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Scientists say Gulf Stream collapse will end the world

Climate crisis threatens mankind/YouTube

Gulf Stream remains in peril.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

WASHINGTON — If you have long-term goals, yours truly has bad news! The world will reach its cessation by 2025 or 2026, this according to a scientific study that predicts the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) will collapse around that time — causing catastrophic climate change. That gives us two years to prepare to meet our maker. In case you didn’t know, AMOC brings warmth from the tropics to Europe. Without it, the entire continent would suffer ice-cold winters 24/7. In addition to plummeting temperatures, rain patterns would migrate south — starving regions like the UK of freshwater necessary for drinking and agriculture. AMOC also melts ice in the northern hemisphere (mainly the Greenland Ice Sheet), and cold temperatures are pushed to the tropics where it’s hot as hell. Without AMOC, the tropics would stay ablaze 24/7 — wiping out our avocados, coconuts, grapefruit, bananas, guavas and pineapples.

Social media reaction was Icy Hot. One commenter wrote, “The AMOC may weaken or even collapse, but the gulf stream is caused by the earth’s rotation. So unless the earth stops spinning, the gulf stream will be ok. That being said, the AMOC weakening could cause a lot of havoc.” Another person added, “More nonsense and scare mongering.” Keep in mind, President Joe Biden and Microsoft’s Bill Gates are in the process of blocking sunlight for climate control purposes. If they succeed, there will be a famine no doubt.

We’ll become a bunch of ravenous, cannibalistic m*thafuckas — like zombies.

Y’all better stock up on sustenance just in case.

Dementia Joe and Bill “Gates of Hell” are playin’ God.

That said, is it time to stop burning fossil fuels?

Watch the disturbing reports.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Media: What can be done? Science since 1965: STOP BURNING FOSSILE FUELS.

  2. We are a cancer to this planet and I am ashamed to be called a “human”. We are the most selfish and destructive species to ever curse this world. I am glad she will soon be rid of us.

  3. The only way the AMOC will stop is if there is no ice at the North pole…If there is no ice at the North pole its because its too warm i.e. there will be no real winter in the Northern hemisphere anyway….so it doesnt matter….
    Its also worth noting the Gulf stream will not stop as long as the earth is revolving!!

  4. We must at once forbid all news papers, all TV-channels and also of cause all channels at Internet that dont agree with the alarmism.

    We all people must TODAY start working against this ”fossil-fuel-world”. Only if we do this we MIGHT have a chance to save the planet.

  5. @Vegan Dawn: Another anemic person talking utter insignificant rubbish

  6. Ignorance kills and destroys 🤨 it’s God’s will not ours to conclude

  7. Question: The suns UV rays comes through the atmosphere, bounces off the earth and back into space. With extra Co2 the rays cant bounce back as much hence warming. How come they can pass through in the first place but not back out?

  8. When grown ups think its ok to beat up & harm what ever or whom ever & do whatever, we can expect a reaction, climate change is a reaction !

  9. Climate change alarmism is a scam, in general. This latest prediction, like all of the others since scientists in the 70s were warning us about the coming ice age, will prove to be false. But none of the media, politicians, scientists, or other alarmists will ever admit it. The Sky is NOT falling down, Chicken Little!

  10. Do y’all remember the fruitcakes who sold everything and went off-Grid just before 2000 because of the millenium bug?!!!!!!

  11. This is why the whole climate debate is a sham. They separate issues so you can see the big picture because their end goal is “alarm.” On one side you have scientists sounding the alarm about the rising temperatures of the Arctic that is melting polar icecaps. This makes them worry about rising sea levels. Then on the other hand, you have an ecosystem that is responding by shutting down warm water currents to those very same polar regions. The scientists say “oh no, the northern regions are going to get really cold winters!!” Lol any idiot can see what’s going on. The earth is making needed adjustments to achieve homeostasis. Sure, we may suffer the consequences of those changes and we’ll have to adapt, but I think the earth is much more capable of regulating itself than we are. The obvious incompatibility of the climate change messaging is what really turns me off though. So dumb that they can’t even be consistent with what they see as a positive and a negative.

  12. No problem we have nuclear winters coming soon it will definitely cool Earth.

  13. People really believe all this end of the world talk? How many times have they been wrong and yet we hop on board every new prediction.

  14. Bullshit.. we know the lies being told in an attemt to force humanity into slavery .and media is just as guilty of lying.

  15. Bullshit! Lies and manipulation! The world is not going to stop in 2025. Climate Change has another name, WEATHER! It changes! Phuc Eeng Ahs Holes!,

  16. Humanity is passively allowing our fossil fuel corrupted politicians and “world leaders” to rush us to certain near term extinction. Either the people rise up and demand drastic actions, or we will all be gone by 2030.

  17. Could, blah blah may, blah blah possibly blah blah expected blah blah climate change blah blah
    Don’t ya just get so sick of all this bullshit repeated over and over and over?
    These twats seem to believe their own garbage.

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