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Tyreek Hill and Jason Dunn claim Chiefs miss Bieniemy

Jason Dunn didn’t mince words/Chief Concerns

Former players rip Chiefs coaches. 

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KANSAS CITY — First, Kansas City Chiefs legend Nick Lowery called ’em “undisciplined.” Then, on “Sunday Night Football,” NBC broadcaster Chris Collinsworth called our Chiefs “unprofessional.” Now this. A viral video shows former Chiefs tight end Jason Dunn lambasting Andy Reid, Matt Nagy and the Chiefs coaching staff for not filling the disciplinarian role left vacate by former offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy. The Chiefs lead the NFL in penalties and dropped passes. Wide receivers routinely run the wrong route and Patrick Mahomes concocted an “OMG” meme by putting his hands on his head after every damn mistake. Also, reporters caught tight end Travis Kelce ordering food for his mother during a game while he was standing on the sideline. Ain’t that a bitch? And that came on the heels of Travis attending a World Series game 24 hours before the Chiefs played the Denver Broncos on the road.

Thanks to Travis, his mother Donna, Coach Reid and Patrick, the Chiefs have more than a dozen television commercials airing. Chris Jones has a few too. Very unusual for active players and coaches. They usually wait until retirement to do a plethora of advertisements. The inmates are certainly running the asylum at One Arrowhead Drive. Players, coaches and media members have taken notice.

“There was an element that [Eric Bieniemy] gave to that room that he wasn’t gonna allow certain things to happen,” Jason said on his Chief Concerns podcast. “So if he had to get in a coach’s ass about something, he was gonna do it. I don’t know if Nagy and them are doing those things. I don’t know if it’s just soft coaching… doing pats on the back. Something has to change. Somebody needs to turn over a table. Point somebody out on film and say, ‘This right here is not going to get it done. We’re not going to win a championship with this performance.’ And I don’t care who it is. And I don’t give a damn if you’re making $50 million or $500,000. I don’t care because this is embarrassing.”

Tell ’em Jason.

Former Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill, now with the Miami Dolphins, echoed a homogeneous sentiment.

“A lot of people probably won’t say it, Kansas City has a lot of great players, but [Eric Bieniemy] has a certain standard,” the Cheetah said on his podcast.

“He’ll never let you get comfortable, no matter how great you think you are.”

Tyreek is right.

The Chiefs have become arrogant.

There’s no accountability.

Patrick, Big Red and Travis prance around like rock stars.

They think they’re Taylor Swift.

Because of that, the team lacks cynosure and humility.

What’s sad is nothin’ is going to change. Coach Reid is not a disciplinarian. His two sons ran over him for years, and he put both on the NFL payroll despite the fact they were junkies. Coach Reid is nice. He’s supportive. He’s a good man. But he ain’t no disciplinarian. Not to mention Big Red, 65, is old and paunchy. He’s physically incapable of confronting players.

He’ll f*ck around and have a heart attack.

And losing weight ain’t an option.

Big Red manducates cheeseburgers daily and he has TV commercials that show him consuming all types of greasy-ass fast food. Doesn’t have to be that way. Big Red is a multimillionaire with a mansion equipped with a fitness center and a personal chef who’s capable of preparing delicious, low-calorie entrées. He could lose all that weight in 6 months if he wanted to.

There’s no excuse for being corpulent.

If Big Red was smaller, there’s no question he’d be in everybody’s ass.

But, right now, he’s simply not in a position to do so.

Anyway, do you think the Chiefs miss Bieniemy?

Watch Jason and Tyreek keep it 💯.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Hill is probably correct. They need some discipline. It’s just not there on offense this year.

  2. I’m not going to wear my chiefs hat until they stop embarrassing me

  3. Can JD go in and have a sit down conversation with the coaching staff?

  4. As much as I don’t want to give any credit to the mouthy Hill, he is probably right about EB. I’ll admit that I was one that was ready for a new OC. I thought EB was getting stale in his play calling, but he did have this offense humming even after losing Hill. The Chiefs have always had a great group of coaches under Reid, but this bunch, big changes need to come on the offensive side.

  5. JD is salty and on fire!! I want him in the locker room!! Tell ‘em coach Dunn!

  6. Thank you Dunn. Anyone who’s played any game at any level knows there’s a limit to the failure a HC will allow. It could be freshman year of HS, College, or the pro level. After the 20th time that coach has told you to do something they’ve hit their limit. They’re done. Something happens.
    They might just bench you. They might light you up with words and insults you’ve never heard before. They might let you know: one more time you fail to do this correctly and you’re done. This mistake will never happen again or you’ll never be out there again. Whatever you have to do – fix it.
    We’ve got the opportunity and talent here to not just repeat but 3peat. This team could do something that’s never been done and some players are showing a lack of the most basic fundamentals, it’s unbelievable. Other defenders are actually laughing and making jokes about how pathetic it is – and they’re right.

  7. Losers make excuses and WINNERS win. YALL are bad losers and Kelcee is the worst. He is a movie star now, chasing a million stars. US SWIFTIES ABANDON LOSERS and so will Taylor.

  8. FINALLY a respected, retired player says the damn truth! Preach, Jason!! So many of us Chiefs fans agree with you! I really hope the Chiefs hear this, FACTS 🙌🏻

  9. I worked in college athletics for 13 years and saw plenty of coaching staffs… both successful ones and total failures. But the good cop, bad cop thing is 100% accurate.

    The best coaching staffs found balance. The fun-loving, happy-go-lucky head coaches needed the hardass assistant(s). And the “old school” head coaches needed the nicer assistants that the players could find comfort in.

    It’s like the players need a bit of what both sides offer. And all the staffs that I had a front row seat to watch fail were the ones where every coach wanted to be their friend, or else where everyone acted like a dictator.

  10. hill is right, nagy and reid dont have a backbone, erick ripped them apart when they done something wrong. they lack that fire in their guts. mahomes needs to be chewed out also for his terrible plays this year also. but if anybody needs ripped blame veach for sitting back and saving a dollar or two.

  11. TYreek is immature. Dude you left you were special we get it. They proved they can still win without you. Stop crying and showing still hurt you are.

  12. @ChiefYellowBeard: Veach used that Hill deal to get Karlaftis and McDuffie. I wouldn’t blame Veach. He is a major reason why the Chiefs are so much better on defense. Anyway, we won a super bowl the next year without Hill. The big loss, I agree, was Bienemy, who everyone seemed to think was worthless, but yes, we needed his fire to balance out the fatherly and cerebral Reid. Bienemy deserved a head coaching opportunity, and Reid had been working to help him with that for several years. We do need a demanding and tough offensive coordinator. To me, the loss of Bienemy is a bigger loss.

  13. Tyreek is always talking about leaving the KC for Miami. He got the $$$$$$ that he wanted and he says Tua is a better QB than Pat and his new team is better than his old team, AND STILLLLLLLLLLLL he’s runnin’ his mouth! Why?

  14. Travis and Mahomes would be married if they weren’t already in relationships. Chiefs Fan.

  15. Jason saying out loud what “every” Chiefs fan has been saying. Everything about this Offense, and at times, the Defense, looks really bad and frankly, just weird the way players are being used. This experiment is mind boggling and looks worst by the week. It is obvious Pat is looking for somebody, anybody, to get on the same page with him. It shows in every interception, incompletion and sack. Jason nailed this.

  16. The problem is that Nagy is too much like Andy. Andy needs a heavy and we are seeing what happens when there is only “nice guys” running the show. No discipline. No accountability. No attitude. Complete softness and lack of preparedness. No attention to detail or focus. In short it is an unorganized clusterfuck. And the main two changes I have seen is the OC and WR Coach. It sticks out like a sore thumb.

  17. When nagy was partying with them at the parade i said oh they friends this is bad. No other coach was openly drunk partying like him.

  18. I like the way Jason Dunn is saying what he is saying, I’ve said all along that coaches have to be Accountable for the way some of these Players are Playing!! Every thing starts with Andy Reid he is the Head Coach wherther he has had a Meeting with his Coaches someone not doing his Job!! Also Patrick Mahomes needs to yell to his Teammates that they need to Block for him the LT Tackle is Terrible that’s why Tampa Bay didn’t stop him from leaving the same for Jawaan Taylor 2big guys making a lot of Money who can’t block or Protect Patrick Mahomes , it’s about time he starts telling them to do their Jobs and block… They have Wide Receivers who can’t catch the in Sky Moore, MVS and they are both Veterans Especially MVS who Played with Aaron Rodgers and now Patrick Mahomes no Chemistry at all with these 2Wide Receivers

  19. Honestly – I think Tyreek has an interesting take. I don’t mean we should bring EB back, or suggest in any way that he was responsible for the past offensive production, or anything like that. But he did ride these guys’ asses pretty hard, he was known for harping on the details of execution, and he fired them up a lot. From a purely outsiders perspective that seems to be a little of what’s missing. Again, there’s no way we can know what the dynamic is between Nagy and the offense, but I think it’s an interesting notion to consider.

  20. There is no WR on this roster Mahomes can rely on in the clutch. Teams are tripling Kelce because they know everyone else can be locked up in man. Hiring Embree to coach the WRs was a huge mistake and it’s showing on the field. Veach has a ton of work to do this offseason to overhaul this offense.

  21. Agree 100%. Its ridiculous this team leads the league in penalties among all the WR mistakes. These guys get a shitload of money and this is how they produce. And it just keeps,on….

  22. It’s kind of a blessing for Bieniemy to see the chiefs offense so out of sorts this year. Shows that he was in fact important to the chiefs success.

  23. Nagy is trash 🗑️ O.C. and needs to be fired immediately and Veach job should be on the line for not getting a true WR instead of being cheap. Finally they need get EB to come back and crown him O.C. in charge of the play calling period. There is NO Accountability be held by none of the coaches and Andy Reid is to dam soft to hold them accountable. EB held everyone accountable or you didn’t play.

  24. Really don’t care what Tyreek thinks – – trash talker. To many drops and fumbles when KC needed him most. He does have speed and easily stretches the field, but I had little regrets when we traded him with the best QB on the planet. Fact: We won without him, so let him yack all he wants.

  25. @HT15: He may be a trash talker, but I don’t think he is wrong here. Remember EB’s “competitive prick” comments? His clashes with Mahomes actually seemed to bring out the competitor in Mahomes. I don’t see much competitive fire from anyone on the offense outside of Pacheco.

  26. I completely agree with Tyreek. This team is lacking accountability. There’s no way in hell all these miscommunications on routes were to happen if EB was still there. No Greg Lewis hurts as well.

  27. Obviously we miss the impact of EB. Seriously miss what he provided. I really (not really though) don’t get the wierd hate and discounted view of EB by the fans on these discussion boards. Or Chiefs fans broadly. We won the SB and the defense is even way better this season. The offense is way worse on the details. EB was a guy about the details. EB is the ONLY real difference this season in staff or player personnel. If anything Rice is an upgrade over JuJu. We clearly and very obviously are showing worse results from EB to Nagy.

    We totally are missing the discipline overall, and in particular, the great adjustments after halftime that EB provided. We used to, during EB years, score on 1st drive of BOTH halfs consistently. We are clearly worse at OC since EB left and it was NEVER all Andy Ried or otherwise why even staff other offensive high position coaches. Especially in the coordinator position.

    The lack of recognition of EB’s impact given the drop off since he left is astounding to me. I wonder what it could be that would explain this phenomenom?

  28. Veach ass living off mahomes. Look at his picks, trades, sky moore , fau, all mvs does is run deep routes, fau cant even get on the field. 80 mil for a right tackle thats leading in penalties. Donavon smith is over

  29. Every game is scripted. KC hasn’t lost one game the league hasn’t told them they would lose. Signs are everywhere if you look. Lack of effort, dropping easy passes,best player always open,Rbs going through 5 players to score,QB having all day to throw. They’re all actors. Cognitive dissonance has blinded people from the truth.

  30. i agree with Hill. I also add him to that conversation. If he was here today…our offense would be MUCH more impactful to the game. Hell, for that matter, any one who could stretch the field for us and catch the ball would have a big impact.

  31. I’d take anything that Hill says with a grain of salt… and a shot of tequila. He’s just trying to act like he has insight that he probably doesn’t have to make himself look good on his podcast.

    Not to discount the effect of a manager that had a track record of demanding and getting excellence out of his players but if his style is the reason things aren’t working it’s a player problem and not a coaching one. An NFL player ought to be his own hardest critic and have a constant drive to improve so a hard ass coach ought not have too big of an effect on level of play. If it is, any coach can put on a captain a$$hole cape and mind F his players.

    I think there’s an issue with how the passing game is being coached and/or player’s ability to comprehend and execute it.

  32. Here’s the thing with leading a team of professionals….

    The very first task is always figuring out what every individual responds to. Some folks do respond well to someone yelling in their face….but some don’t. And that’s not some moral failing on their part, it’s just a function of different adults being different….one of the signs of a bad leader is demanding that everyone respond to their chosen leadership style.

    I’m sure Bieniemy would get some guys to respond to his style if he were still here. Some wouldn’t….we saw the culture shock this offseason when he first got to Washington.

    Let’s be honest….most of the demands for boots-up-asses are coming from a fanbase that’s frustrated at dropped passes and an offense that’s 11th in scoring instead of 1st, and “only” 8-4 and competing for the 1 seed instead of in a commanding lead for it. We sense something isn’t as good as it was, so we growl words like “soft” and “accountability” at each other.

    We/they wish we could yell at something other than our TVs and each other over it, so we want that proxy satisfaction of seeing someone get yelled at. We tell ourselves it’d be to the player’s benefit, but really it’s because we need it.

    …whethet it’d really help, or whether that’s really the problem or not. And whether it’s already happening behind closed doors or not….if we dont see it or get told about it, it doesn’t count. Because it’s really not about the players or their performance so much as it’s about our frustration.

  33. Obviously there are many factors that have led to the Chiefs offense being average. Everybody in this chat is just speculating, but it looks like coaching has been lackluster this year. It could be losing Bienemy or Reid having an off year. Who really knows, but how often do you see our players getting wide open on plays? Some of it is talent, but I believe coaching has a lot to do with it. There are too many option routes that make this offense so hard for average receivers to play fast and get open without having to think like Patrick Mahomes. Drives have been killed by penalties, dropped passes, and disconnect between WR and QB this year. We did not see these many issues last year with almost the same receiver group under Bienemy. I don’t know the effect size, but I think its hard to say that there is no connection.

    Hill says a lot of dumb stuff but his comments on the difference between Miami’s and KC’s playbooks was enlightening. He says that Reid’s offense you have options based on the defense/play and McDaniels you go to a spot because Tua will be putting the ball there. He said its easy and it works really well. I think Reid is not adapting his playbook and is not doing these receiver any favors. There is a reason young receivers produce very little under his regime.

  34. Of course they miss him. Chiefs O has regressed,, and meanwhile over at Commandersville, Sam Howell has climbed from the basement into the top few yardage leaders at QB. Yes, the Chiefs miss EB. It’s ok to say it without making Andy Reid look bad.

  35. They do miss him but I think it’s more in a way of any team is going to look at little off after losing a coordinator. The eagles offense hasn’t looked as dominant as last year and their OC became a HC. Eric is a great coach and is proving to do a good job in wsh. I think the thing they will miss the most from him is his intensity. Besides mvs, kelce and Jerrick, most of the weapons are really young and they need more discipline then they do laid back

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