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Mother saves 5-year-old daughter from a raccoon

Logan MacNamara saves daughter/YouTube

Mom stops raccoon attack.

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ASHFORD — Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane. It’s… Super Mom? A viral video shows a 5-year-old girl being ambushed by a zombie raccoon. The attack took place on the porch of a residence in Ashford, Connecticut. The little girl was waiting for the school bus. Home surveillance footage shows the rabid mammal masticating the child’s leg as she wailed in agony. When the mother, Logan Kelsey MacNamara, heard her daughter screaming — she grabbed the raccoon, waited ’til other kids left the area, then threw it across the lawn. It’s one of the most heroic efforts you’ll ever see. Social media reaction was wild. One commenter wrote, “Find that lady and give her the ‘Mother of the Year’ award!” Another chimed in with, “This is so sweet, that mother is a hero. Especially because she saved those other kids from the same situation. This is literally an example of ‘not all heroes wear capes.'” A third viewer added, “A mother’s worst fear is hearing that kind of scream. That’s the kind of scream you hear and you suddenly have super powers.”

Still no word on if the kid contracted rabies.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. Mom takes the coon in her right hand, holding a horizontal daughter in the other…
    Shoves the daughter in the house still horizontal on all fours,
    Pushes the girl inside
    And then scruffs the coon with BOTH Hands
    Winds the rabbid bastard up like a fast pitch softball then slings it across the lawn like an Olympic thrower!!!!
    MAMA BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That is not normal behavior for a raccoon so rabies (a fatal disease) is always a concern! I was at a city park one time and a raccoon fell out of a tree and started rolling around on the ground and some guy walked up to it for whatever reason and I yelled at him to get the hell away from it it might have rabies. He had no idea what that even is. Someone called animal control but I didn’t stick around to see what happened next. From what I understand rabies can effect any mammal but I’m not sure about that.

  3. A good example of why a person should carry a snub-nosed revolver on their person even around the house. I got a neighbor that feeds them and they just do not understand the danger of feeding wild animals.

  4. I would have lost it and bashed the raccoons brain out making it look like a horror scene

  5. Why was the little girl outside alone? Mom is a terrible parent.

  6. All I can say is. “There is no love stronger than a Mother’s Love! PERIOD!!!!❤️

  7. Why was her 5 year old daughter waiting outside by herself for the bus in the first place? That doesn’t make sense. Especially if you live next to a forest. It’s fall, there’s coyotes and coyotes are active in the fall…. Also who posts her own video of her child getting attacked. None of it makes sense

  8. She should be hired for a big job at animal control to give the men a lesson how to handle a rabid raccoon she is awesome

  9. Damn that lil girl had me kicking right along with her trying to get that raccoon off her leg

  10. She’s Batgirl !! Hands down!! She probably went inside and beat her daughters ass for bringing home a stray animal !!!

  11. That poor raccoon was suffering from rabies most likely. It was probably feeling so bad and confused. Animal doctors need to get a handle on this virus.

  12. go mom,go go go mom…well done i liked that whatever fear she had was all gone by just of her instinct in saving her daughter… 🙏🙏💯💯

  13. Seeing her grab it like that and it squealing in pain and how it walked off with its head down made me feel kinda bad for it but what else are you supposed to do in that situation. Hopefully the racoon is fine.

  14. Now, that’s a mama! Holds an 5 yr old under one arm while she wrestles a rabid raccoon with the other arm. Sheer mama-love power right there!

  15. ANY QUESTIONS!!!???.. See, how ALL mothers sacrifice their own safety to keep ALL her children out of harm’s way!?.

  16. Now that’s a real mother! There’s hope for American women after all.

  17. Too bad she didn’t throw it in that cage but I mean I’m sure she wanted to check on her daughter as quickly as possible!
    It kinda sucks though…I mean there is a cage (it looks like anyway) like right there in her yard.
    Anyway, if something like this happens to anyone reading this. Keep the animal if possible. Throw it in your bathroom if you have to and then call wildlife services. Otherwise if you can put it in a cage or cat carrier or something.
    Then the animal can be tested for rabies and you may not have to have rabies shots if it didn’t have rabies.
    I’m not blaming the mother for not keeping hold of the raccoon. I’m sure she didn’t think about that in the moment. I’m sure it was very scary!

  18. I grew up on a farm. Never seen a racoon attack a human. There must have been a cat or dog bowl around there. No other reason I can see for an attack unless infected by rabies.

  19. Maybe! Maybe! The raccoon wanted to hug her leg! Maybe the raccoon wanted to be a part of the family! But Jesus why did the mom have to drop the raccoon on his head! Poor poor raccoon!

  20. Damn woman! I hope you and your daughter are okay. 99% of times, raccoons use their razor sharp claws as they’re biting you to hold onto what they’re after. You’re both lucky to didn’t get clawed. Hopefully y’all got a rabbies shot. Damn!

  21. If bitten or scratched by any mammal, always and immediately go to the emergency room for a rabies vaccine. Not “just to be safe”. Always. Rabies is nearly 100% fatal. Take no chances.

  22. This mother didnt just save her daughter she also saved some other childrens that were outside thats why she said “its a rabid raccoon get inside” she was about to throw it and she saw childrens, then when the kids got inside she threw the raccoon badass mother 💪🏻

  23. I’m a mother. Have been for 19 years and I can say without a doubt before having a child I wouldn’t have had the guts for this. Sure I would have run over and done what I could but the moment I became a mother I would have heard this little girl crying a half mile away and started running for the threat. I’ve even read where mothers have wrestled off bears to protect their kids. Think there’s even articles about a mom who found the strength to lift a small sized car off her child from adrenaline and pure mom terror alone. I’m 5 ft nothing and I’d like to believe I could lift a plane if I had to. Haha

  24. She even held the racoon until the neighbors went back inside… what a bad ass

  25. Raccoon: hisses I’m going to attack you

    Mom: I’ll stomp on your fucking skull

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