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Wife and side dude hired hitman to delete husband

Alishia wanted easy money/Twisted Crimes

Greedy wife had hubby killed. 

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BROOKLYN — In this week’s episode of “Love’s A Bitch,” Alishia Noel-Murray, 34, was thrown in the slammer after she had her husband, 37-year-old Omar Murray, murdered to collect life insurance. Alishia’s paramour was complicit in the crime. The mariticide transpired on February 24, 2013 in Brooklyn, New York. According to police reports, Alishia didn’t give a damn about Omar so she had an affair with Dameon Lovell. As their dalliance intensified, the adulterous lovebirds decided to remunerate a hitman to deep-six Omar. Alishia and Dameon gave Kirk Portious $3,500 to get the job done. On the night of the murder, Alishia and her 10-month-old daughter hid upstairs inside their Brownsville residence as Omar was fatally shot. Kirk staged the murder as a home invasion. Alishia called 911 and pretended to be distraught. An investigation ensued and Dameon commenced to singing like a canary.

Turns out, Alishia tried to delete Omar in October 2012 by poisoning his sustenance when she discovered he copulated with a courtesan. When her hubby survived, Alishia started a fling with Dameon and implored him to have someone kill Omar — saying it’s the only way to cash in on three life insurance policies worth $900,000. Alishia was arrested, charged and convicted of murder.

She’s serving life in prison.

Kirk received the same kismet.

Dameon, who ratted ’em out, copped a plea and received 15 years.

Social media reaction was wild.

One commenter wrote, “I’ll bet on everything I’ve got that Omar was NOT that little baby girl’s real father!”

Another chimed in with, “I can look at her and tell that she’s evil.”

A third person added, “A good woman is hard to find these days. I’d rather stay single than fall into the hands of a Wicked Jezebel like this woman.”

Do you trust your lady when it comes to life insurance?

Do you think she’s capable of killing your ass for a check?

Watch the documentary.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Can’t mix money with love it never works it’s like mixing oil with water sad story R.I.P

  2. If a side guy don’t respect your marriage he sure don’t respect you greed it’s sad the guy didn’t deserve thisshe never loved him if she did she wouldn’t have done this now a child have no dad has to know that the mon had dad killed prayers to the family


  4. if a side guy don’t respect your marriage then he also doesn’t respect you , the fact she got him to delete her husband shows that she was ungrateful and not looking for a relationship wit the side guy she was just using him to do her dirty work , I remember a guy tried to get me to fight a girl over him and prove my love for him , I told him straight up that I know I’m not the prettiest chick but I’m not gonna tear my face up over you smh !!!!!

  5. …Most men wouldn’t admit to his wife that he’d had sexual contact with a prostitute if the wife walked in and caught him red-handed. And this woman expects us to believe that her husband had VOLUNTEERED to give her that information???

  6. Its always the good men/women that end up with the terrible men/women

  7. I will never understand people who focus their whole life around expensive, fancy things, ESPECIALLY when they didn’t earn it, when it’s just their husband earning it. Smh

  8. She said that the only why she killed him was to cash in on his life insurance money so she could clear her debt and that that is the only way to do so is a load of crap!!! All she had to do was file bankruptcy okay!!

  9. Just look into her eyes and you can see how soulless she is. The eyes are the window to someone’s soul. They never lie.

  10. She had a lovely man who loved her and gave her everything
    What a filthy animal she is and the boyfriend
    She definitely planned the murder

  11. It is so sad in today’s society how greed makes an individual kill.
    People today are so caught up in materialistic things!

  12. Why would any man stay with a woman who is so disrespectful to you. Men just walk away she is not worth it.

  13. How do you convince someone to kill another after one month. What a weak ass man. Now they sitting in jail and for what??? Did she really think she would get away with it??? I hope she’s regretting everything and thinking about how her daughter is gonna be raised by someone else rather then her. I hope it was worth it for her

  14. This is 1 wicked wicked woman shame on her for murdering a good man and father.️

  15. I hope that insurance policy money went to the daughter. So the family could take care of her

  16. She was a CNA…wonder how she treated her patients? She’s got to be void of caring and masked all her evil. Rest in peace, Omar. I pray for his family and the little daughter. If this had been my brother, well….Ugh!!

  17. Dang she got a good man giving her everything and she still murdered him WAB

  18. Good! I’m glad she got convicted! She’s not even pretty nor anything special. She did not deserve Omar.. so sad

  19. Damn is it that serious….is money sooooo important…he gave u everything what is wrong with people…. freaking demons

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