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Cosmetologist killed by a married man for snitching

Kania Brunson brutally murdered/YouTube

Sugar daddy kills paramour. 

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MILWAUKEE — It took a month. But they finally apprehended him. Sultan Shareef, an older married man, was thrown in the slammer after he murdered 20-year-old Kania Brunson because she contacted his wife about their affair. The femicide transpired September 24th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. According to police reports, Sultan sundered his dalliance with Kania but the young paramour refused to leave him alone. He even reached out to Kania’s mom. “He goes on to say I want to be done messing with your daughter but she’s reaching out to my wife,” said Jennifer Meadows. A week later, Sultan’s friend called 911 when he saw him manhandling Kania in his car. He said, “the female stated, ‘he cut my throat,’ she was screaming and pleading for help.” After shooting Kania execution-style, Sultan contacted his brother-in-law — Johnny Hopgood — to help dispose the body.

They took Kania to a nearby alley, tied her up, then set her on fire.

Investigators contacted Sultan’s wife and she lied about his alibi, saying he was with her the night of the murder. But video corroboration debunked the claim. Sultan was subsequently arrested and charged with first-degree intentional homicide and mutilating a corpse. Johnny was arrested and charged with mutilating a corpse and harboring or aiding a felon.

Social media reaction was venomous.

One reader wrote, “What a monster. Took advantage of a younger woman who was probably his children’s age. I hope he rots in prison.” Another added, “If these girls weren’t raised by LOSER, LAZY SINGLE WOMEN WHO CONTINUE TO USE THE SYSTEM FOR HOUSING AND SNAP CARDS THIS WOULD NOT BE HAPPENING… STOP HAVING CHILDREN WHEN U HAVE NO HUSBAND, GOOD JOB AND PLACE TO LIVE. GET A CLUE CARD ALREADY.”

Kania, a cosmetologist, was enrolled in beauty school.

Scuttlebutt has it, Sultan was her Sugar Daddy.

Watch the sad report.

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  1. Moral of the story: DONT MESS WITH MARRIED MEN!!!!!! I’m not saying she deserved to die but those are the consequences of doing that . 🤷🏾‍♂️

  2. Ladies should’ve learnt from Marilyn Monroe’s story with the Kennedys to know they will kill a side piece before ever leaving their wives

  3. Some keep saying she knew he was married, hell he knew he was married when his ass stepped out on his marriage & pretty sure it wasn’t the first time, both are wrong but she didn’t deserve this, R.I.P🕊, Continued Blessings & Peace To All💞🙏🏾🤎

  4. I can imagine all the lies he was telling that young lady…💔🙏😇

  5. As an older man with a wife 10 years younger I personally know that when an older man is sexing a younger woman he is making her feel things emotionally that guys her age can’t. So with that comes added responsibility on his part. His failure let’s me know he was messing with a younger woman because he wasn’t mentally mature. He failed on every level. I pray peace for her family. She doesn’t deserve any blame. He should have owned his mistake like a man.

  6. Arrest the wife too. She lied to cover up the crime it doesn’t matter it was her husband or not a young woman was murdered and you said you were at home with him how do you feel safe lock her up


  8. Why these fools deal with these young girls is beyond me. Under developed maturity will always have you dealing with immature issues first off. Secondly, you can’t blame people for getting their feelings involved when you take up with them in this fashion. Lastly, when and if you do decide to participate in an extra marital affair, you’re just as guilty as thebother party involved so there needs to be self accountability for your own actions. Instead you want to take it out on the other participant as if they’re the only ones at fault. This is a dirty game and nothing good ever comes out of creeping with a married individual. You could end up being a victim of a violent crime as in this case or you could ruin your future marriage to someone by disrespecting another marriage. Karma is real and what you put out in the universe comes back then fold that’s why I would never engage in a relationship with a married person.

  9. 20 years old beautiful as hell and I feel so bad. He showed her exactly how LITTLE she meant to him in how he viciously murdered her! For him to contact her mom prior to her death is just sick. Poor family. He’s so stupid and evil.
    Additionally, her family failed her in my opinion. It’s morally wrong to be dealing with married people and being 20 is not an excuse. My married mom would slap me to next century and the mother knew a week prior to her death (at least)

  10. First of all he should have no business having affair on his wife they both were wrong one thing you don’t want to do is mess with a married man because some merry men are not going to leave their wives for the side chick I’m so sorry that this young lady had to lose her life because of a non-human cuz he thought that he was going to have his cake and eat it too and the brother I mean you didn’t have no common sense to say to your brother not to do this but you allow your brother to take this young girl’s life and the wife is no better trying to defend him because he murdered his girl here really ma’am really y’all are messed up except the young lady who lost her life because of these non-humans

  11. What pisses me off is that this is niave young girl behavior…as an older man, he knew darn well this could be a possibility… because young girls believe, stupid crap, like he will leave his wife for her. He was a predator from the beginning…she was 20, just a kid…her life should not be over for this. And the wife trying to protect him??? If I found out my husband is a murderer that would scare the crap out of me, if he is capable of murder period, he is capable of killing you too. Just sad, he should have kept his old ass faithful, not kill a young girl.

  12. So the wife is going to lie and say her cheating husband was home with her the day of the murder???
    If these married men can kill anyone what makes these women think they won’t kill them…🤔

  13. Dude couldn’t handle his side chick knowing he had a wife

    Now he gotta go to prison while his wife is gonna leave him for another man

    Way to go buddy you blew it

  14. Where was the mother while this child was sleeping with an older married man!?

  15. Nothing good EVER comes from messing with a married person. They will never leave their spouse for you no matter how good you make them feel.

  16. What was her attraction to that unattractive MARRIED man? 🤦🏽‍♀️RIP 🙏🏽

  17. This breaks my heart as she is younger than my baby.

    He had no business messing with this young girl. She participated in a very dangerous game

  18. An affair doesn’t and will NEVER justify taking a human life. Just 2 years ago, this girl was in high school. He was way older and should have known better, especially as the individual who was actually in a marriage. RIP baby girl ❤

  19. That pretty young girl messing with them old dirty men ….. this so sad

  20. Parents Pls Stop Allowing Grown Men To Be In Involved With Your Young Daughters. Ladies Stop Teaching Other Girls It’s Okay To Mess With Older Or Married Men. Those Are Two Different Mindsets For Those Very Two Different Ages.. How Many More Cases Have To Prove This? RIP 💔

  21. HE SHOULD OF KEPT HIS UGLY N OLD ASS married hands to himself an left that very young and beautiful girl alone

  22. My Husband is 54 and I have children older than this Young Lady. My daughters never needed or wanted to date older Men. They stay in their lane and shame on this Mother to think it’s OK for her daughter to date an older Man, Hell She had Her Daddy so why did she even go this route. Money isn’t worth it and if it was my Husband he’d be dead

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