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Patrick Mahomes’ family catching hell on the web

Patrick’s chick in hot water/Clutchpoints

Patrick needs better support. 

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KANSAS CITY — Uh-Oh! Patrick Mahomes’ family is at it again. First, his brother — Jackson Mahomes — performed a TikTok dance on a dead football player’s memorial. Now this: After Patrick led the Kansas City Chiefs to a nail-biting 42-36 overtime victory Sunday night, his baby mama — Brittany Matthews — uncorked an expensive bottle of champagne in her suite then made it rain. Only problem is she sprayed the liquor on Chiefs fans and it was cold as f*ck outside. Some spectators enjoyed the spritzing. But many were pissed because they didn’t want to be soaking wet in the freezing cold. Not to mention several children were doused. Brittany, 26, said she’s sick and tired of her every move being scrutinized. “I just wish I could do what I want without getting attacked every week,” she tweeted.

Social media backlash was unforgiving. One fan tweeted, “If she thought spraying champagne on people was such a good idea why didn’t she do it in her own suite?” Another added, “I don’t give a f*ck who she is. This b*tch stupid. Who says something stupid as this: ‘I just wish i can do what I want without getting attacked every week.’ How about the kids that’s sitting underneath you or is it fair for someone to pour champagne on her 11 month old?'”

Jackson recorded the liquor shower then posted footage on social media.

Brittany didn’t spill a single drop on her rich friends in the VIP suite.

Was this a classic case of white privilege?

Is it time for Patrick to have a talk with his family?

Watch disturbing footage.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Patrick, make her your ex fiancé before you have to maker her your ex wife and pay her all that money!

  2. Come on Pat make a stand, you know that’s the most cringing and fruity Tik-Tok personality anywhere. Let’s put it this way Patrick don’t have to worry about that boy being around his wife all the time because you can’t get more feminine. And if that was me being in the place of Patrick Mahomes, I would Jack my little brother’s ass up, and straighten him flat out… It would be made clear or I would shun his ass like the plague

  3. He is letting them ruin his reputation.he has to man up and stop the two clowns

  4. I think we’ve seen the best of Patrick Mahomes his career I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the Super Bowl he’ll have a great seasons with a lot of yards in some place but I think we’ve seen the end of him being a champion

  5. I think people kind of overreacting with the champagne thing because its the trendy thing to hate on the pair. But I agree with them being douches.

  6. I think Jackson is more the problem with all that stupid dancing I think Brittany is just a proud wife cheering on his QB and a huge fan of him I don’t see her as the problem

  7. This is why alot of men are walking away from marriage. Women in western countries are out of control.

  8. This is when you take the box seats away and you have them watch the game from home…and if they ask why you show them clips acting the fool…you tell this is why! End of story!

  9. I think Jackson needs locked up with 3 big cons in a small cell, and Brittany just needs sent to a homeless shelter for her to see what real life and suffering is about instead of being a pompous gold digging b*tch.

  10. I actually feel sorry for Patrick Mahomes. His little brother and his fiancé are destroying his image and career. He shouldn’t even have to deal with mess like this.

  11. Patrick dude, cut em both loose! Before you sign a new contract, cut em loose!

  12. He ought to get rid of that god awful trashy chick he made the grave mistake of knocking up. Then have a serious talk with his little brother. Possibly work with the NFL to bar him from games, if necessary. Those two narcissistic nightmares only care about two things: attention and money. If they cared about him, they’d never act .. They shouldn’t even have to be told how to act. They ought to know. Behind every great man is a great woman – Giselle for instance. And that walking, talking garbage can called Brittney ain’t it bro. Ought to cut his losses and drop her like a bad habit. Jackson is his blood, so he ought to approach it differently but still firmly. Mahomes is a serious dude and a good person who’s done and can continue to incredible things on and off the field. WIth those two constantly dragging him down, draining his energy, and sapping his focus…he’ll be unable to realize anywhere near his full potential. Mahomes got to get a giselle bro. A good woman who’s serious, keeps her head down, won’t entertain his brother’s bs, and try to take his spotlight to her own selfish and insane ends – at his expense and suffering. Bro ought to get a Beyonce or Giselle or any low drama chick. One that truly cares about him enough to sit down, shut up, and support the man quietly from the sidelines like all good women do – the spotlight ought to be on him not her

  13. Behind every great man is a great woman and I don’t think Brittany fits the distinction of being great.

  14. Make no mistake about it Britney’s in control of that relationship. Patrick isn’t going to tell her anything. I have no idea why you men would be afraid to tell your woman to stand down. Stopping little brother and his wife isn’t that hard. Tell security not to allow them in any Stadiums.

  15. It’s pretty evident that he’s impotent when it comes to his wife and brother….

  16. Patrick needs to man up and check his family. That’s why I keep telling people he’s a beta Btch. He can’t even control his wife or brother so why would we think he can control a locker room or be a captain of a team or a leader on the field his own family doesn’t even listen to him.

  17. The white ‘manosphere’ in Kansas are losing their shit with her.
    And as a Raiders fan, I’m lowkey Loving It 😂 I’m All For Team Brittany ♥ 🏈

  18. Every since that Trayvon Martin statement, I don’t rock with Patrick Mahomes. He’s a talented player, but he’s a fake 1. He deserves all of the heat….

  19. Brittany and Jackson make Patrick Mahomes look like a diamond in a GOAT’s ass. Brady – a lifetime of class. Mahomes – ghetto trash no matter how good he scrambles. It ain’t gonna get any better.

  20. Poor patrick… all those lame white girls🤦🏾‍♂️ he has to be around that shit ALLLLL the time🤣

  21. Every single CHIEF’S FAN, that got champagne spayed on them should send Brit the dry cleaning bill, and she should be made to pay it………trash

  22. I absolutely love Patrick but he better get a grip on her and his brother before they further embarrasses him. Hey you two…… Patrick is the star here!!! Stop seeking attention at his expense.

  23. Patrick Mahomes wife can pour champagne all over any of my children, anytime. I love the energy they bring. Haters are just that, haters.

  24. An he can take that gotdamn goofy ass block head dancing tight end with him as well,cuz we know why that end be tight with the way he dance!!

  25. Brittany needs a TV show like Carmelo Anthony’s wife had. We’re all waiting with bated breath on what our Brittany is doing. Jackson needs his own reality show and a hip-hop contract. Maybe name an energy drink after him. If Jackson isn’t driving Ferraris into swimming pools while ODing on Fentanyl, he’s just boring.

  26. I liked and thought Mahomes was a great player, leader, and decent, kind individual. BUT!! failure to reign in, control his family makes me dislike him as his family hurting the entire fan base and team!!. Sorry but people do not forget! Wake up Mahomes! Do not allow your family to taint the entire team!! Brother & wife have 0 class!! Cannot teach that.

  27. Unfortunately this all Patrick’s fault… He’s enabled this lil @sshole, and foots the bill for his shenanigans and antics. What talent, education, and/or professional skills does this kid bring to table to be valuable member of society? Rhetorical question… This kid is a spoiled little brat who’s been handed everything for free, and hasn’t learned the value of hard work. If I’m Patrick, I send this kid to college, give him a “reasonable” monthly stipend to live off of (with set tasks/conditions/standards), and force him to grow up… Tough love can be brutal, but is necessary at times.

  28. Jackson’s dream is for his last name be Kardashian instead Mahomes.
    Either way, this childish douche-canoe is a definitely a card carrying member of the “Lucky Sperm Club” & would probably be making about $15.50/hour at Costco if it wasn’t for his talented brother.
    Also, if Patrick marries his nit-witted fiancee, he’s essentially gifting her well over $250 million in a future divorce settlement…
    There will definitely be a few very well paid divorce lawyers in KC!

  29. Jackson and Brittany do not need to be media counseled. They need straight counseling. What does a nut or a couple of nuts want more than anything on earth? ATTENTION! The two of them are drama queens. Pat Mahomes may have had a sit down with them but before long, one or both will start again. I’ve had to deal with this type up close and personally, those with an imbalance of the serotonin type in the head believe their behavior is completely normal. Mahomes doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into, with her he believes she’ll grow out of the problem. There is not a cure. Only treatment.

  30. Patrick is a class act. Real stand up guy.

    His wife and brother…well that’s another story.

  31. The two clowns are extreme narcissists and there is no cure! They ain’t goin nowhere unless Patrick runs them off, which is what really needs to happen! He deserves better, he just isn’t familiar with their personality disorders!

  32. I can see the movie coming out now. Patrick Mahones as Batman with Brittany as the Riddler and Jackson playing the role of the Penguin.

  33. His baby mama looks like an albino bird with that pointed sharp coke nose. Take her back to her trailer court.

  34. Pat needs to definitely put a stop to that circus . I’m not a fan of the chiefs, but if I’m at a game with my child and some horse faced laughing hyena sprays champagne on me /other ppl around me I’m gonna be pissed

  35. Patrick Mahomes needs to cut the cord on both his bimbo“ baby mama”, and his effeminate brother. Just cut his losses, and get ready to pay child support. SMH 🤔🤦🏾‍♂️🤔

  36. that sean taylor shit pisses me off that is some of the most disrespectful stuff ive ever seen in my life the day sean taylor died affected so many people

  37. When she ruins his Career she will want Half for doing Nothing, such an immature little girl.Peace

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