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Taraji P. Henson called out Oprah for being too frugal

Taraji sick & tired of being lowballed/YouTube

Taraji might give up acting. 

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HOLLYWOOD — Dammit Oprah! Look what you’ve done! Veteran actress Taraji P. Henson set the internet ablaze the other day when she insinuated Oprah Winfrey is a cheapskate who won’t pay fair wages. Taraji admitted she almost turned down her Shug Avery role in “The Color Purple” remake because Oprah, the film’s producer, lowballed her during contract negotiations. The 53-year-old thespian also contemplated quitting acting for good. She’s sick and tired of bustin’ her ass for peanuts. “I’m just tired of working so hard, being gracious at what I do, and getting paid a fraction of the cost,” a tearful Taraji told Gayle King, Oprah’s BFF, during a recent interview. “You get tired. I hear people go, ‘You work a lot.’ [Well] I have to. The math ain’t mathin.'” If you recall, comedienne Mo’Nique expressed a homogeneous sentiment a few years ago — claiming Oprah, Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry had her blacklisted in Hollywood for refusing to do an unpaid movie tour.

“As a black woman, you know, we do it with so much grace and get paid half the price of what we’re worth,” Taraji said during an appearance on SAG-AFTRA Foundation Conversations. “And that becomes difficult. I haven’t seen a raise in my income since ‘Proud Mary.’ And I almost had to walk away from ‘The Color Purple.'” Social media reaction was pro-Taraji.

One commenter wrote, “Oprah should be ashamed of herself.”

Another chimed in with, “Stop these black gatekeepers: Oprah, Tyler Perry, etc… They are wicked.”

A third person added, “Billionaires get where they are by stepping on people.”

Can’t blame Oprah for being frugal.

The Color Purple flopped at the box office, losing more than $40 million.

That said, do you feel sorry for Taraji?

Is it time for Oprah, a multibillionaire, to come out the pocket?

Watch Taraji keep it 💯.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. IF Taraji don’t like it quit .Nobody is lining up around the corner to give her no spot .There are people on social media making money anyone can be an actress. Go borrow some money make your own movie .

  2. Tarajii had to audition for her role in Color Purple. The role wasn’t written for her “per se”. I believe they knew she’d get the role and wanted/needed the role, therefore, they can offer her a low ball amount. She bit the bait and felt disrespected after submitting to the lowball figure.

  3. Black people will never get ahead until we stop feeling so entitled. You have to WORK for what you get, yet too many of us feel we deserve something for free.

  4. Oprah is literally a white person yeah she black but trust me she hates her own kind no secret

  5. Sad Taraji resume is Long she deserves top pay! Oprah and Spielberg are billionaires glad she said something hopefully she gets more as movie makes more $$$

  6. Oprah Winfrey said when she was a journalist in Balitmore Maryland they underpaid her

  7. 80% of why black people have hard times at success is because there’s another Black person holding them back…. U would think these white folks doing us wrong… It hurt worst when it’s your own kind…

  8. Toni Braxton has also spoken out about Oprah being a mean biatch!
    The truth is setting peeps FREE 🙌👊🏾👍🏽👏🏾

  9. Why do people continue to look at Oprah as the black Messiah, Oprah only cares about herself and he bestie Gayle, she’s evil, vile and a snake..

  10. Taraji is extremely talented. I find it heartbreaking that she doesn’t get paid for what she worth. Taraji should be paid like Julia Roberts.

  11. The demons are all around us! Some of the actresses in the color purple sold their souls. Taraji did not. While it is frustrating I hope Taraji stands her ground.

    We talk about black lives matters! Look how many black lives have been destroyed by the film industry! The color purple made it clear to me that the demons involved in all of this is about the destruction of black lives. Mammon is hard at it. Sheep in wolves clothing hiding behind the disguise of helping people’s careers. Sad😢!

    Black folks check yourselves!

    Ministers, billionaires, actors, musicians all giving in to the whims of the flesh!

    Be aware of what is going on in this country! Everything is not alright!

  12. Oprah lost all credibility with this movie by black balling Whoopi Goldberg from its production and not even giving her props at all

  13. I never cared for Ophra Winfrey. Shae has always struck me as a BIG PHONY! Monique told the truth and now Taraji did. 😒

  14. I’m sure race plays a role in the writing and the opportunities given but we can’t ignore the numbers either. Let’s take two equally talented female actors. Meryl Streep and Viola Davis. Both have procured multiple awards and nominations. Meryl Streep headlined movies like the Devil Wears Prada. And that’s just one of her movies. Has Viola Davis headlined in any movies that successful and if she hasn’t does she deserve the same pay. Just trying to look at it objectively.

  15. I think the problem with Taraji P. Henson and other black actors is that we are confusing talent with star power. Pound for pound Taraji P. Henson is extremely talented, but are people across racial and ethnic lines running to movie theaters just because it’s her?

  16. All these Queens need to start their own everything! We will support them! We’re waiting for a different outcome and direction. You have the platform, use it! We will follow you. Just like our ancestors put secrets in our braids, we need to move in silence.

  17. Chile you damn bloggers would do anything for clout. Some of you idiots failed to realize the movie was also produced by Steven Spielberg. Are y’all gonna run down the same rabbit hole for him? Of course not! You ain’t challenging no white Jewish Man! Such crab barrel mentality. Taraji needs a better team to help her negotiate her deals.

  18. I believe with every negotiation there is a starting point. And how do we know if Oprah knows what Taraji payscale is.
    Maybe that’s what they hit her with first. The starting point and to negotiate for a higher wage. And maybe Oprah helped with that since she did the movie. She must have got a higher wage. But I do believe, yes, if you’re black in power in Hollywood, you need to advocate for your people.

  19. Imagine that even in HellWood they’re still preserving white supremacy 😮 black people have had to fight tooth and nail, just to be recognized for our contributions to this country and they keep shittin on us, like here, you working ain’t yu? 😡



  21. She knew what Oprah always was! She didn’t care until it impacted her. Monique was on that stage alone fighting for equality!!! Where was Taraji?

  22. Tyler Perry & Oprah Winfrey have slave labor that’s how they r BILLIONAIRES, all their actors & Actresses get paid peanuts when they should be paid a few millions $$$ they need to be called out. 😮😮

  23. The thing is, no one is making her do it.. be glad you got an acting job. So you do a movie for 6 months, you still get paid 1000x more than a normal office job. Plus all your celebrity perks..

  24. Oprah and her bestie Gayle can kick rocks. I will not pay to see Color Purple as planned!! God will bless Taraji because her heart is RIGHT

  25. Taraji needs a talk show… She is bigger than just an actor, she is a legacy. In our hearts she is a winner. The respect she has from us alone is beyond any planet. We love Taraji.

  26. I think it’s because NONE of Taraji’s movies hit big-office, therefore she’s not considered as a “crowd-puller”. People simply are not going to stand in line to see her.

  27. I get it, Taraji did what she felt that she needed to do. Why didn’t she do this when the white folks wasn’t paying her? I am in no way disregarding her experience, but damn, call them all out!! It wasn’t just Oprah. Ya’ll always exaggerating shit.

  28. How is that, Oprah, an Tyler, together
    Had Only $50,000 to pay Monique an Also $50,000 to pay Tarijhi, for block buster movies,
    this is the New black Hollywood Plantation.
    They picked up where the old establishment left off. Shame on u people u are disgusting. Oprah didn’t feed her Staff until Danielle said something, Oprah is in charge an still jealous 🫵😳 of beautiful black women, she’s did this also to Toni Braxton, an several others.
    Heartless soul with A large pocketbook. You will be remembered forever as such! 👁️👁️💯

  29. I just wish all of the sistas would’ve joined and backed Monique when she brought this up

  30. Oprah’s a rape victim and a sexual assault victim if I’m not mistaken. Her spirit’s been violated against her will. Men have rejected her and she knows what being devalued feels like because it happened to her.

    Oprah doesn’t have feelings and hasn’t had them for a long time…

  31. It’s time for Black actresses to start their own production company!! 🤜🏽

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