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OnlyFans model has two vaginas for work ‘n’ play

Evelyn Miller has two coochies/YouTube

Australian chick has 2 vaginas.

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GOLD COAST — Business or pleasure? Truly’s “Born Different” shows 31-year-old Evelyn Miller elucidating the advantages of possessing two vaginas. That’s not a misprint. The Australian blonde was born with a pair of coochies and, get this: She uses one for conjugal copulation and the other is reserved for tricks when she moonlights as a courtesan. Yessir. Evelyn is a wife during the day, a ho at night, and her husband is the world’s No. 1 cuckold. Evelyn didn’t realize she had two vulvas until her menstrual cycle kicked in at 14. She was originally diagnosed with uterus didelphys when a gynecologist descried an abnormality during an examination. “I knew something was wrong with me from a really young age [when you get your period],” Evelyn recounted. “I was using a tampon and it never worked because I had another hole.” But that was then, and this is now.

Evelyn credits a popular adult entertainment website for helping her establish a pornographic métier. She makes $1,480 per week from subscriptions alone. “OnlyFans has helped me to finally embrace my condition,” she said. “Creating content and having people complexly fascinated by my condition is really great. I was always curious about sex work, and sometimes other men are involved, too. It doesn’t feel like cheating really. I’ve got one vagina for work and another for play.”

Would you rather have a woman with one vagina or two?

Also, would you be ok with strange men ejaculating in the coochie adjacent to yours?

Watch Evelyn break it down.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Imagine catching a std from one side 😂😂😂 and she didn’t let you use the clean one

  2. What if she got with a guy with 2 peepees? Would that be a perfect match? Asking for a friend

  3. “One for her husband – and the other is open for business” That escalated quickly 😮

  4. Just say it she’s a ho3. Some white woman always try dressing it up. It’s called prostitution end of story. “ONLY FANS” my azz😂

  5. How does her body count work tho, is the actual number double… or half?

  6. She’s what they call in the medical field a….DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN…

  7. Nah bro she got two veginas that bitch finna get taken by aliens to breed 👽

  8. 🤯🤯….If one vagina has a STD does the other vagina contract a STD 🦠

  9. Lol wow nope not cheating .. two vaginas one girl😅 idk but sounds like cheating unless husband married one vagina only.

  10. PAUSE! Does her kitty let out her bottly fluid at the same time, or different time 🤔

  11. Why don’t we see the vaginas? Not even a diagram for a better explanation.

  12. Wats wrong with this COMMENT section…proud of wat….🤔….getting fucked by other guys in one hole and one saved for husband…

  13. Disgusting!!! Absolutely disgusting. Nasty ass! At least she acknowledges, SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH HER SMDH🤪😝

  14. She’s full of BS…at 14 she tried using a tampon? u can’t use a tampon without 1st having sex so I guess she started having sex at 14….this isn’t for me or anyone to know unless of course she wants more cok😢 publicity, publicity, publicity…

  15. The husband is okay with sharing the other vagina as if he won’t catch the same diseases she’ll catch. Smh!

  16. I’m thinking maybe she had a twin and it just didn’t get fully developed in her mother’s womb.

  17. Her husband should be a happy man.. two vaginas? That’s a blessing 😅😅😅😅

  18. Just to think some women with one vagina can’t find a husband, and she has 2 and an Only Fans account, and kids, and has a husband. Uses one vagina for her husband and one vagina for job. Just wow.

  19. She can actually end up getting pregnant in both uteruses at the same time. Imagine going to the ultrasound and finding out you’re pregnant with twins in one or both uteruses. She can end up giving birth to several babies at one time. Gosh!

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