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China is limiting cell phone availability for minors only

Kids spend too much time on the phone/YouTube

China limiting cell phone use. 

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BEIJING, China — If you’re an exasperated parent who’s sick and tired of your kids spending all damn day staring at their cell phones, help is on the way. That’s because China is limiting mobile and internet use to 2 hours per day for children 18 and under, and there’s no service at night. Yessir, it’s called “minor mode” and it’s designed to restrict screen time while safeguarding the mental health of our crazy-ass kids. Government officials also believe “minor mode” will detox Internet addiction by curtailing youth vulnerability to “undesirable information.” Mom and dad, needless to say, are happy as hell. “I think it’s good. On one hand, it can protect their vision as many young kids cannot stop themselves while watching something they like,” said a concerned mother of two in eastern China’s Zhejiang province. “On the other hand, it’s easier for us parents to control our kids screen time. Most importantly, the content under the minor mode is more positive and healthy.”

Social media reaction was pro-parent. One commenter wrote, “As long as the limits are reasonable and China encourages more person-to-person interactions, this will work.” Another chimed in with, “We need this sh*t in America!” A third person added, “Good Move. Children shouldn’t be glued to a screen 24/7. Back in the ’90s, we played games OFFLINE on the playground.” 

Studies show the encephalon can be impacted by screen overexposure at an early age — causing ADHD and all kinds of psychological bullsh*t.

Do you support this type of regulatory crackdown?

Are you guilty of letting your kids play on mobile devices all day?

Watch the disturbing report.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Consuming hours and hours of entertainment on screens each day is a big problem, and I believe this is reducing many kids’ attention spans and their ability to focus on slower-paced things (like teachers writing on chalkboards). Think ADHD. Parents should put screen time limits in place and provide non-screen alternatives for the kids (legos! paper books! arts & crafts!), not to mention encourage them to spend a lot of time outside each day if possible. Cheers…

  2. Seriously. This is dumb if it makes kids happy then let them do it jeez.

  3. As a victim of phone addiction, I would not let my future kids have a smartphone until they are at least 16 years old.

  4. Tech has influenced kids, we all are aware, WE need to ban tech. Children should not use computers until 10th grade. They shouldnt be allowed in schools. 9th grade is too early for kids to be influenced by tech. Tech is good, but also has a danger side, as kids have an impressionable mind.
    New laws, 10th grade begins computer usage.
    Paul The Gnostic

  5. What happened to the good old days where kids would dance in the rain, make mud pies, climb trees, and race around town on their bikes? I’m Gen z, and I am thankful that I didn’t get an electronic till I was 13.

  6. Thanks government for shutting everything down during covid and locking our kids inside.

  7. Mean while my nieces and nephews love their tablets.. so spoiled 😂😂

  8. As a 15 year old I get jealous hearing my mom talking about how all kids used to be outside back in the day 😂.

  9. I know I have no life and seeing I spend around 10-13 hours a day on my phone makes me want to just end my life. That’s ridiculous

  10. I cannot stand electronics! I become to hate it!!!!
    Take them away. Be a parent. I put them on a safe mode and my kids aren’t having it everyday. It was so annoying!

  11. That’s why americans don’t know shit! they use their cellphones at class most of the time… they should have more control with that.

  12. Agh, another backwards study. If screens are bad why not ban all the screens like cigarettes? Oh wait, the screen is not the problem it’s the lack of parental involvement! So how about parents get off their ass and get more involved with their kids or help them get into a variety of things so they can develop in many areas instead of teaching them about how evil the screen is. Oh wait, will parents give up their screen time for that?

  13. Our kids spend an amazing amount of time on digital devices so it’s more important now than ever to protect not only their health but their eyes too.

  14. Why are children these days practically born with a cell phone social media account? I was a 90s / early 2000s kid. I had no cell phone until I was 15 (in the late 2000s) and I was very late for the Facebook party.
    If I had kids, heaven forbid, they will not have their own iStuff and social media until they are 15. They’ll only be able to use mine if it’s for anything super important. They will also only be able to have a bit of video game or TV time a day if they complete their homework or chores. Any advice on this would be appreciated.

    This is coming from a person that is really into tech and a person that used to throw a fit and be in the worst mood possible when I was forced to give up TV and video games in favour of playing outdoors, homework and reading.

  15. But what about those video games simulating bloodshed, have the scientists ever made research on the effect of them on humans? I find it no difference with watching pornography: the more you watch them, the more you emulate them.

  16. I’ve been looking at a screen for 6 years and I still developed normally

  17. I think it’s a good idea. They’re children, they aren’t adults. Children shouldn’t have the same rights as adults.

  18. F no i don’t want it here in america or i would leave this damn country when i grow up

  19. That should be the parents job not the government. Parents failed apparently.

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