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‘Good Burger 2’ so damn goofy, it induces laughter

Keenan & Kel return 26 years later/Nickelodeon

Good Burger 2 ain’t half bad.

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HOLLYWOOD — “Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?” Last night, yours truly ordered pizza and watched Nickelodeon’s “Good Burger 2” on Paramount Plus starring Keenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell. Yep, ole Keenan & Kel are still workin’ fast food 26 years later. Lol. The PG cult classic premiered in 1997. Can’t lie, a disaster was expected. But it wasn’t half bad. Certainly better than that “Coming 2 America” debacle on Amazon Prime. Like the first “Good Burger,” the nostalgic sequel is so damn goofy you can’t help but laugh. It’s visibly evident Keenan has aged better than Kel. Both are 45 years old. But the latter looks 60 despite the many layers of makeup sheathing his countenance. Anyway, here’s the synopsis: After inheriting “Good Burger,” Kel was bamboozled into selling the diminutive burger joint to a restaurant honcho (Kurt Bozwell’s sister) who devised a stratagem to have every fast food worker in America fired and replaced with androids.

Ain’t that a bitch?

Keenan & Kel then spend the majority of the film fighting for minimum wage jobs. Remuneration be damned, they believe robots are incapable of preparing greasy-ass burgers better than humans. Kel shocked the hell outta me. The dimwit has a beautiful wife coupled with a tribe of children who are named after condiments. One of the kids is named Ketchup. Another Mayo, etc.

Always thought Kel was too much of a nincompoop to get vulva.

But he’s obviously doing something right.

Cameos were made by Josh Server, 44, Shar Jackson, 47, Lori Beth Denberg, 47, and Carmen Electra, 51.

NBA billionaire Mark Cuban also appears in the film.

Ditto for funk legend George Clinton.

“Good Burger 2” won’t be nominated for Academy Awards.

It’s far from a chef-d’œuvre. As a matter of fact, it’s a little lackluster in spots.

But it’s a decent watch, especially if you ain’t got sh*t else to do.

“🎵I’m a dude. He’s a dude. She’s a dude. We’re all dudes, hey!🎵”

Blog-O-Meter Rating: 3 outta 5 popcorn bags

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  1. When I saw the original in the theater I couldn’t wait to leave and head to the closest burger place and it was the best hamburger I ever had.

  2. I’m 45 years old I haven’t seen the first good burger but I thought this was pretty good. everyone knows that doing some things create slapstick comedy. The dumbest characters are the funniest. If you seen the movie dumber and dumber, it was funny because they were doing dumb ridiculous things.

  3. I loved it and watched it with both of my daughters. I was a kid when the original came out.
    Low budget, bad makeup, but they did better than Coming to America for being gone for that long.
    Now about that “other story”.. ahem… Dan Schneider 👀

  4. I’m just glad that Kel is getting his flowers. He was ALWAYS the better comedian and the better actor over that snake in the grass Keenan. I hope this leads to more job opportunities for Kel.

  5. The first movie was complete garbage and im sure the new one is too. Both cringy shittty actors and just a shittty movie in general

  6. I have never liked Keenan. Idk what it is, but to me his comedy feels almost forced. Plus he really is not that funny. In fact on any SNL skit he is involved in, it is less funny when he starts talking.

  7. Watched this movie last Wednesday and while not as good as the first I still thought it was a fun & enjoyable movie.

  8. The acting in the original was better. The two together, don’t mix well anymore.

  9. This movie works solely on the basis of nostalgia and that’s just fine by me.

  10. I don’t care how long he’s been on snl. Kenan will always be with kel.

  11. It’s a tribute to these guys that they can take on these same roles 26 years after the original movie and do it so seamlessly. They almost still look like the teenagers they played back when… which is pretty amazing, and I’m glad they’ve found successful careers since then.

    I watched Good Burger with my kids in the ’90’s and all these years we’ll occasionally say to each other, “That’ll be eight bucks.” Except now it IS 8 bucks! 🙂 But these guys made my kids laugh and I can’t wait to see how they do with my grandkids!

  12. This Hollywood again telling us their plans of the future. All fast food restaurants will be automated. That’s the purpose of this movie, the end. It’s called conditioning. Eat it up sheeple

  13. This one was okay It should’ve been about 20 minutes longer. They should have given honor to the late Spatch, Otis and where was the original owner of Good Burger? They should’ve shown Kirt in jail. Maybe Spatch’s son should have been the cook with an Otis look-a- like. They should’ve had the ice cream man and truck there again.

    All in all, it was ok. You can’t beat the 1997 Good Burger. They had great writers back there.

    I could’ve given better ideas/script, but who am I.

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