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Three mothers react to homosexual kids books

As the far-left expands its stratagem to brainwash the next generation, perverted authors continue to publish books — ones transcribed for elementary school children — with radical credo on gender and sexuality. The Heritage Foundation sat down with three pissed-off moms to capture not only their reactions to these publications, but to expose how acute the LGBT messages in them really are.

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  1. The fact this is a children’s book is fking sick gender identities are just mental illnesses given validity through social media

  2. This makes me so terribly sad for the future for my kids. They are such smart, critical thinkers and I’m so grateful but it’s the rest of the world that I worry about.

  3. Damn… Seems like having a straight relationship in USA nowadays will be so hard

  4. These books are a form of child abuse. Their authors should be jailed in order to protect our children.

  5. My question throughout all of this is: How can a 5 year old boy know what it feels like to be a girl? He doesn’t even know full well what it’s like to be a boy because he hasn’t hit puberty yet, and even then he would only begin to grasp the concept of being a human male, let alone know what it’s like to a girl at all.

  6. Why are people pushing this gender thing? Who cares after you reach adulthood? I no more care what’s in your pants than I care how many crushed cubes are in my large tea from Git n Go. Before adulthood, the brain isn’t fully developed. Leave it alone to bake till the thingy pops out. Then make a decision.

  7. The school unions that allow these books in school libraries are the pushers and enablers of this child abuse. This rainbow plague is the fault of the Obama administration

  8. “If you declare with your mouth “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved” (Romans 10:9). Now is the time to accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. Obey His commands and repent of your sins because Jesus is coming back soon. Tomorrow isn’t promised.

  9. Have a look in your local public library, too. These books may very well be there, too. At tax payers’ expense, of course. And you don’t have to be a parent to be furious that publishers are churning out these psychologically sexually abusive books either. Get these books out of our schools and libraries. Today.

  10. all you people are preaching about “dOnT pUsH yOuR gAy/tRanS aGenDa OntO oUr YoUnG”
    then go out and push hatred, and bigoted behavior, and racism, and shit that’s rotting this world down to its core. onto KIDS who don;t UNDERSTAND how WRONG it is, to be a piece of shit to other people because they are expressing themselves.

    but no, we are the bad guys

  11. Now these are proper Moms.
    What’s terrifying is that a huge proportion of the art community are lgbt activists. They are pushing this stuff every day and their followers are liking and supporting them. Additionally they are very aggressive about it.
    A lot of these ideas are coming from parts of society that are intoxicated by drink, drugs and promiscuity. These people aren’t able to think straight or follow an argument or civil discussion, and yet they form a group of people that can force this kind of trashy literature on other peoples’ children. One solution is to rid society of drugs, crack down on alcohol abuse and teach God’s values as recorded in His Word. It’s pretty much useless to tackle these issues without addressing these underlying causes.

  12. I’m not even a conservative myself but between this shit and the isolation by covid-19 paranoia the generation after mine are going to be so stunted emotionally. If you’re an adult you can live your life if you want and if you have gender dysphoria as an adult then you can do whatever you want to feel comfortable in your own skin. But children have no concept of identifying any gender other than what they’re born to. Experience and self discovery comes with a couple decades of time, a baby doesn’t have that because they’re new to the world and have no grasp on it.

  13. This is simply degenerate people writing books to target children for the author’s degenerate fantasy

  14. 🙏🏻The hand that rocks the cradle rules the World, 🌍 and this is why the government officials want to own you’re children! These propaganda needs to end! 🚫🛑💵💵💵🚫🛑😠

  15. Lgbt parent: hey son meet my good friend Antoine he’s gay

    Son: what is gay

    Lgbt parent: gay means you like boys!

    Son: hmm all my friends are boys.. I must be gay I’m gay!!

    Lgbt parent: yippie get ready now we’re gonna have so much fun im taking you skirt shopping!

  16. If every one was gay as they want us to be what would happen to the population wouldnt we die

  17. That book is like an introduction to porn for kids! DISGUSTING 🤮
    JESUS NEEDS TO COME SOON TO STOP THIS!!! I thank The Lord DAILY for not having children and it’s so upsetting but I literally thank God for not having kids! Because all the world wants to do is to Indoctrinate!

  18. crazy how the left thinks sexualising kids is okay but then will call us terrible for being conservative? wow

  19. The person who wrote that book is probably a predator, I’m not gonna lie. If you make books for very young children (and I’m still a minor btw) about sexual content and gender, along with drag, you have to be a creep. That’s not normal. Also if you wanna let kids be who they want to be, don’t make stuff that forces beliefs in them. Let them choose. If they wanna be gay/les/trans, ok. If they wanna be straight, ok. Let them choose, don’t force it on them. Hopefully they’ll choose the right path too

  20. A pedophile wrote this book. Who else is so concerned about kids and sexuality?

  21. i miss it when rainbows were just associated with colors, hippies, progressive rock, lsd, and RAIN
    and apparently noah ark?

  22. Im bisexual. I didn’t realized it until I was 13. I don’t think children can comprehend something like this so young. I think it just confuses them about sexuality and gender. Let them understand when they can comprehend terminology and certain subjects. And let them discover their sexuality/gender on their own. It’s a journey of self discovery. You can be there to support them of course. But don’t make it more confusing for them.

  23. To all the people out there that hold a “Gender Studies” degree. McDonald’s is hiring. 😎👍

  24. The problem with teaching children this stuff is that they are too young to understand what any of it means as to form analytical opinions of it all

  25. People who write books like this, don’t have kids, and thank God for that!

  26. Little kids don’t need to know about sexualities in the first place

  27. Destroying the new generation by changing the normal understating of friendship. Charge them with negative sexualised Energy.

  28. This is awful it’s creeping into my library. I DON’T want my tax dollars paying for this trash how can I get my local library to stop taking these books in ??

  29. Ya know something? I’m asexual, Ace, and I support LGBTQ+. Am I leftist? No I don’t like politics in a whole because both sides are greedy and slinging mud at each other. Was a “brainwashed” no, I was forced to be Christian where I was abused. “Too girly” for having hair longer than normal, despite being short. Picked on, beaten and abused because of religion. Don’t get me wrong there are nice churches but all people care about nowadays is that it’s politics brainwashing people, but it’s not. It’s corrupt people brainwashing the youth.

  30. Enough is enough! We need to fire ALL current politicians on BOTH sides. We need new blood willing to pass term limits, end lobbyists, pass election finance reform, and pass school choice for parents! We are NOT intersections of victim hood! We are one race of people, human- who share values, ideas, dreams, and goals where our families can thrive. That is a place of common ground where we can build a future together! Stop letting race huskers and main stream media make money to divide us into a civil war!!!

  31. Glad they were able to find some sane moms to review this utter nonsense. I’m sure it wasn’t difficult. Most moms are sane, just wondering about the teachers who teach and encourage this garbage. The left knows that they need allies so they start the indoctrination process early. Their doctrine must be destroyed but it can only be destroyed when brought to light like this. Keep up the great work!

  32. It’s so disgusting how these women and the majority of the people in the comment sections have so much hate. Sex and gender are different. When a doctor is discussing changing parts of a child body at that age they wouldn’t even get hormone blockers until about 12. If a child goes into a clinic and says they don’t feel right in their body they don’t immediately get surgery. It isn’t harmful to let your child know you will love them no matter how they feel. If you are not ready for your child to be queer or trans then your not ready to have a child.

  33. Every parent has the right to raise their children the way they believe is right. But that child is not something the parent owns nor has full control over. It’s up to parents to teach their children about these topics. I definitely agree with the mom that doesn’t segregate her children’s toys based on gender. Doing so is idiotic and could potentially lead to issues with perceived gender norms down the road. Let children be children. But please, parents, if your child says that they are uncomfortable with something, even their idea of gender, please listen to them and be understanding of how they feel.

  34. I identify as a canine. My wife takes me around for walks on a pretty leash. I have glittering stones on my collar. I’ve been eating doggy food from TransMart for five years now and we save a lot of money! I get the occasional can of wet food too on special days. I don’t like going out to do my business when it’s snowing and cold outside, so I asked fir a litter box, but my wife says litter boxes are for cats, so I decided to trans again and I will become a cat soon, so we are starting by switching my food to dry cat food and tuna. My wife is also a children’s book writer and she’s writing a book about me. It’ll be called “Transpices” because there’s a poem in it about how I’m made of snails and spice and all other things that are nice; it mixes but changes that all traditionally racist and transphobic boy-girl thing and gives it a new, healthy, all-inclusive twist! It’s really, really twisted! But I can’t say more. Her publisher Puke& Barf Publishers said it’s better not. Be patient! It’ll all be out soon! /S

  35. Home school your kids. Lunatics are running schools and colleges. My god wtf is happening

  36. Okay, I am a book lover and wholeheartedly believe that burning books should be a sin, but please burn those books! 😂

  37. If your child thinks they’re the “wrong” gender, then you take them to a child psychologist to find out WHY they feel that way. I read an article of a little boy who kept saying he wanted to be a girl, so the parents took him to a psychologist. Come to find out since the parents had a baby girl that required more attention (because she’s, ya know, a baby) the little boy thought his parents loved girls more and therefore thought becoming a girl would make his parents love him more. Of course they were able to sit him down and explain that they loved him the same as his baby sister, her needs were greater being an infant, etc. The boy understood and from then on had no problems being a boy. Imagine if a doctor jumped to the “solution” of gender reassignment surgery and the parents never understood the “why” behind his feelings. He’d live his whole life feeling like his parents never truly loved him until he changed his gender.

  38. OMG if they ever read these books to my kid in class I would not be happy.

  39. Pure indoctrination! They hate our country, our great nation up to the point to hurt our kids’ childhood… the left evilness has no limits. We must fight back! We have to protect our children and our country!

  40. If everyone’s gay and trans how is anyone supposed to have children in this ridiculous fantasy world these lunatics have come up with?

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