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Hulk Hogan fired a woman after findin’ out she’s black

Hogan fired woman for being black/YouTube

Hulk Hogan under fire again.

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TAMPA — WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan (né Terry Eugene Bollea) is accused of racism after he jettisoned a woman from his payroll when he found out she’s black. The report says, “Hulk Hogan has been accused of firing an ambassador due to their ethnicity. Essence Jenai, an influencer, took to TikTok to reveal that Hogan paid her to be an ambassador for his ‘Real American Beer’ but fired her the next day after discovering she is black.” To compound matters, the Hulkster replaced the black beauty with other models who are Caucasian. Ain’t that a bitch? Essence disseminated a TikTok video to vent her exasperation with the caption: “Hulk Hogan, thanks for making it clear that you don’t work with BLACK brand ambassadors.” Social media reaction was Icy Hot. One commenter wrote, “Isn’t he allowed to choose whoever he wants? It’s his beer isn’t it?” Another chimed in with, “Newsflash, wrestlers are racist.” A third person added, “Ain’t no black people finna buy that trash-ass beer anyways.”

Sadly, this ain’t the first time the Hulkster delivered his best Ku Klux Klan impersonation. If you recall, in 2007, Hogan disapproved of his daughter f*cking a black man — then called him a “nigger.” The video surfaced in 2015. The Hulkster released a statement for damage control. “Eight years ago I used offensive language during a conversation,” he said. “It was unacceptable for me to have used that offensive language; there is no excuse for it; and I apologize for having done it.”

Scuttlebutt has it the daughter has eschewed giving up the ass to negroes ever since.

Are you disappointed in Hulk Hogan?

Will you buy his beer?

Watch Essence put him on blast.

Share your thoughts.

@essencejenai @Hulk Hogan thanks for making it clear that you don’t work with BLACK brand ambassadors. #fypage #hulkhogan #brandambassador ♬ Shake Dat Ass (Twerk Song) – BossMan Dlow

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  1. It’s not a total shock given his racial tendencies from the past getting kicked off WWE for things he said , and talking about his daughter dating a black guy. If that’s how It went down I think after whatever agency hired her then he met her and called back and said no, then they fired a few snow bunnies to replace her. But In any case who wants to buy this beer anyway nothing else he’s sold was all that good.

  2. Not 1 blk.person BET NOT buy that damn beer. Let his racist people buy it.

  3. I believe it…used to love the Hulkster as a kid …but as adult based in his actions in the media I’ve come to realize he ain’t for us

  4. She got her American wake up call.😂😂😂 . What did she think would happen ?

  5. If a Mexican started a beer brand, would you expect them to want us as their representatives? He did the right thing. Every race does for their own, but we indigenous people are ALWAYS looking for others exceptance. We quick to spend our money with other nations, yet they wouldn’t even hire us unless there is a quota to be met!!!

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