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SNL cast spoofs First Take, Stephen A. very impressed

The cast of Saturday Night Live poked fun at ESPN’s First Take over the weekend with one of their best skits ever. SNL’s Chris Redd portrayed loudmouth host Stephen A. Smith, Kenan Thompson played First Take contributor and NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irving and Chloe Fineman delivered a near flawless impersonation of moderator Molly Qerim. The sketch was so hilarious, Stephen A. applauded the parody. “Haaaaaa! OMG! This is hilarious,” he tweeted. “Especially the parts spoofing Michael Irvin. Hysterical!”

Watch the skit.

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  1. Why has Chris Redd not played Stephen A Smith before? Why doesn’t he play him every show?

  2. ESPN has been unwatchable for 20 years because of their “whoever yells the loudest is right” style of discourse. They can disappear with the rest cable tv.

  3. Omg!!! I just saw this and this is literally what I hear every morning when I get up cus my husband puts it on while we get ready for work. And I always tell him why the hell are they screaming all the time!!
    This is the best skit they’ve done in a long time!!
    Right on the button! 🤣🤣🤣

  4. The show has got so much worse since Max left. Michael Irvin is so bad it’s hard to even watch the show at all! He is like having you’re very LOUD, Drunk stuttering uncle on the show who might have just smoke some crack & who is just starting to develop dementia! SNL forgot Stephen A’s Daily as a black man interlude “as a black man, as a black man who’s done alot for the black community” even on topics that have nothing to do with social issues and when he clearly hasn’t! Also forgot, Molly Is the thing I am the most thankful for because that’s so sports related?! 😂 It’s no wonder all the talent is at Fox now! I’d watch Skip & Shannon or Chris Brussard and Nick Wright over these guys any day!!!

  5. That fake Molly is oddly more enjoyable to listen too than the real Molly🥴🥴🥴🤣😂😂

  6. Woulda been even more real if stephen a kissed molly since he stole her from jaylon rose.

  7. SNL Molly wasn’t NEARLY as annoying as the real deal. She didn’t even make 1 interruption

  8. I hope Molly sees that skit and understand how much better the show is when she doesn’t talk over people and blurt out pointless remarks every 40 seconds

  9. The actress that played Mollie wasn’t interrupting enough and was not spewing enough nonsense in between conversations

  10. The best part of the SNL skit was when Michael Irvin told Molly to shut up, he was speaking for EVERY viewer of First Take

  11. Kenan’s impersonation of Michael Irvin was exceptional. Chris’s impersonation of SAS was very exceptional. And the absurdity of the questions asked was very, very exceptional!

  12. These are literally the questions they argue over. Things that mean the same exact thing but are phrased differently and have nothing to do with the actual meaningful questions one could ask about a given nfl topic

  13. Stephen A’s hairline had me crying…you can see the line they drew on the top of his head😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. Ok I haven’t watched SNL in years. I probably won’t start after this either. BUT I AM IN STITCHES!!! THAT WAS HILARIOUS!!!!

  15. SNL has been trash for decades now, but I must admit that skit was actually amusing.

  16. SNL lately seems to be trying to be PC in a lot of their sketches, but they can’t even be bothered to pronounce Molly Qerim’s last name correctly? The sketch is on point and funny but like, how hard would it be to just learn how to say the name? It’s easier to pronounce than the way they mispronounced it…

  17. Let’s hope Stephen A watches this and finally understands how the world truly views the screaming, overly dramatic, douchebag that he is and always has been.

  18. Kenan Thompson does the same character in every sketch. He’s the worst one on the show. Always has been.

  19. Just witnessed a classic…but I was waiting for Keenan to do Michael’s famously repeating word “and, and, and, and……..” between sentences.

  20. the guy playing Irving needs to leave SNL I’ve never laughed at anything he’s done

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