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Bernie Mac actress claims OnlyFans pays all her bills

Camille making good money via OnlyFans/YouTube

Bernie Mac star uses OnlyFans. 

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LOS ANGELES — Camille Winbush, who played Nessa on “The Bernie Mac Show,” is under fire for showing off her sexy body on OnlyFans to pay bills. The 34-year-old actress also implored critics to “help her find a 9 to 5” in lieu of spewing opprobrium. During a recent chinwag with Comedy Hype, Camille said she had no choice but to disclose her ass ‘n’ titties. “People that are outside of the acting world have no place to speak on it,” she vented. “When people are saying, ‘Oh, those Bernie Mac checks must have dried up.’ I’m like, ‘From a job 20 years ago when I was a 12-year-old? Yeah.’ Like, duh.” Camille still receives residuals “that get smaller and smaller every year.” But, the bottom line is bills don’t pay themselves. For Camille, it’s either soft porn or homelessness. “You’re not making the same amount that you were when the show was current, per episode,” she explained.

“Twenty years later, those checks are not sustainable for a living. If I can find a way to make enough to buy a home from the comfort and safety of my own living room, why wouldn’t I do that?”

Camille did, however, offer an alternative. Help her find decent employment and she’ll quit OnlyFans. “I’m fine guys, don’t worry. I don’t expect anyone to understand nor support my life choices,” the child actor said. “But to attack me and my family is unnecessary and unacceptable, and I’m going to call it out when I see it. Put that energy into finding me the 9-5 job y’all want me to have so bad.”

If you recall, last year, Camille unloaded on internet detractors who targeted her and Bernie Mac co-star Dee Dee “Baby Girl” Davis who also has an OnlyFans page. Camille claimed she made more than $1 million on the adult entertainment site. “The trolls are hungry again so here’s some food for thought: I’ve never been arrested, never been on drugs, don’t have any baby daddies, I pay all my taxes, I drink water, and mind the business that pays me,” she tweeted.

Tell ’em Camille.

Do you have a problem with women selling sex online?

Have you busted a nut on OnlyFans before?

Watch Camille elucidate her OnlyFans métier.

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  1. I ain’t gon lie, it hurt my heart to see her and babygirl start Onlyfans. They shoulda still been stars and gettin work.

  2. I am extremely shocked to hear she’s on onlyfans I never saw that coming. And I had a huge crush on her I don’t even know how to feel now.

  3. she’s completely real. People don’t realize fame does not equal money, especially not a lifetime of it . Hollywood is corporate America .

  4. Childhood actors these days have it so much better than the kids from the 90s & 2000s. Social media & followers are their brand. You know their real name and they aren’t tied to a character forever

  5. that is such a shame that no one booked this talented beautiful woman all these years

  6. whoever was her manager at the time failed her. As soon as the show ended the kids had nothing to fall back on.

  7. So basically she has no other skill set. So she joined onlyfans. (Which by the way is still not a job) ️

  8. This is why are youth is just so misled. This is a bad message to send out. She’s basically actually believes stripping whether at home or outside is okay. Wow ️

  9. My parents distilled in me that I am WORTH more than prostituting myself for money. 2 each it’s own but what happened to people’s MORALS! I’d NEVER do an ONLYFANS! I choose 2 respect myself!

  10. The big head start you had in life and this is the best you can think of to generate money. 1000 ways to make money and shaking your butt and showing your body is the best your intellect could come up with. Pitiful

  11. Whoredom pays. She chose whoredom over virtue. No problem. But you cant come back from that.

  12. This sorta reminds me of Jamiee Foxworth who played Judy Winslow on Family Matters…well she got cut somewhere in the 4th season, then had a kid and we struggling financially…and then started doing pornos. There’s this aura that if you make it on a prime time sitcom, you are set for life and never have to worry about money again. That’s just not true. Even Mike Tyson who made hundreds of millions from boxing is regularly taking commercial flights because he can’t afford a jet.

  13. This girl has bills WTF are you ppl to judge her? It’s her body her choice her right to do onlyfans if she needs to pay her bills, unless you’re volunteering!! Everyone knows how racist and fickle the industry is, if you like her then don’t judge her, WHY ISNT BLACK HOLLYWOOD STEPPING UP for these child actors?? Why does she EVEN have to explain herself to anyone? Worry about your own house instead of your neighbors and what they’ve got to do to not end up struggling!! This is the same crap Geoffrey Owen’s went through working at Trader Joe’s trying to humiliate embarrass & put him down!!

  14. She could’ve got a job in corporate America, but selling her body is easier.

  15. You would’ve thought Tyler Perry or Oprah would’ve thrown her a bone…….. oh well

  16. Still Fine ASF fr ️‍🔥❤ wish her all the best can tell she been through some dark shit in the industry smh

  17. Selling your private parts and sexual explorations for money is completely unacceptable. It has never been honorable for neither men or women. Stop the madness.

  18. With this new Artificial Intelligence technology pretty soon every good looking celebrity in show business is gonna be on ‘Only Fans’ whether they wanted to be or not … just ask Megan The Stallion!

  19. People need to understand that “tv residual” checks are based on how long a show was in syndication, which a show has to be on for a certain timeframe to get that residual. The amount varies highly on the role played / episodes meaning were you a STARRING character, roundabout, guest star, etc., and of course how much the studio is investing, and paying on the show. Like she said Friends or Three and a Half Men residuals especially the latter with Charlie Sheen, in his case, are big checks. But a lot has to do with the family name too. So it’s a lot involved.

    A perfect example is the actor, Geoffrey Owens, who played Sondra Huxtable’s husband, Elvin, on the hit sitcom “The Cosby Show” in the ’80s and ’90s. He ended up working at Trader Joe’s for a time. So a lot of things can happen

  20. I’m saddened by this along with the comments.

    Black people have forgotten that the sexually immoral will not inherit the Kingdom of God.

    God commands that ALL people repent and turn to God, performing deeds consistent with repentance.

    Because God has appointed a day when he will judge the world, in righteousness, through a man whom He has appointed.

    He has furnished proof by raising Him from the dead.

    All who believe in Him receives forgiveness of sins.

    So repent, believe, and be baptized, in the name of Jesus Christ, washing away your sins.

    And you received the gift of the Holy Spirit.

    All who believe in Christ have eternal life, but those who do not obey Christ will not see life.

  21. I’m saddened that she chose to go this route. What happened to her ice cream store? She opened up her own ice cream store years ago. I think it’s important for child star parents to encourage their children to go to college or have a backup plan if acting goes left. I have so much respect for Yara Shahidi’s parents. Yara and her little brother graduated from college and are still pursuing acting. Some of these parents use their kids money instead putting it in a trust.

  22. She’s a GROWN-UP now!!! She’s making her own sound decisions and I wish her the best!!! Besides, she’s not the first young black female to go from television to adult entertainment.

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