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Kim Kardashian scammed Brandy and Ray J’s mama

Kim did Brandy & Ray J wrong/YouTube

Kim caught in credit card scam.

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LOS ANGELES — Not only did Kim Kardashian get rich off her sex tape with Ray J. She also purloined mazuma from his mom’s credit card, this according to R&B star Brandy — Ray J’s big sister. The “I Wanna Be Down” singer raised eyebrows when she said her mom — Sonja Norwood — filed a lawsuit in 2008 against Kim and her siblings — claiming they stole $120,000 from her American Express card. Before she became a reality TV star, Kim was Brandy’s stylist and Sonja gave her permission to make one purchase. But Kim got with her sisters and they went on a shopping spree at a pair of Kardashian-owned clothing stores. “Investigation has revealed that the Kardashians used their two stores and other stores that I have never visited to take advantage of me,” Sonja said in a statement. “I very much look forward to having the Kardashians account for their misconduct in a court of law.” Because they considered Kim a friend, Ray J and Brandy implored Sonja to drop the lawsuit.

“After Ray J and Brandy urged me not to file criminal charges because of their prior friendship, I decided to afford the Kardashians an opportunity to resolve this matter without a lawsuit,” Sonja recounted. “When the fraudulent charges were brought to their attention, they apologized profusely, and advised us, through their attorneys, that they would pay the debt in full.”

However, they have since reneged on that promise,” she added

The good news is the case was settled in 2009. But Ray J determined he couldn’t trust Kim so he kicked her to the curb. “Apart from them stealing money from my family, we would probably still be together now,” Ray J told the DailyMail. “But when that happened, I said I don’t want to be sleeping around with you no more – you stole money from my family. So that’s why we stopped speaking.”

Brandy said Ray J was so depressed, he contemplated suicide.

Did Kim deserve jail time or a slap on the wrist?

Watch Brandy yap her beak.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Why is this now coming up? These women are billionaires y now. Who’s going to do anything about it. Who? Who?

  2. She didn’t scam her she robbed her and it was way more money then that what she did she should have went to jail along with her siblings it was a felony she should go to jail it. Nothing good about that family famous for being a hoe and a thief and to think i rold my daughter not to do thing like that or she would ruin her reputation this world is going to hell teach kid to worship everything that wrong and you can make a billion dollars hell i went in the wrong business



  4. Yes. Kim kardashian is disgusting. She insinuated Dominicans are monkeys. F this chick

  5. Kim definitely ruined Ray js life ! And it’s a damn shame ! These heffers /hoes are low down and make me sickkk

  6. Kim need to get her butt kicked. Someone has to put her in the hospital.

  7. There is a saying that goes stupid people are fodder for the smart . Now regardless of what happened, the case was settled and both parties went away amicably . How is that relevant today ? The tape and this money that the figure changes daily ? Who had the upper hand 🤚? Brandy ! What stopped her from being a billionaire? She stood in her own way and she still does ! How does this story help her move or attain her greatest ? How? In life things happen , you acknowledge, reconcile with it and move on . Otherwise you are stuck there for your life ! This is a narrative that is know and established . This family needs to just move on ! These grasping onto straw moments makes them look and sound desperate to stay relevant and present , which is pathetic . State your truth and move on , that was a deal gone wrong 😑! You cannot latch onto it for the rest of your life ? You made the choice and unfortunately pumpkin, you live with the consequences. I got news Kim is a billionaire and the family are millionaire’s so that’s life . Some once told me that people are like rungs 🪜 of a ladder , we all use each other one way or another to get to what we want .

  8. Did Brandy explain how she killed someone? Did Brandy explain what was on that paper that Whitney gave her the night before she died? Explain that!!!!

  9. The nerve of Kim talking about people working hard, “Girl, you A Whole Ho!!”😡

  10. She got every single THING from layin on her back…. that’s a HOE…..


  12. Little Ray J thought he was playing with a little sweet lamb that turn out to be a super duper wereass wolf with extra wolf sauce and she huffed and puffed and blew the man down

  13. This is one of the worst families in American history stealing from her quote on quote friend then also making her brother look like the devil I have never liked this family they have been major culture vultures for a long time not to mention her dealings with Balenciaga

  14. I doubt that Kim K is the reason for ALL of Ray J’s problems and I think it’s sad that Brandy may be thinking that

  15. It’s amazing reading these comments from all u people who made the Kardashians a house hold name and wealthy in the first place. If ya really wanted them canceled they would’ve been canceled but u don’t cancel them because u enjoy going on line dogging them out

  16. Absolutely hate the Kardashins, they’re fake, entitled, embarrassing, users, pretentious, they’ve no loyalty to their friends all round horrible human beings.


  18. Ray J also said Kris is the one who set the sex tape up. That it was her idea that him and Kim make the sex tape. She was in charge of releasing the tape for profit.

  19. Didn’t Brandi kill a woman a few years ago with her vehicle and did not one day in jail, Chile please have several seats miss Norwood. You wouldn’t like it if Kim brought that back up in the media. I haven’t seen any monuments from Brandi to this beautiful soul she killed…SMH. Brandi just be quiet!

  20. Kim a “stylist” she was a whole trash bag until Kanye gave her and her family a whole make over, I think Brandy was doing charity work giving her a job, Brandy was always more stylish than Kim and even Kim admitted Brandy had to show her what to do, let’s face it she just gave the job to her little bros gf at the time before she realised what a snake she is. Brandy is classy and talented all Kim’s money will never buy her that.

  21. I think at this point, she need to shut the hell up, when people steal from you and you do nothing serious about it, it’s your idiotic self’s fault that they progress with stolen money, Your mentally is oh no don’t snitch,,, snitching keeps you poor. Now that they are billionaires everyone is talking, do the Billionaires, give a damn what anyone says. I’m not bordered. Snitch and tell is my motto, your ass is going to jail if you steal from me, period!

  22. Why are we hearing this now why not when it first happened here we go again another Kardashians story.

  23. Kim could murder someone and it would be spun into the victims fault. Her race definitely plays a part in her “innocent role.” Kim is and has always been a shady person. If this were a black family, a lot more would’ve been done and spoken against her!!!!!

  24. LOL. Kardashians running circles over yall. Its embarrassing.

    Score Card

    Kardashians – 100
    Angry Black people – 0

    LMAO. Yall keep them relevant daily. get yah paper right Black people, stop whining and support your families and people

  25. does the pornstar Kim have anymore sex tapes.. maybe when R-kelly gets out they would make a cool pornstar couple..

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