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‘Walmart Karen’ barks at employees then urinates

A video has gone viral that shows a woman cussin’ out Walmart employees after she got caught purloining merchandise. The shoplifting Asian also urinated on the floor. Cell phone footage shows Walmart Karen screaming at security guards as they tried to escort her ass out the building. “What do I need to do to make my point of view heard without breaking the law,” she yelled. “What do I need to do? You tell me! I am automatically found guilty! Yes, I pissed on myself because I’m upset… You’re a b*tch-ass motherf*cker!”

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. I so badly wanted to see someone tackle her into her own pee or knock her a good one. That behavior is crazy and needs trained out of her, if she’s gonna act like a dog with all that barking and pissing on the floor 🤣

  2. this looks more like a serious mental health issue than just “being a Karen”.

  3. She’s probably drug effected or something. Obviously she’s not well in the head. This isn’t a “ Karen”

  4. Imagine being consumed by such a violent rage that peeing yourself doesn’t even register.

  5. It feels weird to let pee flow from you with clothes on and in public. Something is wrong with her. N the fact that she just turnt around and went charging towards him and he wasn’t even saying nothing at that time. Like she just wanted to run up on someone is crazy

  6. She’s not a Karen. She’s a crazy bitch that got caught stealing and tried to intimidate to get out of it.

  7. This lady needs help, this is not normal behavior! She needs to be in a mental house.

  8. I get filming her but egging her on and laughing at her is not the right move here. She clearly needs help and there is nothing funny about that.

  9. That’s not really a karen, though…. just a chick on a shit ton of drugs having a psychotic break.

  10. It’s sad, these Karens seem to be on the spectrum of various undiagnosed mental illnesses.
    But because they can clothe and feed themselves they move about in society untethered.
    Some holding real jobs until the cork pops out of their bottle.

  11. Wow…. who pees that much?? Are you sure her water didn’t break? That was just freakin weird & flat out embarrassing. 😆

  12. I feel for everyone in this video. I know some people probably don’t feel bad for her. Swear it’s the same people saying they’re mental health advocates.
    This is clearly a mental breakdown. I hope she gets the help she needs. I’ve been in therapy for a year now and it’s life changing. People like her need to consider it. Unless she didn’t take her medication that day 🤔

  13. She should have went to aisle 12 and stole some Depends Undergarments.

  14. Bruh you can see her piss dripping on the floor in real time wtf.

  15. See this is the reason why sometimes I hate Walmart cuz a lot of those poor employees got a deal with wack-jobs like her. Also the question is where the hell is security when you need it? I mean I know retail security can’t really do anything. But still, that lady needs some help and a job application and maybe some Jesus in her life.

  16. Bitçhes hate to be wrong 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  17. There’s a difference between being a Karen and doing what she’s doing. Peeing on the floor in a drunken rage is a few steps below acting like a toddler. And if she isn’t drunk, then she needs checked into an asylum.

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