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Mother put her infant child inside a hot oven for a nap

Mariah Thomas put her baby in the oven/YouTube

Mom puts infant inside oven. 

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KANSAS CITY — Here’s some postpartum depression fo’ yo’ azz. Mariah Thomas, 26, was thrown in the slammer after she put her infant daughter inside a heated oven for a nap. Yep, she baked the poor child to death. The filicide transpired on February 9, 2024 in Kansas City, Missouri. According to police reports, officers arrived at Mariah’s home near 41st & Forest and noticed the neonate was badly burned. The unfit mother told investigators she “mistakenly” put the one-month-old in the oven, thinking it was a baby crib. Mariah was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child resulting in death. Her mental health is being evaluated. The baking incident comes on the heels of the endangerment charge imposed against another Kansas City mom, Corrine O’Connor, who allowed her 5-year-old son — Grayson O’Connor — to fall to his death from a downtown apartment building. Not sure what’s going on. But today’s mothers have lost their damn mind.

“I would encourage our community to be aware of what’s going on around them,” said Natalie Julien, president and CEO of CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) of Johnson and Wyandotte Counties. “If you have a concern about the safety of the child, potential abuse or neglect, you report that to the authorities so that they can investigate and evaluate what’s the best next step for those children who might be under those circumstances.”

If you’re unfamiliar with CASA, the organization works with children in foster care who’ve suffered from abuse and neglect.

“So if a child has experienced a situation that involves abuse or neglect and they’re removed from their home and placed in foster care, then our Acosta advocates are assigned to those cases,” Julien explained.

“And then we figure out what’s going on, how we can help and provide resources and support for those children so that they can find safe, loving homes in whatever way that makes sense for them.”

For more information on CASA, please CLICK HERE.

Watch disturbing reports.

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  1. She said she mistook oven for crib🫨
    Should’ve said she mistook the dark baybeh for unbaked lava cake 🥱

  2. The evil superb owl was in Kansas at the same time and evil spells were there and evil spirits. People like Usher and Keys and Swift they got their millions through human sacrifices.

  3. Cooking a baby like it’s Thanksgiving dinner is an ACCIDENT?! HOW?!!! Poor baby. RIP. 😢

  4. Mistaking an oven for a crib?! You don’t open a Door on a crib and then Turn on Heat!!😤

  5. if you don’t know how to be a parent to love and nurture, the love of a child please don’t have them in your life get tired of hearing crazy things placing babies in a oven microwave or leaving them in the car with high temperatures i think is very sad and say you forgot your child in the car with hot weather please stop or those that they go shopping and leave them in the car for a long time until is late i could forget a package but not my child is sickening i mention microwave cause it wouldn’t surprise me theres a lot of sick individuals in this planet really get help please

  6. Who tf “accidentally” lays their child down for a nap in the OVEN. She must be a Zionist.

  7. They’ll let her off. You can’t really charge blaск people, especially blaск women with crimes in America anymore.

  8. When my kids were newborns, sure, I forgot dinner was in the oven once . And I may have put my milk in the cupboard a couple times . But I absolutely do not buy this ” mistakenly ” narrative. Unless she swaddled a chicken and placed it in the crib instead of baby, I’m not buying the mistake.

  9. Not only does abortion need to be available in all 50 states, it needs to be mandatory for some people. 🙄

  10. “Mistakenly” ….. Please tell me that no one is buying that story

  11. EVERY MEDIA OUTLET IS REPEATING “accident” and “mistakenly” THIS IS HORRIFYING!!! Not one outlet even asking “how do you put a child in an oven on accident” they all just repeating it like SHEEP

  12. “Mistakenly” in what sense ? how can you put a baby in oven and you didn’t notice it. Please no one will buy this story. People are very wicked these days. Rest In Peace to that innocent baby for going through such a painful death 💔😢.

  13. Clearly the mom has a mental illness and family members and her doctors knew that she had a mental illness and she should have been supervised with that baby and it’s not that she didn’t care—- she didn’t know how to care.

  14. @Christine Daly: Mental illness excuse. Yet, she knew how to spread them legs.

  15. This is horrific, how the Hell could no one in that family know something was wrong with her? What about the OB/GYN? What medicine was she on? If she stopped meds for mental illness that’s why,she did what she did. Why are the news saying: She mistook the oven for the crib? 🙄FFS….No one in their Right mind… “mistakes”…a hot oven for a crib…maybe if you’re psychotic, schizophrenic, drugged out on hard drugs….A lot of people dropped the ball, THEY FAILED THAT BABY…she should’ve been monitored 24/7…..😢Poor baby ,💔RIP 🕊️🍃…. Lot’s of people FAILED!

  16. No, she killed that baby on purpose . Social media have people going crazy she was unfit before this baby. She 😈 , this tells me she had this baby to try and keep a man… Who didn’t want her he just wanted to hit & move around..NO WAY YOU COULD EVER MISTAKE AN OVEN For A CRIB 🤦🏿‍♀️🤬🤬….She need her head knocked 4 real… this is Pure Evil 😈 💯💯💯💯..

  17. I am a black man. I lost the greatest job i ever had in 2020, and my daughter was born in 2021. I had to stay home while my WIFE went to work everyday, with 2 indoor Pitbulls and a newborn. THE STRESS out of this world…… But i made it…. Everyone in my household fine. NO EXCUSE

  18. Gotta hand it to the red states! Y’all are in desperate need of mental help! 😱

  19. If she didn’t want the baby, endless families would have been desperate to adopt the baby. Such a tragedy.

  20. Sounds like she’s mad her life has changed and she can’t go out running around – she seems to have ppd too

  21. Pretty sure, no matter how tired i was, i WOULD NEVER put my child into my oven!!! Having 5 children, all less than 2 years apart, i speak from experience.

  22. She must’ve been high or something. That’s what I say, addicts choose their addiction over anything. They do ANYTHING, anything for their addiction

  23. Let me guess, she put the roast beef in the crib, right? This is the most ridculous thing I think I’ve ever heard!

  24. I wish men would use more common sense in choosing the women they procreate with

  25. Jesus, that is disturbing. I cant imagine the agony that baby died in. Being burned on every inch of its body, screaming in agony. So messed up.

  26. I’m not justifying what she did by any means, but I bet this mom was dealing with postpartum psychosis. I wish resources were better available to mothers after giving birth. I know a woman who went through something similar and tried to drown her baby. She went through treatment and her child is now a grown adult and she is a wonderful mother. PPD and PPP is super scary.

    If not that she is truly just a horrible person. Placing your baby in the oven is not something you do on accident. Not at all.

  27. Postpartum psychosis is awful and THIS is why women need proper care and resources after they give birth. Our government won’t allow abortion in some states but also won’t provide the tools needed for these mothers. The whole situation is so sad.

  28. She put her baby in the oven. Yet, her car is in her parking spot, her toilet paper is on the roll in her bathroom & the remote to her tv is probably sitting on her couch….but she mistakenly placed her baby in the oven. Mistakenly🤔?…Try again.🤨🤨🤨

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