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Irwin Redlener claims USA unprepared for nuclear war

Redlener says U.S. ain’t ready/MSNBC

Redlener said America ain’t ready.

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NEW YORK — Do you know where your local bomb shelter is? I hope so. Because Dr. Irwin Redlener, public health expert at Columbia University, raised eyebrows the other day when he said the following six U.S. cities would be most targeted for a nuclear attack: New York, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and San Francisco. To compound matters, none of ’em are ready. All six suffer from a paucity of emergency response units and they no longer have designated fallout shelters to protect people from radiation poisoning. Residents would be sitting ducks. “There isn’t a single jurisdiction in America that has anything approaching an adequate plan to deal with a nuclear attack,” Redlener said. So why the aforementioned sextet? Because they’re the largest cities and, most importantly, they’re the epicenter of critical infrastructure (like energy plants, financial hubs, government facilities and wireless transmission systems) that are essential to national security.

Social media reaction was skeptical.

One commenter wrote, “Only rich people and politicians have a hole to climb in. But for the rest of us, it’s every man for himself.” Another chimed in with, “This list is incorrect. First targets would be the nuclear arsenal silos in North Dakota and Montana.” A third person added, “They aren’t going to target a city because of how big it is. Oil and gas manufacturing cities are the targets.”

Russia President Vladimir Putin and North Korea Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un have threatened to bomb the United States.

Is it time to build more bomb shelters?

Have you bought enough canned goods?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Those cities wouldn’t be much of a loss in today’s societal garbage. Wish Portland Oregon was in there also. Would do the US a huge favor.

  2. They would hit our nuclear forces not population centers. North Dakota, Montana, and Colorado, along with street fox bomber wings in North Dakota, Missouri, and Louisiana. This guy is a moron.

  3. ” A nuclear arms race is like two men standing in a bathtub full of gasoline, one man has 3 matches, and the other has five ” …Carl Sagan

  4. Metropolitan areas are the last targets of importance in a nuclear strike. First would be all nuclear silos, air force bases with nukes, and sub bases. Next would be vital areas for force projection… like Charleston, Jacksonville, San Diego, New York, Portland. Washington DC would be hit and New York. The rest of the metro areas would only be hit in the event of total exchange

  5. Damn, I think we’re going to have a nuclear war pretty soon,
    because everyone is beating their chest,
    and no one is scared of no one,
    not like we did during the cold war.
    people aren’t even scared of nuclear missiles anymore,
    you have American politicians talking about we can absorb the nuclear missiles, we absolutely cannot,
    and it never used to be that way,
    not in the 80s,
    we took everything seriously. I heard that nato and Russia are actually coming into close contact along the borders with their fighter planes and navy ships skimming up against each other and threatening manners.
    they’re talking about weakening russia.
    they’re talking about taking away all of its money and making it a pariah which is dangerous,
    you always want to make a country like Russia part of the international conversation,
    they have 6,000 nuclear missiles For crying out loud, Russia will always be omnipresent you have to have them part of the international community,
    but anyway,
    everyone has forgotten,
    everyone has forgotten on how dangerous nuclear war is, so this is very real to me,
    that radiation is going to hit us really hard.

  6. Dont forget, the states with nuke missiles, Wyoming, Montana, South and North dakota, Then there is Colorado Springs with 3 military bases and the air force academy. the list goes on and on.

  7. Christians ,……..We are in the end times of the book of Revelation. The beginning of 70th week of Daniel is about to start soon within the next few or several years , followed by the 3 and one half year Tribulation period. Since Pre tribulation rapture is a “false” idea and the rapture will happen sometime in the second half of the last 7 years before Christ’s return , we then need to “prepare” by stocking up on canned food because we will still be here. Pre trib rapture is a life threatening FALSE TEACHING. There are several ways to prepare. So educate yourselves. The good news is “Jesus Christ is coming back soon to be King of the entire world” , but just prior to that the Bible says there will be a time of trouble like the world has never experienced before….with lots of war , famine , etc. all over the world. We all need to prepare for that time of trouble. Billions of people will die according the Bible….but we can prepare to a certain extent. Read the entire 3rd chapter of the book of John in the Bible. As a matter of fact read all of Matthew , Mark , Luke and John in the Bible. Don’t take the mark of the beast. The Bible says that anyone that takes the mark of the beast will be sent to Hell fire by God Almighty. The best way to prepare for the end times is to become a Christian and study the Bible.


  8. 100% Kansas City would be priority one since Whitman Air Force Base houses nearly all the US stealth bombers.

  9. I hardly think they will waste time with all those nukes when it would only take an EMP and power grid down to bring this country to its knees

  10. Houston, Texas would certainly be a target because the “Port of Houston” produces much of the nations petroleum; nearly 40%.


  12. I hope what the Bible said was correct 2.2 billion people will die not the whole world

    They would probably hit Pelosi’s district first, we could only hope.

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