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Dunkin’ Donuts manager jailed for hiring fictitious employee & cashing paychecks

Dunkin’ Donuts manager busted.  Blog King, Mass Appeal LARGO, Florida — This week’s “I F*cked Up a Good Job Award” goes to Dunkin’ Donuts manager Markia Nelson who was thrown in jail for hiring an imaginary employee and cashing payroll checks the fake worker received. The spurious ordeal went down at the franchise’s fast food location in Largo, Florida. According ...

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Larceny bandit busted after discharging pepper-spray at Dollar General worker

Larceny bandit ‘busted’ in Cali.  Blog King, Mass Appeal FILLMORE — Kayla Gularte, 21, and Kathryn Weaver, 22, were thrown in the slammer on Friday for discharging pepper spray at a Dollar General employee during a larceny attempt. The shoplifting incident took place in Fillmore, California. According to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, Kayla pilfered several items then walked out ...

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Mugshot queen’s “sugar skull” tattoos are drawing attention globally & domestically

Woman’s mugshot showcases tattoos.  Blog King, Mass Appeal DAYTON, Ohio — Alyssa Zebrasky, who’s mugshots have gone viral because of her kooky facial tattoos, was thrown behind bars on Wednesday after she failed to show up in court. Common Pleas Court Judge John Durkin issued the bench warrant, leading to Alyssa’s arrest. The eccentric damsel remains in police custody at ...

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