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WSAZ news reporter was accidentally hit by an SUV

Tori Yorgey struck by SUV/WSAZ

News reporter hit live on air. 

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HUNTINGTON — In television they say “news never stops” and that axiom was tested Wednesday night in Huntington, West Virginia. That’s because WSAZ reporter Tori Yorgey was accidentally struck by an SUV while reporting live on the air. Ouch! Rather than seek immediate medical attention, Tori bounced to her feet and finished the broadcast like nothing happened. And, get this: She was solus minus a photographer. Somebody give that chick a raise. “Oh my God. I just got hit by a car, but I’m okay,” Tori wailed as her camera toppled to the ground. “You know that’s live TV for ya. It’s all good! I actually got hit by a car in college, too, just like that. I am so glad I’m okay.” Since many women are perilous drivers, it’s certainly not a surprise Tori was hit from behind by a lady who’s blind as a bat.

The driver was, however, considerate enough to pull over and apologize to which Tori replied: “Ma’am, you’re so sweet.” After signing off, Tori finally took her ass to the hospital where she received treatment for minor injuries. In a tweet, she thanked everyone for the cascade of support and let the public know she’s on the road to recovery.

“Wow. I am flattered by the kindness and well wishes,” Tori wrote.

“I am feeling fine, just a little sore! Thank you all so much.”

WSAZ is an NBC affiliate.

Watch the accident.

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  1. Her cohost in the newsroom went full on mannequin the second she got hit. I can’t stand these news reporters who are afraid to express emotion for fear of breaking character. Tools.

  2. So was she standing in the street??? I mean, not that it was ok to get hit but stand on the sidewalk for God sakes.

  3. So no one’s going to talk about how she casually says she got hit while in college as well. That’s some luck.

  4. I wish they would send more reporters in the field for traffic reports and weather updates

  5. She’s been hit twice by a car now. I’m wondering when is she going to learn not to stand in the road while doing a news report. Of course I don’t know all the details but I would start reporting from the curb or sidewalk.

  6. Looks like she was standing in the intersection And if you watch the cop waved the car on But the driver wasn’t looking where she was going she was looking at the cop …guarantee you if I was a cop I wouldn’t allow her to stand there in the first place

  7. That seriously turned my stomach. So scary. I was thinking was she really okay or just in shock? I’m glad she’s really ok. When she sounded like she was going to cry I almost cried myself.

  8. So this is your yearly review…what have you done for the company this year…
    “I got hit by a freaking SUV and kept doing my job”

  9. That hit might have just made her career sky rocket with how she handled it and kept reporting. But safety first, really glad she went to the hospital to get checked on.

  10. She a solider! Cuz I woulda been layed out like ” I want a hundred an fifty thousand!!! But we can settle outta court right now for 20 bucks!” 😂


  12. I didn’t laugh until she said “I was also hit by a car in college just like this!” Oh no girl! You have bad luck!

  13. “I actually got hit in college, too, just like that!” 😅😅😅 She’s hilarious I bet she’s a riot to hangout with!

  14. People, if you get hit by a car never immediately state you are ok. Possible injuries could have occurred that you might night be aware of at that instant. In her case I imagine she suffered bruising at the least. I was in a small incident in a parking lot 33 yrs ago. It took 30 minutes and then I had the most excruciating case of whiplash accompanied with a severe headache. It messed up a couple discs in my neck that have caused me pain and limited mobility for the last 33 years.

  15. it should have been stopped for commercial or some sort. make sure the she’s okay.
    or at least Tim reacts with shocked not just a plain face .. or maybe that was his shock face ?

  16. Wow. That guy behind the anchor desk is a real weirdo. How do you not ask if the lady was ok????

  17. And she didn’t learn her lesson the first time…
    What she doing standing on the road in the dark on a rainy dark night waring dark blue and black clothing

  18. She should get a Pulitzer for her unwavering commitment to duty! Very very impressive! Only slightly rattled and completely professional! Hope her network appreciates her passion and tenacity!

  19. Thank God the car was not going fast or it will be a different story.

  20. this just makes me wonder if news reporters have the kind of workplace where they will fire you for having a bad live news story even for reasons out of your control

  21. “Its alright I got hit by a car in college just like that”😂😂

  22. The male anchor is a real jerk. And was the driver intoxicated? Hopefully there’s some consequences for the driver like a law suit by the nice young reporter.

  23. Dang this girl is awesome. I burnt my finger on a taco shell I took out of my toaster oven and freaked out 1000% more dramatically.

  24. I got lightly hit by a car once. I was walking down the sidewalk by a gas station where a guy was waiting to drive out. Well he started driving while I was in front of him and he knocked me over onto his hood. I got up and he looked at me like I was crazy. Same thing happened a year earlier while I was biking on the sidewalk. Knocked me and the bike over.

  25. Why is she laughing??? She need to be at home resting and filing legal paperwork!!

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