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Olivia Alexa: 10 things men should never say to women

Olivia says don’t say this & that/YouTube

Olivia Alexa gives more tips. 

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DALLAS — A viral video shows relationship vlogger Olivia Alexa elucidating 10 things men should never, ever say to women. In other words, keep your lips sealed while sauntering on eggshells. The prepossessing redbone listed the following: 1) “You’re too emotional.” 2) “Calm down.” 3) “Did you gain weight?” 4) “You’re overreacting.” 5) “Are you on your period?” 6) “You’re too old for that?” 7) “Well, my ex used to…” 8) “You should be more feminine.” 9) “How many men have you slept with?” And, 10) “You know better than that.” Olivia also said women are naturally emotional creatures. So telling a woman she’s too emotional is like telling her feelings don’t matter and she’s “not smart enough” to think rationally. Social media reaction was wild. One commenter wrote, “We can’t say sh*t to them while they can say any and everything to us. I’m good. I’ll stay single.”

Another chimed in with, “Here’s the perfect solution: Don’t date, don’t cohabitate, don’t get married. That’s the only way to avoid women’s shenanigans and have peace.” A third viewer added, “How many men she has slept with is very important to know, unless you don’t mind getting AIDS, Herpes, or some other STD with no cure,” to which another person replied, “Fellas, get your passport!” 

Are you cool with Olivia’s list?

Have American women lost their damn mind?

Watch the 2 minute clip.

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  1. I think context is important here. There are appropriate times to say some of these things, but I get her point that these things are often said disrespectfully.

  2. They are all better than telling a woman “Fuck you then” which is basically what all men want to say

  3. Some of these rules apply to men as well. I think there is actually way more condescending talk towards men by women (e.g. you are such a baby, grow up, be a man, don’t be sensitive, you are too short, you are not my type, creep, loser, sexist pig, etc.). Women are way more mean towards men. Sometimes they can be plain mean just by ignoring you (especially when you are trying to buy something in person or they are just plain rude to you – because they think you like them).

  4. Number 9, just assume she slept wit 50 niggas and don’t get with her.

  5. I hate being told to “calm down” & I’m a man. I actually threatened to punch an ex friend out for saying that. (ironically, my brother beat him up)

  6. This is why as a man you have to lead with your standards. When you set the limits in the beginning if you have a good woman she would not cross any of those lines because she values you too much to lose you. If she doesn’t, then you know what to do. Time to put the exit strategy into play.

  7. I’ll say what da fuk I want to say to them cuz when they open their mouth, they don’t holdback

  8. Damn all that. 1-6 and 8-10 she needs to suck it up buttercup. That’s what she’d tell her man. So damn all of that. Being a woman and having emotions is not a reason to be a bitch and let it slide.

  9. Aside from the period’s interesting that Women say ALL these things (or the equivalent) to men and are still absolved of double standards at its finest.

    Dudes..if you gotta avoid saying all this to ya woman..leave her n keep it pushing.

    The right one won’t promote no double standards. 💯

  10. Well that’s a double standard. Some women do this to some men majority of the time without even thinking twice about it. So no I’ll disagree on this one. The whole “period” one I can understand, but the rest? It’s a pass for me I’d rather find a mature women that would understand when she’s wrong. How can we communicate if I can’t even tell her she’s overreacting or she must calm down?

  11. Trying to understand a woman is like trying to speak to scientist on their level 😂

  12. So in other words; don’t say what you actually mean, instead just dance around the subject and hope she gets it?

  13. Talking to women is like fighting a war. All it takes is one bullet and everything ends.

  14. Women are quicker than men to say these things by my observations. I understand what she’s saying however, as a man I have been through and heard far worse things in my life experiences and coupled with how some of these women move today, sometimes we get desensitized and don’t take into account how a woman feels or dismiss her feelings. It’s not that we don’t care we just have to be mindful that we’re built differently.

  15. What’s wild is my wife has no problem insulting me. I do tolerate some things she say (only because I know she’s been through multiple physically and mentally abusive marriage/relationships). I am not that man that would put my hand on a woman. So, my insults back to her and what she really hate, is when I tell her that there is nothing on our marriage certificate that says I need to take insults and pay for previous relationships. I will tell her “conversation over!” and walk away. Then, she’s standing there fuming because I took her power away to continue insulting me.

  16. But we as men get these same questions and phrases threw at us on the daily. But in a female prospective tho. So how do we handle women who are like that?

  17. Just tell her she’s illogical and is unable to think critically. And walk away.

    Women need to hear the truth. Fuck her feelings. The scriptures say the truth shall set you free. It didn’t say it wouldn’t be painful to hear it.

  18. This video is proof that men should not take advice from women about relationships

  19. Well, that is the difference between a Simp Beta, and a real man! Betas gives her everything her emotions desire which is not leader ship it’s just entertainment. An alpha real man lays the foundation for the relationship. He sets the blueprint. We have heard all of these never tell a woman scenarios, and this is why real men walk away. If I can’t say behave your self, and stop acting like a Karen overreacting, and to calm down most likely you and all your feelings are going to run all over, up and down the relationship controlling the relationship by your feelings. Your feelings, take the kids away from the baby daddies, take him back-and-forth to court, give the child’s money to a new man, ex is still paying the mortgage, and the new man lives in the house and pays nothing, the ex baby daddy lives on the street, you tell the kids he wants nothing to do with them, and that he ran away, when it’s actually him trying to escape you, not his genealogy, you expect him to pay high price for all dinners, lunches, breakfast your nails, your hair, your clothes, your face. And he gets to say nothing at all. This is the sad belief of modern women. Don’t say anything to me that my feelings can’t handle, even if what you’re saying will make me stronger. These are things that fatherless women say who have never had a good relationship With a real alpha dad. If she is raised by her mother, she will sound like her mother and repeat the cycle.🤦🏾🙅🏾🙅🏾🙅🏾

  20. If you do the opposite of what Olivia says in this video, your woman will not be able to stop thinking about you.

    Be the man.

  21. These are my “im ready to piss my woman off” lines😭 only will come out if she wants to be petty this week

  22. Fuck that. If she’s acting like an ass tell her to calm down, listen and THINK! If she don’t like it put that woman in time out and leave ! And let her deal with her own damn emotions. Feelings are like assholes and everyone got em. a lot of people rather get sugar coated and feel like there actions are justified. Speak your mind and if she don’t like it. Leave

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