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Blunder Video: President Joe Biden made embarrassing gaffe during Covid briefing

President Biden losing his mind. Blog King, Mass Appeal WASHINGTON — During Friday’s White House briefing on the coronavirus pandemic, President Joe Biden told reporters “we have roughly 350 million people vaccinated in the United States.” But, the only problem is our population is 330 million. That’s 106%. To compound the blunder, he had notes. Jeez, you would think somebody ...

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Dr. Vanden Bossche believes COVID-19 vaccinations will turn us into ‘zombies’

Vaccine scientist forecasts doom.  Blog King, Mass Appeal GERMANY — Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, a renowned vaccine scientist who has collaborated with numerous pharmaceutical corporations, is sounding the alarm over the mass inoculation of coronavirus vaccines worldwide. In a recently released video, Dr. Vanden Bossche said it’s imperative we “halt all COVID-19 vaccinations immediately, or uncontrollable monsters will be unleashed.” ...

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