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Black female student was attacked & called N-word

Brey’anna was attacked & suspended/YouTube

Black female student battered.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

PRAIRIE VILLAGE — A white male student at Shawnee Mission East High School was arrested and charged with felony aggravated battery after he pummeled a black female student for being… um, black. The attack transpired on November 15, 2023 inside the academic institution in Prairie Village, Kansas. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows 15-year-old Brey’anna Brown having contretemps with a group of students in the hallway. Seconds later, the white boy called her a “nigger” then shoved her in the chest. A bout of fisticuffs ensued. Brey’anna suffered a broken nose then received a 5-day suspension compared to only 3 days for the white kid. Students rallied in protest. One person held up a sign that said, “Protect Black Women.” The white kid was charged with a hate crime. “I’m kind of upset about getting suspended because I defended myself, and they suspended me because I swung,” Brey’anna told reporters.

Her dad, Shaun Brown, was equally pissed. He couldn’t believe administrators failed to get his daughter treatment for her injuries. “That’s terrible,” Shaun vented. “I sent my daughter to be at that school to learn and feel protected. As a human, how can you stand there and look at a female student who has been brutalized by a male student and not get her medical attention? That says a lot.”

Social media reaction was venomous. One commenter wrote, “The leftist effort to divide Americans and pit them against each other based on skin color has been a great success.” Another chimed in with, “They will always attack black women because they know black men will do nothing.” A third viewer added, “Hitting a girl??? Who is raising this coward???”

The Johnson County NAACP has gotten involved.

Watch disturbing footage of the fight.

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  1. Where’s her male cousins at.
    Eye for an eye
    That’s the only way to get justice as blk ppl

    All of that marching praying and petitioning s*** doesn’t work
    It’s an illusion
    These mf dgaf about us.
    Their OPENLY mimicking their Ancestors.
    Hate is their KKKULTURE 🤷🏽

  2. She was fighting with her backpack on. He’s softie. I just bet if that had been another male he’d ran off.

  3. Black folk always reporting shit when we need to be getting in the Azz of any WP that gets out of pocket. If the reporting is reversed, these incidents will decrease and eventually go away

  4. Fighting a girl and he’s fighting dirty by kicking her,,, he’s no male he’s something in between.

  5. Shame on the school for suspending the Victim (black female student) there is no respect for Black Bodies or Feelings!!! Let’s parade the “N” word and all blacks should tolerate it!!!😳🫤🫣

  6. Only fight this racist kid probably been into and lost to a girl 😂

  7. That white fool is a B**ch for hitting that female. And where are the black males, you telling me they didn’t deal with that fool. If it happened in DC or Maryland, he would have been shot.

  8. Ok clearly he was wrong but she shouldn’t have been so eager to fight this guy. She’s lucky she ran into one that couldn’t fight or it could’ve ended bad for her.

  9. white administratros defending white mens ability to terrorize woman of color and black men Good job white culture good job.

  10. I would like to see him approach a black male like the outcome would be dfferent.

  11. So what is going to be done abt it.if the black guy was whipping the white boy ass he would be gone no investigation need

  12. Even though she ended up with a broken nose, the sister held her own. With a
    little bit of training I think she could’ve mopped the floor with him.

  13. My problem with this is where in the hell was the other boys at why didn’t they help her…Her mom need to take her out that school and sue the hell out the school

  14. Looks like a predominantly white school so I don’t know how this turn into a “where the Black boys at”. But 1 thing I do know, this would NEVER had happened if Black folks voted!

  15. While the white, male student was completely out of line, she could’ve walked away when he told her to STFU. Regardless of race, a woman should never walk up on a man like she can whoop him, usually doesn’t end well. And, these young men nowadays will hit a woman…


  17. Boys and men shouldn’t even fight girls or women. Just be a gentleman and walk away. No respect is gained fighting any woman. At least that’s what my father taught me, he may need a father figure in his life. People in comments should be ashamed of saying otherwise. People have no class these days.

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