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Chiefs star Tyreek Hill and fiancé Crystal ‘battling’ for custody amid abuse claims

Tyreek Hill lost custody of child.  Blog King, Mass Appeal OVERLAND PARK — There was wildfire speculation Tyreek Hill’s 3-year-old son was extracted from home amid ghastly reports of child abuse. Turns out, the scuttlebutt was veracious. Thursday night, KCTV5 aired an investigative report detailing the loathsome ordeal. As of now, it doesn’t appear Tyreek and his fiancé — Crystal ...

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Blog King’s Crime Report: Armed robbery, homicide headline succession of villainy

Murder & robbery headline reports. Blog King, Mass Appeal KANSAS CITY — “All rise.. the honorable Blog King is presiding. Sadly, we experienced a plethora of criminal activity over the weekend so we ask that you remain mute as he dissertates the aforementioned villainy. Failure to comply could result in a lengthy detainment behind bars. Any questions? Anybody seeking 3 ...

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Thomasson receives lengthy prison stay following murder of boyfriend’s daughter

Wannabe stepmom murders little girl. Blog King, Mass Appeal GARDNER, Kan. — On Tuesday (June 12th), a Johnson County judge gave 25-year-old Lindsey Thomasson more than 26 years behind bars for beating her boyfriend’s daughter, 2-year-old Pressley Porting, to death. The homicide took place in February of last year. Lindsey, who’s from Gardner, Kansas, made a sick habit of abusing ...

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