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Kativoryia lists ‘red flags’ strippers should look for

Kativoryia says eschew cheap customers/YouTube

Strippers must notice red flags. 

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ATLANTA — “🎵I’m N Luv Wit a Stripper.🎵” A viral video shows exotic dancer Kativoryia listing a myriad of red flags 🚩 strippers should look for in male customers. It’s her assertion too many tricks are cheapskates when it comes to lap dance remuneration and paying tips. “So, one red flag that a guy would say is, ‘I came in to enjoy the view,'” Kativoryia said. “To enjoy the view, sir? You understand that we’re working. This view ain’t free. We’re not here to look pretty for you. We’re here to get paid, because we have bills. Also, along with that, sometimes a guy will be like, ‘How about you give me a little spin? Let me see what you’re working with?’ What do I have to spin around for, sir? You seen me throughout this whole place. You know what I look like. Are you gonna get a dance or not? Are you gonna tip me or not? Come on now.”

Kativoryia said some customers emulate Wimpy in the “Popeye” cartoon who always says, “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” IOUs don’t fly in a strip club. Ladies want their cash up front. “A big red flag that I have heard is, ‘Don’t worry. I will take care of you later,'” Kativoryia vented. “I’m like, ‘What the f*ck?'” Sometimes a lap dance ain’t enough.

It’s certainly not uncommon for customers to seek handjobs and, in many cases, prostitution.

“I can’t stand this [red flag],” Kativoryia said.

“It’s the ‘what are you gonna do to earn this money’ type of guy. Sir, this is a strip club. Not a brothel. Stuff like that pisses me off ’cause, like, I’ll slap the sh*t out you. I’m here to dance, entertain, get my money, go home. That’s it. That’s all. When I say home, I mean my home. Not with you. That’s a gigantic red flag. Another one is when they say, ‘Let me test out the merchandise?’ You ain’t testing out sh*t. Get the f*ck outta my face before I have the bouncers whoop your ass.”

Kativoryia said simps often come to the club lookin’ for wives.

“I hate when they’re like, ‘I respect you too much to get a dance from you. Why don’t you let me take you out to dinner?'” she said.

“Sir, I don’t want to go to dinner. I don’t want to go anywhere with you.’ I don’t even want to give you a dance. I just want to take your money. Why would you be in a strip club if you respect these ladies so much? Like, shut the f*ck up. That’s a red flag.”

Should strip clubs require a gratuity?

Is it sagacious to fall in love with a stripper?

Watch Kativoryia keep it 💯.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. When they say they’ll give you more if you go home with them or that they have more money at their house 😑😑😑
    So annoying!! No one wants to go to a customers house to pick up more money that’s so stupid!

  2. I always say “am I good for a tip today sweetie “and I had a guy the other day literally tell me how disrespectful I am for asking for a tip. Like sir you’re in the strip club talking my ear off about your divorce I need that tip.

  3. The lady and i agreed to one dance, 2nd song start and she keeps dancing, i had to interrupt her and say that song ended. “Oh, you didnt want me to keep going?”

    Was she hustling me for another 20 without asking if i wanted multiple dances?

  4. I had this one dude who smelt soo bad his smell lingered on me all day even after i gave myself a mini hoe bath in the bathroom. It seept into my pores i was morriified😂 i remeber this one time i was dancing on stage and this man put about a dollar of change on the stage for me while i was dancing i just left it and when i walked by him hes like oh i tipped you! I tild him oh its ok baby i dont pick up quarters its ok i rather just go for a dance. He called me a bxtch😅

  5. The comment about when customer rather take me out on a date than tip me. Lmao the first time I heard that I was so confused like huh?. Bruh never in life

  6. Im a $2 tipper. Not like that but i like to come in with stack of 150-200 $2 bills in addition to my ones. Double the money but its still fun to see peoples reactions to a wad of 2’s

  7. She forgot the weird fetish customers(feet sniffers, armpit lickers,etc),lol. (so I’ve heard through the grapevine…I’m not a dancer).

  8. Girl that’s exactly why I went back to work after two years of dancing imma baddie b4 and after but it definitely gave me PTSD

  9. Some dude today wanted me to sit and hang with him for free he said he only has 10$ I was like ofn 😂some these customers be weird asf

  10. Girrrl!! You gotta take that wig, fake eyelashes, and clown make-up n get yourself a McJob!! You wont have to trip on the strip club tricks there.😅

  11. @StripperLifeBeingSativa: LMAO 😂 Oh Noooo, Eww I can’t believe these tight wads thought you wanted to sit and chat with them for free , they know damm well if they caught you at the supermarket you would run for you’re life 🥴🤣😩

  12. 🚩🚩🚩🚩 I’m not spinning around for you Mr. Man!!! Lmao or “I wanna see you on stage first”

  13. Girrrll!!! I don’t know which one is worse!! I hate them all!! Especially the ones who talk your head off and don’t tip!!!

  14. Im an escort as well and this girl is sooo on point! She took the words out of my mouth! Its nice to see other girls who think the same.

  15. Strippers treat themselves like trash but want everyone else to respect them. Lol

    How about you actually like your job. If not don’t do it.

  16. You’re not selling yourself, you’re not presenting yourself as a piece of meat. It’s just a sexual form of entertainment. Just once us guys would like to hear a stripper say that she likes men instead of hates us.

  17. I used to go to strip clubs because i have a huge foot fetish and love a girls sexy feet. Sometimes I'[ll ask them if their feet are ticklish. if so, i ask for a private. And then all we do is I tickle and play with her feet. Most of the dancers actually enjoyed that, it was refreshing to them not to have to do the dry hump thing. I don’t look at dancers in a degrading way or as meat. but a beautiful woman with athletic talent. At one point after a bad breakup i went to strip clubs every weekend and became a regular and some of the dancers really liked me as a person. They’d even call me over to their lounge table between sets and id sit and hang with them just chatting and having fun talking. A few even asked me to rub their feet! Good times. Maybe I should start going back. its just about having fun with beautiful women.And of course playing with and tickling their feet.

  18. Strip clubs are a waste of time and money who wants to go to a place you can’t touch the women just go to a bar their free and easy

  19. Do not use an ATM at a strip club. The transaction fee will be exorbitant and you might very well find out later that the machine deducted more from your account than what it spit out in cash. That’s not by accident, they’re banking on the likelihood that you won’t call your bank to dispute the charges, having to explain it happened at a strip club.


  21. Sort of like the pizza delivery guy he can see it and smell it but can’t touch or taste it

  22. I can tell you that lots of strippers turn tricks in the VIP, a lot of them are drug addicts(I let some strippers live with me and my buddies, it lasted a month, caught them shooting up(sharing syringes) , I kicked them out , and thanked the Lord I have enough self control to turn down their advances , never bang either one of them, and don’t kiss strippers at strip clubs , I’ve seen and had plenty of friends get a blowgie in the VIP.

  23. I used to touch and the girl didn’t say anything until I tried to toch her pussy or butthole or something

  24. A strip club is a place for a man to go to get some female love. Odds are he isn’t getting any female love and needs to pay for it. Dont make the strip club about you. This isn’t about you. It’s a man spending his hard earned money for someone to treat him nice.

    Why as a stripper do you think you can make demands

  25. What are the rates for sex with these girls? Because a lot of the prostitutes i know and have been with did stripping too.

  26. So what she’s saying is it is wrong to lick her ass even though I put a twenty in your panty line! Hmmmmm???????

  27. Hey heres a tip for the “ladies”: eat shit bunch of goddamn worthless bitches.

  28. Been to the strip club once…never again. Strip clubs are degrading for everyone

  29. not all female strippers are ho’s, a lot of strippers work as a stripper for the money-to survive- pay rent buy food-pay for college a good stripper at a good club can make good money

  30. the #1 rule of a strip club is DON’T GO TO A STRIP CLUB! They are a waste of time

  31. When I would go to them the girls would grind on me and one even put her mouth outside my pants and really went to town. Man I miss it.

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