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King’s ideology is great for everyone but black people

Dr. King did more for non-blacks/Black Journals

King helped some, hurt others.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

KANSAS CITY — It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a holiday in remembrance of the womanizing civil rights leader who somehow inveigled millions of black men into laying down to allow racist cops to assault them, their wives, and their children with billy clubs, water hoses and police dogs in the name of Jesus and socioeconomic development. It’s the most ridiculous modus operandi ever and we should be mortified. I feel the same about Mahatma Ghandi. After all, the Bible says turn the other cheek — not endure an ass-whoopin.’ When Jesus said, “turn the other cheek,” he meant take the insult and accept the fact that another might follow — not “you must do nothing while someone beats you into a bloody pulp.” Telling you dawg… instead of supporting Dr. King, mo’ brothas should’ve succored Malcolm X, Huey P. Newton and the Black Panthers and kicked some ass.

Had they done that, we’d be in a much better position economically.

In addition to hoodwinking negroes, Dr. King negotiated an armistice with politicians to create a myriad of socialist policies that devalued the black community. Welfare and government assistance programs were implemented for women and children as subsidized replacements for fathers and husbands. Single-parent families and public housing snowballed from there.

Now Pookie & Ray Ray saunter the earth as the biggest detriment to the urban community.

Yep, them n*ggas have surpassed Uncle Tom.

Soon, black men will have no choice but to pursue interracial copulation.

‘Cause Pookie is on the verge of extirpating black women.

Negro schools, that outclassed their counterparts, were unnecessarily dismantled during desegregation. Case in point: Sumner — a black high school in Kansas City — won national science fairs, debates, and state titles in academics and athletics before civic leaders transmogrified the prosperous institution into Sumner Academy. Now the school’s rich, negro tradition is gone.

Scuttlebutt has it championship trophies from the ’60s and ’70s are stored in the basement, collecting dust.

They’re not even on display for current students to descry.

Ain’t that a bitch?

Sumner ain’t alone.

Countless others were sodomized by gentrification.

Trust me, I know.

I experienced it first-hand.

See… I grew up in a beautiful, predominantly black neighborhood.

We had a few White neighbors and a handful of Hispanics.

But, for the most part, it was negro city.

I walked to school.

Walked to the library.

Walked to the mall.

Walked to the grocery store.

Walked to the basketball court.

Walked to the corner market.

Walked to restaurants.

Walked to the movies.

And, walked to the arcade.

Everybody was happy.

The community was safe.

There was diminutive violence and couples got married.

There was none of that shackin’ up bullsh*t that’s commonplace today.

Then, thanks to socialists like Dr. King, integration went into full effect. Don’t get it twisted. Desegregation has many advantages. I’m simply saying blacks shouldn’t have been uprooted from the community to achieve it. For instance… basically overnight, I could no longer attend the school adjacent to my house. Instead, I was forced to take a bus to another phrontistery several miles away to socialize with kids from different neighborhoods.

Not to mention, my new teachers didn’t give a f*ck whether I learned anything or not.

Then politicians remunerated malefactors to ransack black businesses, causing spikes in insurance premiums that ultimately ran ’em out of business.

Then, as the proverbial nail in the coffin, government officials flooded the urban community with liquor and narcotics.

If you recall… the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre on Black Wall Street was executed by hordes of white supremacists.

Ku Klux Klansmen burned down our homes and businesses — leaving us completely assed out.

Well, thuggish negroes (in conjunction with the CIA) did the same damn thang in the ’70s and ’80s.

In the ’90s, government officials dressed in red and blue to ignite wars between the Crips & Bloods.

Property values plummeted.

That’s why many urban neighborhoods resemble absolute dogsh*t today.

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I guess what I’m trying to say is if you’re non-black, you should love Dr. King. Please recite his “I Have A Dream” speech loud ‘n’ proud. Because, by dragging us down, he lifted y’all up. If you’re a black woman, I’m not sure how you should feel. It’s something that can be confabulated among yourselves. I didn’t get a chance to ask my mom prior to her quietus. So I have no f*ckin’ clue. But… if you’re a black man in support of Dr. King’s ideology, you gotta be f*ckin’ nuts.

‘Cause he didn’t do a damn thang but give us a paid day off work.

If anything, Dr. King is complicit in our economic downfall. He’s basically Barack Obama, except he’s not gay. No sir. Gettin’ coochie wasn’t a problem. Dr. King, an ordained minister, garnered ample vulva on the side and his wife didn’t give a damn — neither did his congregants.

Dr. King preached “equality,” which is sort of insulting because why chase uniformity when you were already outperforming your peers?

Do a Google search.

You’ll see our schools and businesses were kicking ass.

Hell, the late Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder — a white man who worked as a Vegas bookmaker — got fired from CBS after he lauded the pecuniary success of black people.

Besides, who wakes up in the morning aspiring to be homogeneous?

If God wanted us the same, he would’ve made us that way.

The ambition of every man should entail being on top.

Whether it’s working a job, blogging, or playing Xbox, my goal is to kick your ass.

F*ck equal.

That’s merely a liberal term used as a prelude to socialism.

Again, never aspire to be equal.

Instead, be better.

As for laying down?

Look, there’s no such thing as non-violence when it comes to men.

That’s why God kicks our ass when we get out of line.

Don’t believe me, ask Sodom& Gomorrah.

Hell, talk to Noah.

I’m blessed with a million dollar smile and college degrees, but I’ll whoop your ass if I have to.

I’m serious.

F*ck wit’ me and I’ll knock your dick in the dirt.

The United States military doesn’t peacefully protest the actions of rival nations. Instead, soldiers are deployed to blow mothaf*ckas up. The heavenly father didn’t give us muscles and exceptional strength to put adversaries in timeout. Those gifts were given to effectuate physical force when necessary. Black men should’ve made women and children stay home then fought on their behalf.

Now we’re paying the price.

Malcolm X once said, “While King was having a dream, the rest of us Negroes are having a nightmare.”

Couldn’t have said it better.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I’m more Malcolm than MLK…. MLK ruined us with integration… The results are in black people’s faces today… I think it was such a stupid ideal

  2. As a white man I revere Martin Luther King Jr. I strive to be a man like him I resented Malcom he created a fire of anger which was not his intention he wanted black people to educate themselves and stand for themselves but never realized what his actions could cause 100 years from now I believe if he was able to live a little bit longer we would’ve seen him change into something more like Martin he was no idiot extremely far from it so I believe he would’ve seen where his actions would eventually instill into the hearts anger is poison to the soul

  3. Kings agenda advanced far more than Malcom’s did, fighting violence with violence only would get u killed faster

  4. @Albert Robinson: We were already dying dipshit. Might as well fight back.

  5. X was correct all along ,you cannot teach black people to turn the other chick until you white people to turn other cheek.

  6. I was off Social assistance from September 2003 to December 2017.
    My mom made me go off welfare for 14 and a half years. She didn’t want me to even do one welfare monthly stub in those 14 years.
    After 2018, I had no choice but to go back on Welfare, but I started working again from time to time.

  7. MLK was a good man with a pure heart, but Malcom X was the necessary one to make any real change.

  8. Welfare destroyed the black community. The women chose welfare over family. Look at the results. Single mother households are the norm. Kids from those households are very violent.

    Likely because it was materialistically beneficial.
    I’ll give you one single guess.
    50/50 chance.
    You were wrong. It was women.
    Now can we please hold women responsible for THEIR OWN GODDAMN CHOICES?

  10. “MLK and the civil rights movement was the worst thing to happen to the blatts” -Jesse Lee Peterson

  11. Martin believed equality should succeeded with peace, and I liked that. Malcolm believed should succeeded with force. Malcolm thought whites were devils and, by that logic,was a racist. I will never like or agree with what Malcolm ways, and while I understand his motives, peace is always a option.

  12. Don’t forget that Lyndon B. Johnson used the n-word so casually when referring to the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

  13. The Food Stamp Pro-gram, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is proud to be distributing the greatest amount of free meals and food stamps ever.
    Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by the U.S. Depart-ment of the Interior, asks us to “Please Do Not Feed the Animals.”
    Their stated reason for the policy is because the animals will grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves.
    This ends today’s lesson

  14. “If you’re not ready to die for it, put the word ‘freedom’ out of your vocabulary.”
    (Malcolm X)

  15. They killed King when he started to realize Malcolm X had been right all along and started pushing some of his initiatives.

  16. How come we learned about Martin so quick but not once Malcolm was brought up in school

  17. @anomalyx: The No. 1 Reason why general american schools do not teach about Malcolm X is beacuse they are embrassed and refuse the truth that they have muslim hero in their history

  18. Don’t ever disrespect MLK and don’t ever disrespect Malcolm X. They had far more in common than they had differences. They simply had different strategies.

  19. Martin and Malcolm were both legends but Malcolm’s method was better than Martins. Martin’s method wouldn’t have stopped anything, blacks would still be oppressed. Malcolm’s self defense method was better because he thought black people had to fight with necessary force to gain freedom. Martin was more morally correct, but Malcolm’s ideas were more successful.

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