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Crossed-eyed simp claims women always ignore him

Simp says women don’t want him/YouTube

Nice guy tired of finishing last.

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ATLANTA — A viral TikTok video shows a lachrymose black man, who suffers from strabismus, pouring his heart out because women ghost him for being too nice. The chivalrous Beta Male waited 30 minutes at a restaurant but a chick he met online never showed. Now he’s whining like a lil bitch. “I don’t know what to say. I’m trying to do everything right to be a gentleman,” he explained with his voice cracking. “I brought flowers. I’ve been consistent talking to this girl for two weeks — trying to get to know what she likes and doesn’t like. I’ve done everything to be just the kind of guy who would value somebody’s time. I’m just looking for my person. I’m looking for the one that’s out there for me. I wanna be somebody’s husband someday. I’m trying to do everything that’s right, but I get stood up. Sitting there, eating a meal by myself — realizing nobody cares about people anymore. Internet dating shouldn’t be this hard. It shouldn’t be this hard to find somebody. It shouldn’t be this difficult to fall in love. Ladies, tell me: What did I do wrong?”

Social media reaction was vicious. One commenter wrote, “That’s the problem. Bro lookin’ for love. You gotta be savage out here or be the victim.” Another chimed in with, “Come on, dude is cross-eyed. His market is gonna be limited,” to which a third viewer replied, “That’s crazy. He can’t change his condition. I got a lazy eye from getting hit with a baseball when I was little. Nobody is perfect. I’ve had chicks call me ‘ugly.’ But someone will want me someday. Success is the equalizer.”

A viral survey says if a man receives 80 percent of what a woman has to proffer, he’ll be satisfied — whereas women, when asked the same question, said they wouldn’t settle for less than 100 percent.


What’s my take?

Never chase love (that’s a woman’s job) and only become emotionally involved with chicks who are infatuated with you. If you’re bustin’ your ass to make a woman happy, you got the wrong chick. Sure, she’ll copulate with you for benefit purposes. But she don’t want you. Simps must learn it’s imperative to love yourself first, then shift your immediate cynosure to pecuniary resources. Offer security and women will follow. Hell, y’all can reside in a cardboard box. She won’t care. She’s merely elated to be in your presence.

And whatever you do, don’t ever appear defeated.

Now the entire world knows he’s a wuss.

Telling you dawg, dating is a game of percentages.

If a man approaches ten women and 90 percent say “no,” he only needs 10 percent to succeed.

Catch my drift?

That said, do you feel sorry for homeboy?

Should he purchase a passport and try his luck overseas?

Watch the disturbing video.

Share your thoughts.


A man shares his thoughts and feelings after being stood up on a date he thought he did everything right for. [Cc:🎥 @jonathandoescomedy ]

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  1. Unfortunately these are the guys girls always talk about wanting and constantly stand them up and reject them. Men just be a toxic masculine asshole and you will always win be unpredictable treat her like shit. Call her fat or tell her she’s getting fat, call her ugly trust me women only respond to this toxic behavior in a positive way. Sadly

  2. Women: “Men must show their emotions. We want men who express themselves”

    Man expresses his emotions

    Women: “This guy must have mental issues. He doesn’t look like a normal guy. He’s weak”

  3. Such men are really pathetic trying to get sympathy for being stood up. He is overweight, looks like a dork and emotional af. The literal bottom of the pile kind of man.

  4. I will never ever wife up a any od these used up scalliwags females an their used up vag is beneath me period lol

  5. I don’t feel sorry for him one bit. His the type of dudes who cosign everything women do. Or say. He’ll learn

  6. Actually I think simps killed it they did it so much that it just became expected and a lot of men will simp over a chick that’s never done shit in their life for them , they buy them shit , shower them with compliments just for existing

  7. Proof women DON’T GIVE A SH!T!!! Stop caring about women. Balance.

  8. The dude in the video is a SIMP and perfect example of why MEN MUST NEVER SIMP for a female. NEVER EVER EVER.
    Someone find out who this dude is and tell him to GET HIS PASSPORT AND MOVE TO LATIN AMERICA.

    FELLAS, FEMALES ARE NARCISSISTIC DEVILS who don’t care about anyone but themselves and use men. Don’t fall for them or play their game.


  9. I think the way he come off is what is turning women off. He seem book smart. Like a super nerd. Someone that traps himself in a room and play video games all day or someone that talk about science all day.
    You gotta know what turns people off and fix that.

    He look like he is groomed ok and his eye would not bother me.

  10. He put all his money on one horse. You should never go into these things with a scarcity mindset. Think abundance and let the woman you’re pursuing say the romantic, soulmate stuff. Also, he needs a therapist and stop uploading these emotional videos.

  11. Embarrassing 🤦‍♂️ he’s the type that text good morning beautiful & Sleep Tight, Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite text messages EVERYDAY

  12. Unfortunately, a lot of nice dudes don’t get the chick they want until they get their backs blown out a couple hundred times, and they get tired of getting used!

  13. Men……be a MAN & keep it pushin. Take dat L….go sit in da corner & lick ur wounds…. rebrand & rebound. It’s HER loss…..not urs

  14. Niggas get stood up everyday b you gone be alright

  15. To me it seems like she peeped he was soft and cut him off and he can’t take the fact that she seen right through this dude . I’ve learned that woman don’t want a yes man they want a protector, and someone who speaks there mind respectfully. Now on his side grow up this is not going to be the first woman who either get him for his money or just leave .

  16. Everyone takes a L. Get over it and move on esp if it was a first date. Now you know NOT to bring flowers 🌹on a FIRST DATE 😂

  17. Just get your passport and travel to Thailand 🇹🇭 or The Philippines 🇵🇭

  18. A passport won’t help a guy like this. He has too much feminine energy.

  19. That same woman that stood him up will be on kendra g show crying about how she cant find a good man and why she cant get a husband

  20. Men do not post content about stuff like this. We discuss women, but do not get online crying about being stood-up. A chick left me in the movie theater after we texted about being physical and kissing her when we met. It sucked and she lied about having a sick relative, but I did not and would not make a video about it. I learned from it so that will never happen again. He is right about what he said as it is hard when it should not be, especially when you are a good man. Understand female nature today and act accordingly and do not have any expectations from women. Make them earn flowers and a dinner if you are going to do those things.

  21. Y’all saying flowers is simp behavior is wild lmao it’s just a simple gesture. Do you have to buy them for every woman? No but If you think buying flowers and maybe losing out on a female is a big loss, you should go do some deep work. You aren’t putting her on a pedestal by buying her $10 flowers. You can buy flowers and still carry yourself with respect. I don’t think it’s that deep. The right women will appreciate it, the wrong women will miss out. It is what it is.

    This woman didn’t stand him up bc of flowers. She stood him up bc he sounds soft and he has a lot of improving to do. Tyrone could’ve bought her flowers and she would post them on IG and brag about it. Trust me.

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