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Joy Taylor admits women ‘coddle’ Pookie & Ray Ray

Joy Taylor prefers Chad & Tyrone/YouTube

Joy prefers Chad & Tyrone. 

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LOS ANGELES — Fox Sports analyst Joy Taylor, 37, set the internet ablaze when she admitted women routinely break rules for Tyrone, Chad, Pookie & Ray Ray while holding nice guys to a much higher standard. Ain’t that a bitch? The prepossessing co-host of “Speak” yapped her beak during a recent chinwag with Taylor Rooks. “These hypotheticals have got us in a chokehold and we must free ourselves,” Joy said. “It’s fun to argue about. It’s fun to talk about what you would do in this scenario, or would you leave the game if the seats were high. Or, if a man took you to this place on a first date what you would do. And I’m telling you, like every interaction that I have with people now, in some way of another, these things come up. Can we just keep it a buck? If they’re fine enough, if they’re funny enough, if their financial status is what you want… fine, funny, f*cking money… you’re throwing all boundaries and standards [away]. All that sh*t you talked on Instagram about how you would never… and this woman ain’t [sh*t] ’cause women this… and men this… and you’re moving forward with this person.”


Social media reaction was vicious. One commenter wrote, “It’s all about looks guys… I know a dude in his mid 30s that lives with his mom, doesn’t have a job, and girls on Bumble and Tinder actually BEG him to just show up at their apartment, even though he’s a COMPLETE loser! This is the type of dating life only 5% of men get to experience!” Another chimed in with, “No surprise here. Men do the exact same thing. We are extra nice to attractive women and we will spend more time and money on them.”

A third viewer added, “Joy Taylor is the quintessential western woman you don’t want. She possesses all the toxic traits that are antithetical to happiness.”

Do you agree with Joy?

Are good looks and money all that matter?

Is having a good personality overrated?

Watch babygirl keep it 💯.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I know a 6’2 guy living with his parents and who bums off his buddy for money. He’s 39 and gets a ton of hot young girls. I lose respect for all women who get with guys like that.

  2. And we think women are a good choice for leadership roles. This is why women continue to lose respect from a good man. They can’t deal with reality or accountability. Such annoying babble. Sounds like a hen house.

  3. Standards like “I’ll never date a man without female friends”

    The most stupid thing I’ve ever heard.

  4. Still trying to work out why these women are picky when they don’t have choices?

  5. Chad is exempt from tests, checklists, icks, etc. Good to see she admits it.

  6. Who cares about what they want and think….these304s only care for themselves..leave their asses to the wolves.😂

  7. Fine, funny, fucking money: sounds like something a prostitute would say

  8. Chad and Tyrone just use abuse theses Modern Women, rinse and repeat, that’s why they will end up alone 😆🤣

  9. A woman finally said it. I have said it for years. If a man is fine, funny, or has enough money. The rules women have for every other man don’t apply to him

  10. I don’t know what men are complaining about. As a dude this is a fantastic time to be a man, stay single and enjoy yourself. The secret is to not take relationships seriously, try not to hurt anyone and accept the world has changed. Adapt, remain single and enjoy the rides. Women have used men for survival and to get what they want forever. Understandable. But now we have to learn to play the game aswell. If you have the right mindset you can win. Us dudes like games, sport and if you play better than others you win.

  11. Joy talks very masculine sometimes and more since her breakup with Earl Watson. I’m curious to see how she progresses in relationships in the future

  12. Ninjas just can’t accept the fact that some men just got it while most don’t

  13. Generally speaking women have NO standards when it comes to Chad or Tyrone.

  14. This is a great time to be a Black man. But only if you walk away from the Blackistan mindset; walk away from Blackistan as a community (Da Communitah), and step out into world; and step in a way that reflects the high worth human being that you know you are.

    But to this, your body, your mind, and your soul, must leave Blackistan.

  15. She only thinks about today, never tomorrow. Today, she’s pretty. No question. However, chad won’t hang around after her looks fade. Men recognize these ladies’ games. Dependable Dave will NOT be there when she falls from beauty.

  16. Just listen to this woman talk they’re total nightmares. All men should find wives abroad.

  17. It’s not a modern woman thing. This is as it’s always been, a lot of men throughout human history have been raising Chad’s and Tyrone’s babies thinking it’s theirs. Stronger genes are stronger genes. A woman likes you she will sacrifice for your time and attention.

  18. The world needs to be harder on women. I want to see companies turn them down for jobs and give them to the incels. Then we can make money again and women will need to be humble again

  19. There is a reason why every society kept them under tight control for tens of thousands of years.

  20. Masculine men will always get sought after over feminine men. No woman wants a man with no backbone

  21. Talking about money maybe Chad got money but Tyrone knows when you get paid & will ask her for money & her car only to take his side chick on a date 2 towns over & in a motel.

  22. Women’s so called “standards” only exist for the men they don’t want anyway or wouldn’t give the time of day to. Those “standards” don’t exist for the Chad’s and Tyrone’s. You’ve even had woman out here saying they would give their guy a pass on his cheating as long as he provides them with the lifestyle they think they deserve. And A LOT of women do that.

    These women either want the ladies man or the rich man. And if he’s a combination of both, even better for them. It’s almost an insult that women that look like a Joy Taylor talk about how tough dating is, when they don’t even have to work hard at even finding a date. Just check their DM’s. No work or effort involved.

    The person they decide to date simply comes down to their own choice. And because they choose poorly more often then not, or chose well and threw away that choice for something they thought was better, they want to blame dating and all men.

  23. I totally forgot I’m 34 and Joy is actually older than me (She’s 37 now).

    Um boo you are 37, with no husband or children it’s not ‘men’ it’s you. I don’t know what standards she’s speaking of and never heard her talk like this before, but she clearly is figuring out now she needs to lower them.

  24. If you calling other dudes a “Chad” or “Tyrone”, you are officially a dork.

  25. It’s very unattractive when women cuss or talk in a masculine manner. If they talk in a ghetto manner it’s a huge red flag and run away as far as you can.

  26. Why I chose a passport?

    1. I’m not obligated to be a clean-up man for Pookie and Tyrone because I’m short, not hood, nice, stable, not the most popular, etc. ️

    2. Why should I do anything that Pookie, Ray Ray and Tyrone never had to do? I don’t want to pay for something they got for free. ️

    3. ABW are upset with Non Select BM opting for passports because they want these guys to be their safety net/backup plan/beta buck provider after they’ve hit the wall, had a bunch of kids and been ran through by the same Pookies and Tyrones running through all the other women in the same city. ️️

    4. Non Select BM, go get your passports, and never look back. You can be yourself overseas, being under 6ft doesn’t mean friend zone, no foodie calls, no “game” and you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to some scam artist dating coach to tell you a bunch of bs.


    #SYSBM #BlueBookGentlemen

  27. If A Woman @ 37 Years Old… says “Keep it A Buck” or Other Outdated Slang Etc., Don’t Waste Your Time Fellas – RUN FAR AWAY

  28. And that’s why she single. Have anyone noticed that NO famous black woman is married. They keep themselves single. Men like myself don’t care bout your money or your career especially a man who has all of that. They think that if they match finances that’s what makes it better for them when it makes it worse

  29. Men: “I’m not having success with women; I need to work on myself.” Women: “I’m not having success with men. Men need to step-up.”

  30. Nice guys finish last that’s why divorce in America is through the roof and brothers getting passports to go to Columbia

  31. If they’re still going after Chad, then the only things they’ll be dropping is their morals and their panties.

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