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Children’s Penis TV: John Dillermand’s ‘uncontrollable’ dick very bad for kids

John Dillermand facing backlash. Blog King, Mass Appeal DENMARK — The worldwide stratagem to transmogrify kids into debauchees continues. A Danish broadcaster released a controversial stop-motion animated children’s television series called “John Dillermand (aka John Pee-Pee).” It’s about a pervert with a prehensile, uncontrollable penis and he uses it to accomplish any task such as walking a dog, starting a ...

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Technology Video: “The Giant” coming to America, will bring in millions in revenue

The Giant drawin’ mixed reactions. Blog King, Mass Appeal IRELAND — Can you envision a 100-foot Beyoncé performing in the Power & Light District? What about Jennifer Lopez, John Lennon, Bruno Mars or a gigantic Cardi B shaking her ass near Arrowhead Stadium? Well, it could happen. That’s because European entrepreneur Paddy Dunning and his company, Enterprise Ireland, have plans ...

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Robo-C Video: Russia unveils ‘Promobot,’ automaton could replace humans soon

Promobots are a dangerous threat. Blog King, Mass Appeal MOSCOW — “Sarah Connor… I’ll be back.” Uh-oh! Them Eastern Europeans are at it again. Tech-nerds in Russia recently unveiled the world’s first autonomous Promobot android called “Robo-C” and the automaton is expected to replace humans in the workplace in the near future. The humanoid can be manufactured to resemble any ...

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