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Friday’s Chris Tucker paid $10,000 for humorous weed puffin’ role as Smokey

Chris Tucker was grossly underpaid.  Blog King, Mass Appeal LOS ANGELES — Ice Cube’s “Friday” is a 90s classic. But if you think everybody cashed in, you’re sadly mistaken. During a recent appearance on “Club Shay Shay,” comedian Chris Tucker raised eyebrows when he told host Shannon Sharpe he was remunerated $10,000 for his weed-puffin’ role as Smokey. That’s it. ...

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Cardi B believes celebrities paid to share coronavirus test results to cause a panic

Cardi B addresses conspiracy theory.  Blog King, Mass Appeal ATLANTA — Cardi B believes celebrities and athletes are being remunerated to say they’ve tested positive for coronavirus to rouse societal trepidation, and she’s not alone. The conspiracy theory has gone mad viral (no pun intended) as the COVID-19 pandemic gathers steam. The 27-year-old rapper voiced her fulmination via Instagram Live. ...

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