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Olivia Alexa reveals top 6 reasons girlfriends cheat

Olivia says good men are targets/YouTube

Olivia’s reasons for cheating. 

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DALLAS — A viral video shows relationship vlogger Olivia Alexa giving simps a sextet of reasons why women cheat. The prepossessing redbone didn’t mince words during her elucidation. “This is the ugly truth about why good men are being cheated on,” Olivia said. “It’s a topic that’s often ignored and swept under the rug because societal norms have conditioned and desensitized us to separate men from their emotions. But it’s an extremely important issue to unpack. So here’s the top 6 reasons why women cheat on good men: 1) Fear of commitment. 2) Independence and autonomy. 3) Boredom. 4) Emotional Disconnection. 5) Lack of self-esteem. 6) Unresolved issues.” Social media reaction was wild. One viewer wrote, “Six Reasons: Slags, Whores Bitches, Cunts, Jezebels and Tarts.👍” Another chimed in with, “No woman on this planet will ever be satisfied. Focus on yourself.” A third observer added, “Maybe that’s the reason only 20 percent of women the shade of coffee get married.”

Are Western relationships damaged beyond repair?

Should nooky be this complicated?

Watch Olivia break it down.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. This sounds like a list of excuses of why woman cheat.
    The truth is woman are just 304’s and belong to the streets.

  2. Here is a simple answer why both sexes cheat on their significant other it’s called sin and we live in a sinful fallen world and we are all sinners it’s the spirit of lust.

  3. Man I believe it’s just an Hoexplosion….. 30/1 why be with one hoe and U can have 30

  4. Ya I’m just going to quit. what’s the point of trying anymore?

  5. One of the reasons these “good” men are being cheated on, is because they actually get into RELATIONSHIPS with them. Men have increasingly become more emotionally unstable, women sense this, and are using it to their advantage. There ain’t one woman on the internet that will admit this, and the ones who would disagree with what I’m saying are the very same ones that would cheat, or fully support the women that do. Can’t get cheated on if you’re not in a committed relationship, last I heard.

  6. Well Damn.. I might as well get me a foreign woman then, cause American women are fucked up for real.. its too much about ya’ll.. (women need this, women need that, ) We cant win even if we are good men.. SMH, its never enough yo😑🙄🙄

  7. I was watching Kevin Samuels and he said women like men who cheat. Men who don’t cheat are considered boring. I never cheated on anyone. So I’m a boring guy. I’m not in a relationship now but if I do get in one, I’m going to be a cheating fool. Yep sure will in todays day and age. Let’s all cheat why not. Have a free for all. Or with more women monetized; just simply pay a girl. Perhaps the most honest situation! You get what you want and she walks away counting a fist full of twenties. 🤷‍♂️ why marry or be in serious relationships today?

  8. In other words fellas good dude or bad, you’re fuckd. That’s why they are for “recreational use” ONLY. There’s no way you can keep up with her ever changing moods and fantasy island mindset that changes every 30min. All she has to do is “feel” a certain way and she’s got another man’s Dino wayyyyyyyyyy down her throat. And wicked part of it all, is she’ll make up a way to justify it. Her list is very accurate. Remember, “She’s Not your girl, it’s just your turn.

  9. None of those are legit reasons imho. If a woman loves you and herself she not about to give it up like that. Cheating is a goofy get back frfr

  10. At this point I would prefer all the broken women just leave fellas alone so we can deal with those that are relationship material

  11. Some other reasons: 1. She bangs hubby’s boss (many of them, over many years, at multiple jobs), so she can get all the data on the hubby, how is he doing at work, who is he flirting with, and possibly get him fired, if that is to her advantage. 2. She bangs someone to get other DNA into her children. DNA variety is a standard survival tactic, according to EVO Psych. 3. She secretly bangs other guys, so that they can stay as long term (multi year) secret buddies, perhaps email once a month (over 20-30 years) and provide advice, or even be a new spouse perhaps after both people get divorced. 4. Wife over-pursued hubby into marriage, to the level of insanity. Thus hubby can’t find her attractive and have passion for her, because she stole his freedom and singleness using unethical if not illegal methods. Thus, when she cheats, her lover is getting free sex without having to marry her. This allows him to be happy and passionate about the sex with her. She enjoys this passionate sex. 5. If it is in her advantage to kill hubby at some time in the marriage (by messing with his car brakes, or poisoning him, with ethylene glycol or cancer producing chemicals, or heart attack producing chemicals), she usually wants a male collaborator for this activity. So, this would be her current adultery guy. Note that it is much better, in many ways, for a woman to be a widow, and not an ex wife. Why? She gets full custody. She gets all the retirement, and home equity. She doesn’t have to worry about an ex husband telling people about her behavior while under wedlock. Any fellas out there still wanting to get married? I didn’t think so.

  12. You got all that right for black women , but not for an Indian Women , latino Woman , Chinese Woman etc that is where culture comes into play , because that is what moulds a woman in Society , good try but you got so much wrong , you forget the flip side of why alot of women lose out or only wake up once they reach 30+ and that is just number 1 0f 10 of what the harsh realities of what women learn to late.😂😂i respect you for trying but you are whey off key , did you know there are still tribes in Africa and South America where many of the things you mentioned don’t even resonate , and why 😉because they know nothing about western culteral norms.👏👏i aplaud you for trying though stay blessed😃

  13. Guys, stop getting your ” game” from women. Ever since the passing of Kevin Samuels, there is a influx of women telling men how to be men. That being said, I agree with some of what she’s saying. But remember this, if you are an alpha, she will cheat with a cute beta at work. If you are a beta, she will cheat with a alpha. Facts.

  14. Sounds like a litany of solid reasons to not get emotionally involved with a woman. It isn’t an indictment of women in the aggregate but a cautionary mind set every man must adopt considering that it is impossible to know a persons mind or future thought process.

  15. Men have given up on relationships with women for one simple reason: what value does a woman have today? If you are a single man with goals, hobbies and ambitions, you’ll find that modern western women will hold you back from enjoying your life. I’ve personally known men, who when they were single, were at their happiest in life. After years of being in a relationship and married, the man looks beaten down and defeated. As I always say: I’d rather be happy and single than married and miserable. Facts!

  16. Why have men stopped dating:
    1. Peace and quiet are addicting.

    2. Marriage in today’s world has become more of a rite of passage instead of a sacred Union. It’s like a lot of women nowadays only want to get married for status and attention.

    3. In today’s world, dating seems more like a contest to see who can use the other person the most.

    4. There is barely any exclusivity anymore. I mean, there are women who walk around looking and acting like 304s while having a boyfriend. While men want exercise options all the time.

    5. Men are not allowed to be men anymore. It’s like anytime a man expresses his opinion on something that he doesn’t like. It will be viewed as misogyny.
    On the other hand, any form of masculinity or a man valuing himself is considered toxic.

    6. Society has taught women that their accomplishments matter more than the family. Men are supposed to prioritize women but women will not prioritize men. They’ll be a single mother all day but masculinity is no longer a necessity anymore. Worse yet, they have men agreeing with this
    With just these six reasons who want to date anymore

  17. Dating these days is like looking for a good car in the junk yard.

  18. justifying why women cheat and are whores, if you give a murderer a chance he will find enough reasons which might sound convincing to set him free but the crimes committed are heavy

  19. And all we want is some sex, peace, and a Damm sandwich)/dinner 🍽️ every once and awhile! 😕 We’d be better off just renting a Hoe (prostitute) every now and then!😕😔

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