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‘Charlamagne Tha God’ ruffled Kamala’s feathers

Kamala snapped on Charlamagne/YouTube

Kamala went off on Charlamagne. 

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WASHINGTON — Vice President Kamala Harris wasn’t in a playful mood during her recent chinwag with Charlamagne Tha God. The 57-year-old politician excoriated the “Breakfast Club” star on national television when he insinuated President Joe Biden wasn’t the “real president” of the United States. The diatribe transpired last week on Comedy Central’s “Tha God’s Honest Truth.” Kamala was visibly pissed. “So who’s the real president of this country, is it Joe Manchin or Joe Biden?” Charlamagne, 43, asked in a facetious tone. “Come on, Charlamagne,” Kamala replied. “I can’t tell sometimes,” Charlamagne countered. “No, no, no, no. It’s Joe Biden,Kamala snapped while raising her voice. “And don’t start talking like a Republican about asking whether or not he’s president. It’s Joe Biden and I’m vice president and my name is Kamala Harris!”

In case you didn’t know, Senator Joe Manchin is the pain-in-the-ass Democrat from West Virginia who’s proclivity entails throwing monkey wrenches into the plans of fellow Democrats — which includes President Biden’s domestic agenda. If you recall, Manchin recently hindered Biden’s $2 trillion social and climate bill which was agreed upon by most Democrats.

Watch Kamala get in Charlamagne’s ass.

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  1. Thats one interview she shouldve swerved. That BS is getting too much bad press on her. the media is having a field day. …this charlie man is becoming a dan rather.

  2. Kamala Harris is WORTHLESS! she does absolutely NOTHING BECAUSE SHE KNOWS HOW TO DO NOTHING. Biden lives by everyone else’s instructio, knows nothing of being a President. KEEP HARRIS OUT OF OFFICE, SHE IS USELESS!!!!!!!!

  3. Remember when she said she used to listen to Snoop while she smoked blunts in college even though Snoops first album didn’t come out until 7 years after she graduated? She then went on to give people maximum sentences for weed. You guys voted for this.

  4. LOL who’s that Charlemagne hero of the free world?? 😂😂 props to him for challenging this mockery. If he’s a Democrat then more props to him. Of course Charlemagne is a Democrat or else he is NOT black.

  5. Kamala is not a negro nor is she black periodt, same skinfolk don’t make us kinfolk, just ask the Asian race

  6. Same Biden she called a racist segregationist before kissing his butt to become VP. This woman is fake to the core.

  7. I have a feeling somebody is calling his boss and hie will be offering a kissa$$ apology in 4,3,2. He apologizes or he can kiss the opportunity he’s been given with this national show. So interesting when you question them and they don’t like it, they accuse you of being the other party, as if all blacks belong to the democrats or you ain’t black enough. Remember who said that and blacks still voted for him.

  8. She’s musty af in real life 🤷🏽‍♂️ And she’s a ghetto gagger

  9. I don’t like VP Kamala Harris and Charlemagne tho God , but this was a disgusting question to be honest and he should be ashamed of himself . Whether Joe Biden , Kamala Harris or Machin is the President what the hell this would change to the situation and our lives that what I want to know..

  10. Who is the real president scamala?
    Wow she really went ghetto on” da god “. LMMFAOOOOOO
    Let’s go Brandon!!

  11. More like “Charlamagne the Dog”, he got right in line as soon as his master scolded him.

  12. I can’t believe how stupid Kamala was to agree to interview with someone notoriously known for asking rude questions and putting people in the defensive. She’s horrible at unrehearsed dialogue and made herself look like a fool.

  13. Charlamagne exposes them again! First, Biden with his you ain’t Black comment, and now, Harris with her fake tech problem, then pointing her finger & saying I’m the Vice President. That’s not what he asked. Another dodge by cackling Kamala!
    May Biden & Harris soon begone. Things might actually get better if they both left for awhile.

  14. The heck she means “dont start acting like a republican”…hehehe on another note that means that they are the ones asking the real qtns and the democrats are the ones just taking this sh!t. Or??

  15. Lol… someone is getting upset that their approval ratings are dipping below Jeffrey Dahmer. Aww poor wittle baby.

  16. “…and don’t start talking like a Republican.” Wow, I’m somehow offended. Did Kamala just say that anyone who’s a Republican is a monster basically?

  17. He cucked out completely. She totally talked to him as she was scolding a child and he stood there and took it. She has no respect for black men anyway so that didn’t surprise me. I saw nothing brave about what he did.

  18. Vice Presidon’t Kamala Harris and
    Charlemagne “Yall god” does have
    something in common.

    They both do not represent
    the Black community.

  19. I don’t know Charlemagne Tha God from Kid Charlemagne but a least he has the balls and intelligence to ask tough pertinent questions. He held Harris’s feet to the fire and she didn’t like it one bit!

  20. That was fake and pathetic! Just like Charlemagne “The God” Bwaa!Ha!Ha!
    He knows & knew who biden is, a racist bigot, yet he still voted for him. He did an interview with TI where he talks about bidens crime bill. Look it up! He voted for biden because of kamala who is as big of a joke as Charlemagne “the dud” This was a PR stunt to help make kamala look better!

  21. She is such a joke and sleepy Joe is a 🤡 clown not a president I can’t wait for all these dirtbags to go away hopefully to prison with Nancy.

  22. As soon as she said “don’t talk like a Republican” she loses all credibility

  23. Cant believe harris will be the first transgender president when Biden dies in his sleep next week or month

  24. Kamala Harris is nobody at all any any possible way. Neither is Joe Biden!!! They’ve done so many bad things crimes against humanity, and now they’re a little puppets for our beloved president Donald Trump in order for them to stay alive they have to look stupid in front of TV and that’s how it goes.

  25. 1). Who n the f… should let this man interview this level of security? This show you all these devils together! Yall really charlamagne? This let the world known the elite n all there disrupt community trying take charge.. charlamagne is the same man had 2 men dolls humping eachother on his podcast😂 LORD FORGIVE THEM ALL! IF YOUR PINEAL GLAND HASN’T TOLD YOU ALREADY……YOU WILL NEVER KNOW🙈 ANYMAN CALL HIMSELF A GOD IS A DEVIL!

  26. 🆘 Remember when hypocrite Kamala Harris and Joe Biden were campaigning for their current titles? And both said, should President Trump come up with a vaccine for COVID, she wouldn’t take it simply because it came from Trump. Guess what she took the Trump vaccine and so did Biden. Can you say hypocrites and liars 🤥?

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