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Jessika reveals secrets of creating a female orgasm

Jessika says hit that clit/YouTube

Jessika reveals what women want. 

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ATLANTA — “🎵Let’s talk about sex, baby. Let’s talk about you and me.🎵” A viral video shows relationship vlogger Jessika Patten giving men a tutorial on how to please women in bed. She didn’t mince words. “I’m Jessika and today I am teaching you how to lay pipe,” she said. “To be specific… we are talking about all sticking and no licking. Know, I’m down for a good licking. But, today, like I said, it’s all sticking.” Jessika believes the first thing we should do is blow a woman’s back out as soon as she wakes up. That way, we can f*ck ’em again after work. “I say knock it out… in the morning. Give yourself some time to recuperate,” Jessika explained. “I would say… midday, afternoon… you’re not going to be charged all the way back up.” F*cking a desiccated vulva is obviously a waste of time. That’s why it’s imperative to get the coochie “soaking wet” prior to copulation. We’re talkin’ foreplay and pornstar positioning. “If you plan on laying pipe, you have to get it soaking, dripping, squishy wet,” Jessika said.

“That’s the only way to lay pipe. You gotta wet that canal. At some point during the pipe laying, do her favorite position. In order for her to have a good experience, you gotta do some of the things that she likes.”

When bangin’ a chick, Jessika made it crystal clear rhythm and cadence take immediate precedence. Don’t go too slow and don’t go too fast. It has to be just right. “Laying pipe is all about tempo,” Jessika revealed. “Some people say you gotta go fast, you gotta go slow. No, it’s tempo.” While laying pipe, it’s equally important to hit that spot. “Don’t forget to hit that clit,” Jessika said.

“I don’t care if you have to bump it or grind it or get behind it, you got to stimulate that clit.”

So, what happens if a woman fails to climax?

Jessika said it’s not that big of a deal as long as we provide a gratifying experience. “And the last thing and the most important thing you gotta know about laying pipe, even if we don’t get the big [orgasm] at the end, we still enjoy it,” she said. “Don’t think it’s always about the end. Sometimes, it’s about the journey. So have her enjoy the journey of you laying the dick down.”

Social media reaction was priceless.

One commenter wrote, “Isn’t it pitiful that women have resorted to this kinda dog sh*t content?”

Another viewer added, “Black women make this too much of an issue. White women have built financial empires with white men lacking in the bedroom. That’s why black women are 75% more likely to get divorced than white women.”

Will you use Jessika’s expert tutelage?

Are women becoming too aggressive with their sexuality?

Watch babygirl keep it 💯.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I’m glad I don’t have None of these problems, Been a Long Distance Runner Ya Heard Me…

  2. 1. Foreplay. If you’re Chad, then you’re good to go. If you’re a regular guy, flowers, dinner at a REALLY nice restaurant, tickets to Wicked, Jewelry, and once you’ve paid enough, then you might have a shot.
    2. Dominance. Again, if you’re Chad, just throw her on the bed and do whatever you want. If you’re the husband, beg.
    3. Being present. 100% her opinion as to whether or not you’re there. Chad might not even remember her name but he’s there. Man who’s been married to her for over a decade and knows everything about her, if his eyes quickly look to the side then he’s not paying attention.
    4. Hot spots. Anywhere for Chad. For regular guy, he could touch the same spots but because he’s not Chad, nothing happens.
    5. Taking time. Chad yes. Regular guy, get off me.
    6. Recognize her beauty. Even though she knows you’re lying.

  3. Look my stroke game has always been nice & smooth or rough & fast. I could make love or I can beat it up those are choices with me. Besides I’m a Taurus we know how to take ya to Pound Town.

  4. Ive been a plumber for 10 years now, and I have no idea about what this woman is talking about.

  5. Pookie & Ray Ray are well known pipe layers .But they will not work .Good pipe layers have more than one women .So be ready to share .


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