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Stacey Castor murder case revealed lies and deception

Stacey Castor the Black Widow/YouTube

Stacey had everybody fooled.

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SYRACUSE — Stacey Castor thought she was slick. The nefarious wife hoodwinked everybody into thinking her first husband died via cardiac arrest, her second spouse poisoned himself with antifreeze, and her daughter attempted suicide out of guilt. But, turns out, it was all a big lie. Stacey wasn’t unfortunate. Instead, she was a cold-blooded killer who tried to frame her own daughter for murder; hence the moniker “Black Widow.” In 2009, an Onondaga County jury found Stacey guilty and she was sentenced to 51 years in prison for deep-sixing her second husband — David Castor — and attempting to murder her daughter, Ashley Wallace, before forging her husband’s last will and testament. In 2007, Stacey gave Ashley an alcoholic beverage laced with an admixture of crushed pills, Sprite and vodka. She’s lucky to be alive. When Stacey’s first husband — Michael Wallace — died from a mysterious malady in January 2000, she pocketed $55,000 from his life insurance policy and didn’t shed a tear.

In 2007, forensic investigators exhumed Michael’s cadaver for corroboration purposes.

But Stacey didn’t face charges for his quietus.

“I hate my mother for ruining so many people’s lives,” Ashley told ABC news anchor David Muir after sentencing. “What gave her the right to play God with people? I never knew what hate was until now. Even though I do hate her, I still love her at the same time.” Claiming she was set up, Stacey maintained her innocence until she died behind bars in June 2016. She was 48.

“I did not kill Michael Wallace, I did not kill David Castor, and I did not try to kill my daughter, period,” she told Muir.

“And I will never say that I did, ever.”

“Poisoned Love: The Stacey Castor Story” came out two years ago.

Hindsight’s 20/20. But lookin’ back, do you think Stacey’s guilty?

Will you watch her biopic?

Watch Ashley and the prosecutor get in Stacey’s ass.

Then watch the verdict.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. she blamed her 12 year old daughter for killing her husband with anti-feeeze lmao..

  2. The only thing Stacey had going for herself was her looks because this woman is truly an idiot. This is an evil wicked woman. So sorry to the families that were impacted.

  3. When asked if she killed, she said no but shook her head yes. Guilty


  5. Oof…that’s a helluva way to permanently scar your children….😳

  6. “The glass I poured anti-freeze….”
    “Oh you just said anti-freeze”
    “No I said FREE”
    Okay… what about ANTI?

  7. She’s shaking her head “yes” while saying she’s not guilty.
    Obviously lying. 🙄
    That’s body language 101, ma’am! You just told on yourself.

  8. That prosecutor was iconic. He sounded so much like an old Hollywood actor. His mannerisms and speech pattern look like it’s from a main character of a lawyer movie like how to kill a mockingbird. That would be terrible going up against a lawyer like that. It doesn’t matter what he’s saying it still sounds like he’s absolutely destroying you in the last scene of a movie lol

  9. Why wasn’t she charged with Wallace’s murder after he was exhumed?? She is a true psychopath….

  10. I cannot imagine knowing you’re own mother tried to kill you. Genuinely heartbroken for her and the family. 😞

  11. How evil are you when you kill two men & try to kill your daughter and than blame her for everything???

  12. How did she get her husbands to drink the antifreeze? Did she drug them like she did her daughter, then use the turkey baster to force it down their throats?

  13. She showed no emotions while her daughter was crying 😬😬😬😬

  14. Her face is shaped like an ugly foot 🦶 and she has no chin. An evil B

  15. LMAO the minute I heard her 911 phone I assumed she murdered her husband. She immediately says her first and last name and spouts out her alibi of dates and times???? LMAO could you be more obvious???

  16. Pycho lady! , certainly got her comeuppance in the end! – Gobble gobble 🦃 – 😏👍🍻

  17. What sickens and pisses me off most about this psycho is how smug she is while testifying.

  18. Christ she should have gotten the death penalty for what she did to her daugther alone. The fact a mother could do that to their own child is just beyond satanic.

  19. The mother with no emotions… says it all… I’d be on the floor in tears…
    Hopefully now that she’s dead the girls are living a full filled life… ❤️

  20. When Ashley says, ” I hate my mother yet still love her “.(paraphrasing) I felt that and it DIDN’T even phase the mother. Shocking to watch that lifeless woman’s emotion free face.

  21. Stacey literally looks like a 🐔 rooster she’s also 6ft tall she looks like big bird how any man married her or even found her remotely attractive is bewildering she is absolutely HIDEOUS BEYOND WORDS not only a MONSTER

  22. Wow….this prosecutor is not afraid of this witch and letting her have it. God Bless him and the judge!!!🙏♥️🇺🇸

  23. I would’ve asked the judge if I could walk up to my mom gently grab her face and then ask her, “momma look at me, whats wrong mommy tell me?” . The truth would’ve came out right there in court guarantee.

  24. This prosecutor is a fricken Rockstar!!! Everything he said and asked this Despicable woman was Spot On!! He absolutely fought for these poor victims and their surviving family and defended that poor daughter till the end! Justice!! 💚⚖️🙏

  25. That would’ve been funny if the verdict said “the jury finds you ANTI-FREE”

  26. How evil are you when you kill two men & try to kill your daughter and than blame her for everything???

  27. The way she just rolls her eyes, pure evil, now she gets her judgement in the afterlife.

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