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Study says half of married women have ‘backup plan’

Dr. Romie says women are a step ahead/Fox 35

Married chicks have backup plan.

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ORLANDO — “🎵You, me and he, what we gonna do, baby?🎵” Fox 35 News Orlando released results of a psychology study that shows more than 50 percent of married women have a “backup partner” in place just in case their current relationship doesn’t work out. Traditional norms be damned, that means dissatisfied wives have an ex-boyfriend or a guy they friend-zoned on speed dial for a booty call if a divorce arises. Man, no wonder the Passport Bros have taken their conjugal aspirations overseas. With results like that, they’ll probably see a spike in memberships. “More than half of women who are married and categorize themselves as ‘happily married’ have a backup plan,” said board-certified physician Dr. Romie Mashtaq who conducted the study. “What is a backup plan? It means you have someone on the back burner like a specific person that they’ve identified and, in most cases, it was either an ex-boyfriend or an old friend who never made it to the dating category.”

If you’re merely a boyfriend, don’t laugh. The study includes girlfriends too. The results also show dating apps have made finding a backup partner highly feasible in a short amount of time. “The problem is social media has just made it too easy to have such a type of behavior,” said Dr. Romie. Reader reaction was wild. One commenter wrote, “Passport Bros here we come!!!”

Another chimed in with, “Buy land and houses. Rent women and boats.”

A third person added, “I knew a woman that cheated on her boyfriend just because she didn’t want to get caught looking stupid if she found out he was cheating! Keep in mind, she didn’t say he cheated or even thought he was. She literally did a ‘just in case’ f*ck… I swear on my parents’ grave this happened! You can’t make this up!”

What’s my take?

I banged two married women back in the day, so the data is true. I didn’t know they were hitched when i was waxin’ that ass. They simply showed up at my pad and gave me some pussy. As the dalliance went on, both adulterers came clean. One of the chicks guffawed hysterically when she descried the look on my countenance. I thought she lost her damn mind.

A few days later, one of my boys saw babygirl egress the courthouse after her divorce was finalized. And he said she yelled, “I’m finally free from that mothaf*cka,” in the middle of the courtyard and the entire neighborhood heard her. That’s why simps must eschew pretending women are virgins. This is the new millennium. Ladies f*ck around just as much as men do.

Besides, we’re all expendable and that includes us guys.

Slavery was abolished in 1865.

We don’t own women.

That said, is it ok to have a Plan B?

Should women be required to wear GPS trackers?

Watch Dr. Romie elucidate results of the study.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Stay single and focus on yourself You can still enjoy life without being in a relationship They only bring one thing to the table

  2. As men we just have to accept this is there nature and outsmart them by not being married or being in a live in situation, I will see a legal hooker if need be as I have had issues with very pissed of women after leaving a short term arrangement, cash up and stay free

  3. usually the backup plan never takes her seriously and she come running back to the ex

  4. Have a plan B during a marriage…. and they wonder why marriages arent working.
    Also Plan A, is also often plan C too… because we all know they back track when plan B gets flushed.

  5. 50 Percent is way to low! Most women have a backup plan, I know one who has never been single for more than a week! She was dating a guy and she left him because “he was ignoring me” for another guy. Obviously she already had the new guy as a backup, and she admitted that she had met the new guy atleast a month before and was in contact with him. She does this in all the relationships she has been in. Honestly most women sicken me.

  6. More Evidence for the Passport Brothers, keep providing additional evidence please. Thank you

  7. I don’t believe this for one second. That number is way too low. More like 99.999999999999%

  8. I think it’s more like 80-90% of women. Chris Rock already called this. That “backup partner” is her platonic male friend. “You’ve already met him. He’s ate your food. And he shall betray you.”

  9. Women just adapted over time. A lot of our elder men was phucked up and woman started adapting. I don’t see no winners in this…. just losers

  10. I don’t know the percentage but a lot of women have a plan B and sometimes even a plan C. The toughest thing for a man to accept is that he is expendable, I learned this the hard way.


    ME personally I have a plan Z !!!!!

  12. Women usually sense when the relationship is about to end so they’ll line up somebody prior to the man being hit with the “I think we should be friends” or “we should see other people” line. These are the sneaky ones. The ones at the bottom of the barrel are easy to figure out and these are ones men should avoid at all costs unless they’re one night stands.

  13. These hoes ain’t loyal…… To any man they only loyal to their emotions.. FACTS

  14. So why should we trust women? 😂😂😂 Garbage. Really, I keep trying to believe I will find someone special, but between my experiences and this… why keep sorting through the garbage heap to find a good woman? 😂

  15. Now you know why 60 to 80% of all divorce is started by women. It’s because they already have back plans and have been thinking about leaving the whole time.

  16. This is why all men should also keep a few “friends” on standby. Take her power away by letting her know that you can also move on and walk away at a moment’s notice. Women don’t like it when the playing field is even. They want to have their cake and eat it too

  17. This shows that women do not love their husbands. They are fake like the makeup they wear.

  18. a Woman #1 cheating partner is with HIS credit cards or his social security number to acquire credit cards in both names. men…NEVER Get married, get a vasectomy and wear protection to avoid getting an STD from the “Body Count Babes” with HSV 1 & 2 – if you’re married and sexless, start moving your money into offshore accounts, – get ready to be discarded around 50, so have a plan B and get a serious lawyer lined-up. hire a detective and keep good financial records what she spends.

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