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Fallon, Ariana & Megan released vaccine video

Fallon’s vaccine video draws criticism/YouTube

Vaccine video sparks controversy. 

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NEW YORK — Jimmy Fallon, Ariana Grande and Megan Thee Stallion released a controversial music video called “Masked Christmas” which was concocted to coax everyone into taking the COVID vaccine booster shot during the holiday season. “It was a masked Christmas, we stayed in the house,” Fallon sings. “We covered our nose and covered our mouth. But it’s Christmas time. We’ll be in line for a booster.” Megan, who’s dressed as a nurse with syringe fingernails, chimed in with, “This Christmas, I’ma make it count. No more quarantine on the couch. This year, hang that mistletoe. I’ma kiss everybody that I know.” Social media reaction was fierce. One viewer wrote, “So sad !! Let’s get a booster since the first 2 shots don’t work. I had Covid already and a recent blood test shows I still have high antibodies… do I need a booster Dr. Jimmy? Where is the adverse effects warning on this video?” Another viewer added, Fear Mongering Propaganda!!!! 🇺🇸SAVE AMERICA🇺🇸” 

Did Fallon & Co. go too far?

Are you ready to get the booster?

Watch the video.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. So we have to wear a mask with our family members at Christmas, but if I’m making a music video with other celebrities, no mask is required? I completely understand the message.

  2. The most surprising thing is that Ariana Grande reached a new level of trash

  3. Talk about making money of the pandemic! I wonder what happens to the money made for that video? Do they receive money for every view or purchase? What are they doing with the money they make from the views. It’s all about money, attention and virtue signalling, these people do not care about peoples health at all – guaranteed.

  4. My cousin almost died from Covid in the hospital because he didnt take any precautions against it. He didnt wear masks ever or get vaccinated and was put on a ventilator.
    Personally I got vaccinated and wear my mask in public. I cant make anyone do the same as me, but i will say i havent gotten covid once this entire pandemic. My cousin chose differently. He was free to make the choice but almost died, AND he also put other people at risk by spreading covid.

  5. @Cherise Webster: Here’s my challenge with religion: Why should you love God if you never asked to be here in the first place? I wouldn’t know what good life would bring it I didn’t know it existed in the first place. Also why should I be fearful of a spiteful deity? You kidding me? You’re all knowing and should know better than human emotions

  6. I am not vaccinated and I will never be, and I’m allowed to receive the Holy Eucharist.. 🙌

  7. They’re all just getting incentivized to do this for the pure love of money. Same thing with Juvenile. You think these same people who have built they’re careers off of immorality of all types gives a fuck about you and your protection?

  8. I kinda want to jump out of a window and land face first on a fire hydrant after watching that video.

  9. got my 657th booster today!anything for my queen the stallion 👅👅👅👅👅

  10. A musical masterpiece. The “Beethoven’s 9th symphony” of our time. Whoever wrote this music should absolutely feel creatively proud of their genius and not feel at all like a sellout in any form.

  11. Besides the cringe which is astronomical, this is also sad. They’re hopelessly staring off into space singing about how they’re gonna go get another shot just to have some normalcy until the next one. Seems so bleak and empty. I’d feel bad if people actually did this.

  12. Propoganda brought to you by Pfizer, the Biden administration, and neo liberalism across the world.

  13. This is a fucking atrocity, and somehow megs part made it 100x worse.

  14. It was a fun silly song about hopefully having a family Christmas this year SMH you’ll all just angry at the world. Just enjoy the giggle and move on. The beat was pretty good though.

  15. Pause and watch frame-by-frame @2:23. Here, they are showing us the true face of Ariana Grande, as seen behind the mask (and magical Hollywood cameras and makeup). You can see his moustache shadow and the fact that he’s really an Asian-American boy. lol

  16. Sick. They are brainwashing teens/young adults to think boosters cool and normal.

  17. They treat us like we’re retarded. damn. I like the music but the idea of this song is just cringe to the head. we have been brainwashed especially myself

  18. I think most of the ppl dont get it. Whatever if it’s not your kind of humor, just don’t watch it 😂 why ppl always gotta hate (prolly bc they got nothing better to do haha)

  19. that is not fuckin jimmy fallon singing lmfao like he can sing but that isnt him lmaooo

  20. Easily, by far, the doofiest, most ReeEEeEee shit I’ve experienced in ages.

    Even worse than Taxi w/that Latifah dude.

  21. This is making me want to not take the vaccine even harder now. When propaganda backfires.

  22. Get your booster, contributing to an estimated $35 billion in earnings for pfizer for 2022, all the while your beloved Biden refuses to waiver the vaccine patent so poor countries can vaccinate their citizens. Who cares, right? 1 million Indians dead… They’re just Indians, right?

  23. all yall mf’s that been idolizing these weirdos for years and supporting they music and shit….maybe wake the fuck up and realize who these people are, you are better than them. Ariana aint shit, Jimmy aint shit, and Meg aint shit. but you are

  24. I’m not sure about Megan Thee Stallion, but I know that Ariana Grande and Jimmy Fallon are both pretty vocal/public regarding their viewpoint on the vaccine/masks. I think they are just using their platform to spread awareness and influence people who may be on the fence as to whether they should get their booster shot or not. I’m sure many people do not appreciate the political aspect of it, but I think that’s why the three of them kept it funny/lighthearted. I definitely didn’t take the video seriously, and it definitely won’t be a hit single/topping the charts. I think it was just mainly for fun for them and also to gain awareness!

  25. very soon this will be the only song our government allows us to listen to

  26. Glad to see 90% of the human population are non-sentient philosophical zombie NPC bots, good work. Keep it up!

  27. Look at this wicked propaganda you damn puppets! How much are they paying ‘Jimmy’?

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