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Activist was murdered by jealous, insane boyfriend

Raymond busted for Nicole’s murder/

Boyfriend runs over girlfriend.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

BAR HARBOR — Pookie & Ray Ray strike again! Raymond Lester was thrown in the slammer after he ran over his girlfriend, 35-year-old Nicole Mokeme, with his SUV because she broke up with him. The vehicular homicide transpired June 19th during the Black Excellence Retreat at Arcadia National Park in Maine. Nicole, a mom and life coach, organized the event. Realizing he was gonna do time in prison, Raymond fled to Mexico to avoid prosecution. It took U.S. Marshals a month to find his ass. Raymond, 35, was arrested July 18th in Cancun. Witnesses who attended the retreat told investigators they saw the jilted lover speeding in his 2016 BMW X3 while guzzling vodka. With his music blasting, Raymond drove onto a basketball court where someone heard him say “[Nicole] doesn’t like me anymore.” Another attendee said he “seemed pissed off” and started making shooting gestures at the group. Nicole’s corpse was found 24 hours later. Raymond is charged with her murder.

Sadly, Nicole ain’t the only woman he’s terrorized. The Ike Turner wannabe has a history of domestic violence. In 2008, Raymond spent 22 days in jail for pummeling his girlfriend. Two other women told the Portland Press Herald he abused them too. Raymond also served time for forgery and theft and he routinely missed court appearances. Raymond and Nicole dated for three years.

Not sure what the social activist saw in him.

But an insider said the unemployed bum was jealous of Nicole’s success.

“She was probably one of the most forgiving, patient, and encouraging people,” said close friend Moon Machar.

“She wanted to see you do great, no matter what you were doing.”

Nicole leaves behind one daughter.

Watch the report.

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  1. This is why it is imperative that you do not date below your level, men like those become jealous of your success and this is the result.


  3. She kicked him to the curb some of these men can’t take rejection at all even after being a clown and loser knowingly

  4. He has a criminal history and she still dated him that’s one of the tragedies!

  5. Smh this hurts my stomach bc she was for BLM and this happens to her…wtf is going on world. So sad such a beautiful soul ❤ 🙏

  6. Why do these beautiful women get involved with these DEVILS ??? How ??? RIP to another beautiful woman .

  7. He killed her during her own retreat she organized !? Omg I am sick this so so wrong she seemed like a beautiful soul . What’s wrong with these BM ?!

  8. She wore the pants in the relationship. Enough said. 🤦🏾🤦🏾🤦🏾

  9. She was probably one of these woke wakanda SJW, accusing all “Whites” of being racist type of individual. These people tend to be very bitter, very prejudice with obvious blind spot, unfortunately, that’s why she’s no longer here with us.

  10. Ladies when open to dating a man please google the hell out of him and if you’re getting really serious run a background check. Don’t listen to their sob stories about how “the system” is against them. If he has any type of criminal activity on his report leave him alone!

  11. Nowadays as a woman, with the way these men are acting, you would be better off staying by yourself. There is no real love out here anymore. People have no love or respect for anyone period. It’s dangerous to marry and date. During this period and time. Men are to controlling and possessive. You can never trust a man.

  12. If you are a successful BW, know this, BM are jealous of you. Please always be aware of that. RIP Nicole.

  13. Ladies stop fuckin with these fukboys. Simple inquiry find out the relationship with there mamas. That!!!! will tell you all you need to know.

  14. Please stop falling for WORDS sisters! Watch their actions FIRST! Don’t bring those dogs near your home!

  15. The idea of a man being jealous and comparing himself to a woman let alone the one he is dating , is so strange. These guys could easily do something with their life but instead want to focus on your accomplishments.

  16. These men are sick. They don’t compete with other men in the world for jobs and businesses. They compete with women. Ladies do back ground checks on men before you date and even then use discernment. If they don’t have any they are involved in, they not building in their own life and got their hooks into your life it a red flag. A red banner. And stop fighting for people who kill black women at high rates. Fight for your own life and your kids.

  17. Definitely tragic 😥 💔🙏🏾 These emotional little boy’s can’t handle a strong independent woman SMH Rip Nicole 🙏🏾

  18. Have you noticed a trend with all these victims? They are always good, loving, wholesome women. You never hear this about mean and selfish women. I’m doing something right. 💯

  19. This is why women never should allow society to guilt trip them into giving dusty men a chance…

  20. I’m not shocked that he killed her I’m shocked that black people live in Maine

  21. Smh…there just too many stories like this now. These dudes are out of their minds. At this rate they’ll be no blaq wmn left. Best thing is to stay single and stay alive. 💯

  22. These men are so jealous of women . If I can’t have u then no one can. Don’t play with these POS dusty. Move alway. To another state.

  23. I’m glad they got that sorry sucka. Too many of our beautiful women of color are leaving this earth behind these demons. This one got me upset frfr many prayers go out to her child as well as her family at this time

  24. Guess we need to do our background checks when we’re getting into a relationship, sad 😢

  25. Ladies do your background checks. If he has a charge or arrest, do not give him a chance at all. Once they show the first sign, don’t give them another chance or sleep with them. So sad for this woman.

  26. it’s always the sweet and nice ones that they kill its disgusting. makes me not even want to date

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