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Blac Chyna has allegedly kidnapped a white chick

Blac Chyna accused of kidnapping/YouTube

Blac Chyna kidnaps white girl.

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SACRAMENTO — Police officials in Sacramento are investigating after Blac Chyna (né Angela Renée White) reportedly held a white chick hostage during a “drug-fueled” soirée. The alleged kidnapping transpired around 3 a.m. in a suite at the Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows the Caucasian damsel running out of Chyna’s room where she was allegedly held captive. The distraught damsel then sprinted down the hallway sobbing and apologizing. Chyna, who was high on cocaine, had just thrown a Black Friday party. The victim’s friend, 35-year-old Ron Knighton, gave an account to The Sun. “Everyone was enjoying themselves; the drinks were flowing and the energy in the suite was real good,” Ron recalled. “Suddenly out of nowhere Chyna just yelled at my friend to ‘shut the f**k up’ or she’d beat both our asses.”

“The vibe immediately changed so at that point we thought it was best to leave,” Ron continued. “But when I went to walk out, she shut the door behind me and kept my friend in the room.” Ron tried to explain to the victim it wasn’t her fault. It’s his assertion that Chyna, 33, is the one to blame. “It’s not your fault,” Ron told his friend. “She’s high on cocaine and crazy.”

Social media reaction was mixed.

One viewer wrote, “That white girl was clout chasing and is probably a junkie don’t feel bad for her.” 

Another added, “Blac Chyna is a pimp.”

Chyna has two children: Dream Renée Kardashian, 5, and King Cairo Stevenson, 9.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. She is really on that stuff she is a full fledged addict.. So not a good look. And I think the white chick & her friend were up to know good. Quick money day

  2. Why is anyone trying to be in the same space as BC? With coke? At 3am?

    Yeah, that’s gonna be a “No” from me dawg…

  3. For a woman with two young children she’s always got some shenanigans going on.

  4. Uhhhhh…that video is VERY disturbing. WTF happened in that room? That girl was clearly shook and you can BC try and shut the door when she was trying to get out too. Unless that girl doesn’t press charges, this looks like it could be big a problem for her.

  5. Black Women feel like they have a license to be vindictive against anyone, especially if the person has long hair that grows from their own scalp.

  6. Sooo we not gonna talk about why chick was fake crying and talking about she sorry? I think someone got a train ran on em and didn’t want her mans to know…

  7. And people were taking her serious about vaccines when she’s high out of her mind

  8. They all high…I hope Chyna doesn’t have custody of her children

  9. Her reality show was a flop. White girl is an aspiring actress. This was staged for a 2nd season of her pathetic reality show. Ijs

  10. Chyna and Rob aren’t fit for parenting. Anybody ever sees her kids with her at all anymore?

  11. Damn Chyna. She probably went off like she did in the airport last month lmao

  12. Now they’re using white women to try and take down black women .Guess white woman trying to take down black men is getting old everyone is hip to that so try something new right FAIL no ones is going to buy this BS. Hell Black Chyna most likely directed this video to be relevant at least this weekend ( if that ) anyway NEXT !!!!!;;

  13. @QueenOfLife: She sure did. Some people cannot handle their coke, especially people that already have mental health issues while their sober. She seems like such a buzz kill. I’ve met psychos like her, it’s best to stay far away cos they will physically try to harm you while high. You cannot party with everybody

  14. @Wow Just wow: Looks like a straight set up. I’m so worried about my friend that I’m recording this? Nothing illegal is going on here. No one stopped the whyte broad from leaving, looks like she was busy getting coked out herself. Never trust whyte ppl behind closed doors…learn from Emmit Till

  15. This is why we don’t invite black he-women to hang out. You guys have too much testosterone and always ruin the fun with your violent ways.

  16. It’s bs…..
    The girl was trying to leave with him..he walked out …they kept her in the room…20 mins he hears her crying..then he got help to get her door opened…
    Chyna has issues..she said that she will beat everybody’s ass…

    Chyna was straight wrong…and then as she is leaving..they grabbed her…they tried..look at the video..

    This girl just started a new job…she doesn’t want this tied to her face and name..
    Chyna get some help

  17. I feel there’s more to the story. The girl shouldn’t have went. She’s lucky it wasn’t a worst situation. Maybe she learned a lesson

  18. Holding a girl hostage against her will gets most people a life sentence

  19. That white girl is high and the fact that she is apologetic to Ron which implies he’s the abuser.

  20. Dear White Women in America:

    Your tears no longer move anyone. Not even most white people. Thanks to camera phones the entire world has seen how you weaponize your tears to the detriment of black and brown people.

  21. That should never have happened to that young lady. I hope she is ok.

    Everyone has seen Chyna snorts coke, etc and still wants to be around her and the drama. Everyone know she drama and still…

    People are wanting to be around celebrities in hopes of being discovered on any level not understanding what they are really getting themselves into.

    Be careful out here. Even if they are celebrities you can get hurt.

  22. This girl is going crazy. Man.. that last video of her in the airport smh..

  23. Wow.. just unbelievable. Smh I don’t think Blac Chyna realizes how embarrassing she is. She just genuinely doesn’t seem like a good person and I know she has her issues from her mom and all of that but she just doesn’t seem to care to help inner self in any way .

  24. That girl got raped………. sex and drug trafficking………… chyna needs to be held accountable for this

  25. im telling you it’s that demon shit !! the bihh sold her soul and now she losing it , MK ultra y’all


  27. White people shouldn’t hang with black people until they get their shit together…

  28. Please let Rob get Dream until her mom goes to Rehab. Drugs was definitely involved and unfortunately this is what happens 🙏🏻❤️💯

  29. When will people learn when a celebrity invites you to their hotel room it’s not going to go how you think🤷🏽‍♀️
    So far as Chyna, it has been confirmed by her mother “Tokyo Toni” that she does use cocaine!
    Her mother said it so many times that Blac Chyna does cocaine.
    Behind closed doors she busting down those white rocks💨😤

  30. If she gonna kidnap a whole white girl I think she should have grabbed a Kardashian they the ones that always messing with her

  31. Nigga I Snort Powder, But I ain’t Holding Shit Hostage, In a HOTEL ROOM, WHILE GEEKED UP🤣🤣🤦🏿‍♂️. Now That’s Some Weird Shit

  32. THIS BITCH held this woman HOSTAGE. who knows what the hell she was doing hyped up on drugs. But the girl is shook up! She’s scared. She just got traumatized and y’all trying to give this bitch a pass? Nah nah. Bitch needs jail time

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