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Sex Games: Gettin’ women horny & wet in da bedroom

Olivia explains how to turn women on/YouTube

Women need more than foreplay. 

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SEATTLE — A viral video shows “Blueprint” author Olivia Alexa telling men to slow down in the bedroom. Because it takes time for women to get in the mood. Rather than pull out our penises and jump underneath the sheets, we should use a method called “effective priming” to get ’em wet. “When it comes to the bedroom, women are a lot harder to please,” Olivia said. “Because women live inside their heads the majority of the time. It takes a rare kind of guy that can ignite sexual desire in a woman and make her feel just as excited to jump in bed with him.” Olivia believes physical appearance has nothin’ to do with making women horny. Instead, it’s all about swag. “Now when I say ‘rare kind of guy,’ you’re probably thinking I’m talking about looks or status. But you’re wrong,” Olivia said. “The fact is making a woman crave you sexually starts in the mind. It’s about understanding what makes her tick. It’s about knowing your way around her mind, body and soul.”

“If there was one phrase to describe how women get aroused long-term, it’s ‘buildup,'” Olivia continued. “This is a secret only some guys will understand. While men can quickly go from 0 to 100, women need to be eased into it over a period of minutes, hours or sometimes even days. It’s a gradual buildup of sexual tension that eventually makes her crave you.

“The first step to doing that is making sure there’s an emotional connection already established. She needs to feel safe and secure in your presence before she can be vulnerable in her sexuality. Unlike men, she can’t feel that state of arousal and lust before the emotional foundation is laid. Women live on how you make them feel. You can throw all the logic out there, all of the knowledge, all the wisdom. It will not matter. Women live on emotions and how you make them feel.” 

Social media reaction was priceless.

One commenter wrote, “Good grief… you gotta be a living romance novel to get women in the mood.”

Another chimed in with, “This is why men should start being with men at this point.”

A third viewer added, “Is this a PhD program? Like, who is really gonna take time from their life purpose to become a relationship Einstein for a lady who’s probably already cheating, or may seek to cheat for her lack of being content?”

Is it time for men to keep our dicks under control?

Do women deserve orgasms?

Watch Olivia teach “Sex Games 101.” 

Share your thoughts.

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  1. “The year is 2030………….
    Most men have sexbots.
    W0men in desperation yell, “THEY DON’T LOVE YOU LIKE A REAL HUMAN BEING!”
    Men whisper back, “Neither do you.”

  2. 15 seconds in and she said “actual women of substance”… 😪👎 that’s doesn’t exist fellas. Stop listening to women for advice.

  3. Way to much work, yall want all that plus all these material things,. Yall are way to much work. Specially female these days.. nope a single man is a happy man, that enjoys life.

  4. If a woman has a body count over one, she probably lacks the core values necessary for raising a family. This sounds like women who live themselves more than God. Not interested. Thanks.

  5. All this crap just to get some pussy??? Man, this is crazy. I’m good with my crazy jealousy girlfriend. She crazy but makes me happy 😂😂😂..

  6. Married nearly 23 years. The last time I tried to get in my wife’s mind was eighteen years ago. It is so complex, I barely escaped.
    The struggle is getting my wife’s mind detached from everything around her. By the time that MIGHT happen, I’m asleep.

  7. I have no desire to play that game anymore.. I’m to old for it now.. PS5 baby😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Don’t do no talking ever. Let everything else speak for you, trust me I’m 43 and been having my way with upper echelon women for over 20 years

  9. Im too busy for that. Being an electrician is already consuming time and energy. But i love it though😂. Stay busy and you’ll see which woman likes you the most

  10. This is good for folks who are in long term relationships and might be in a rut.

  11. Total clown advice…….dudes……make women work for you so we can fix this society. Only western women act like this……they can’t compete overseas with women guaranteed 😂

  12. IAM exhausted 😩💤😩😩 so many loops and hoops to jump over for one good night 🛏️ 😂😂😂😂

  13. Here’s a better deal fellaz… Get your passports stop dealin with UnitedStatesWOMEN

  14. It’s high time women started to learn how to please a man understand our mind,body and soul. Lady’s get enough attention from simp males as it is,so they need to start learning about men like me.

  15. Yeah… BUT… once you did this, she will not STAY pleased for long… you will NOT be enough… she will go ballistic on hypergamy once a BETTER occasion/man is in reach, and schwupp!, youre gone (divorce, splitting, etc)! 😀 The are NO limits to the thirst of the woman in this regard, and you HAVE limits, no man can do this 24/7 (we have to work, take care of the family, business, etc), and based on the laws and freedom women have today, they will go in hypergamy mode in an blink of an eye. VERY few women stay out of PLEASURE with the same guy for long. If they do, its out of interest, money, etc. So… the rest is selfexplanatory…. 😀 Having her is easy, KEEPING her is the hard part, and today nearly impossible, because SHE is not in for it, cause there are BETTER guys. 😀

  16. Don’t listen to this woman fellas. She, her, and all the other women she mentioned have all had one night stands where zero emotional priming was required. You don’t need to have aaaaaaaall that to sleep with a woman, or make a woman desire you.

    This is not a good video. At all.

    You just need a desirable presence.
    Once you have that. She’s yours

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