in so many apps you start with a huge excitements only to feeling fedup and frustrating and for the most part if they good looking, they comes with their fair share of personality issues. After some bad experiences, I met someone and things has been going well but if I had to start all over God forbid, I wouldn’t go back to dating app. I’d prefer meeting up in a genuine gathering/ social type of settings instead.

  6. I’ve been lonely for over 10 years haven’t had sex in over 10 years I hate having a penis

  7. Best app to meet women is HINGE!!! I have met many and it’s FREE. But in my experience on HINGE, the women have made the first moves…which is what love best about it

  8. I think dating apps should only be used by old people that can’t or don’t want to approach other people in real life anymore. For younger people being on a dating app is a bad sign. Women should not have to be on a dating app. Even as a below average looking girl you should get approached in real life. As man it is a buffer for approach anxiety. It shows that you don’t have the balls to approach girls in real life which in itself is a big turn-off for most girls. If as a young person you need a dating app there is something wrong with YOU. Of course there are exceptions like if you live in a small town etc. but I’m talking in general.

  9. Women on apps have ZERO interest in building anything longterm with anyone. Hence why they remain on the apps indefinitely. It’s usually them bolting to the next match in their queue at the smallest sight of adversity; moreso having to compromise. And the cycle just repeats. Do some reading on avoidant personality types and it pretty much mirrors the online dating experience.

  10. Men stop complaining and upgrade yourselves. Rejection is going to happen. Get back into the real world and overcome your fears. Go talk to a woman in real life. Fuck these apps.

  11. Never been a fan of online dating. I’ve seen people on there for years, wondering something is wrong here.

  12. The only matches I get on tinder are

    1. Scammers.
    2. Bots.
    3. Insta models looking for followers.
    4. Attention seekers.
    5. Cheaters. Even still they won’t meet up with you.
    6. Obese women that misrepresented themselves.
    7. Women with daddy issues.

  13. I never understood or participated in dating apps. I’ve always been introduced in a family, church, or some sort of small celebration. This avoided a great many issues with undesirable women. I worked in technology, working 60 hrs per week and absolutely no time for games. I was lucky to meet a few prospects, one of whom I married. This is the best way to meet. What’s the point of meeting 1000 women on an app? You don’t have the inside information on who you’re approaching. I wasn’t a serial dater either; too much work and study.

  14. There’s no need to get frustrated, Just know these App are just designed to ripp off vulnerable people..Dont waste your precious time and money on ANY OF THEM…

  15. “Every time a couple gets in a relationship after meeting online, the dating app loses two of its customers…’ Great observation 👍🏿.

  16. I gave up on dating apps. It’s only worked once for me and thats where I met my ex but Im tired of having my self esteem get dumpstered on. Its much easier to meet women in person anyways and they can see more about you than just your face

  17. I got off dating apps seriously years ago, have given brief tries now and again with poor results. But i definitely agree you re tinder, was personally the worse app I’ve ever used. But i definitely need to work on approaching women, something i really suck at so far.

  18. Holy………!!! I’m glad this video came right on time. I was seriously on the verge of breaking down and using one of these apps. This was informative and had motivated me to keep it old school and try to meet women regularly despite the difficulty of that today. It just seems like dating apps are a scam for men.

  19. I was blessed to meet my wife on BlackPlanet back in 2002. We dated and got married in 2006. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2018. I was blessed to have had a wonderful marriage. In the last couple of years, online dating appears strange, with many preferring to chat instead of talking on the phone. My recent experiences have not been as positive.

  20. Online dating is a waste of both time AND money, especially if you’re a man. Why play their game when they only rig it to make you lose? To hell with online dating sites!

  21. I dont deal with women at all nowadays.I had some romance in the 1990ies but after that my soul was empty and nothing good can come from a relationship.

  22. Men still using dating apps in 2023 are fools. It was reasonable up to 2015-2016 maybe, when these apps were mostly free.

  23. I got WAY MORE girls in person than on dating sites, but now the paradigm has shifted! Girls now WANT the dude that’s online because he’s portraying or promoting his lifestyle for the public. All the while an introvert like me who doesn’t like to post too much; they assume I’m not doing anything because I don’t post it.

  24. Plenty of Fish was the best app back in the day when it was free. I was meeting all type of females in person 😂 RIP Dating apps

  25. Forget dating apps, just become more acquainted with like-minded people. If you’re a gamer, become friends with more gamers. If you like Drum Corps, have more friends that like Drum Corps., etc. Either way, search for more like-minded people.

  26. I’m a guy and I don’t like dating apps ..I meet plenty of women on INSTAGRAM but Instagram is not a dating app so it don’t count lol

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