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Rapper and his pregnant girlfriend killed on V-Day

Christan & Angeliyah were shot dead/Black Girl Unlost

Rapper & girlfriend killed. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

BIRMINGHAM — Law enforcement officials are searching for answers after Christan Norris and his gravid girlfriend, Angeliyah Webster, were killed on Cupid’s holiday. The double-murder transpired on February 14, 2024 in Birmingham, Alabama. According to police reports, Christan took Angeliyah out on a date for Valentine’s Day. They went to the movies but never made it back home. Family members reported ’em missing. Two days later, police found the lovebirds fatally shot inside their car. No one has been arrested. “People are vicious. We need to get them off the street,” Sherita Wilson Clark, Christan’s cousin, told reporters. “Though we do forgive who did these murders, they need to be off the street.” Sherita is worried the case may go unsolved. She lost a family member under homogeneous circumstances 16 years ago.

“My brother was murdered back in ‘08, and they still have not found the person that did that,” Sherita bemoaned.

“Not only just him — it was him and someone else in the car with him. Two dead bodies in a car, and now 16 years later, here it is again… has happened in our family.”

Christan, 20, was a popular rapper. He has music videos that show him flashing guns and cash. Angeliyah, 20, was about to have his baby. “They were really happy to be parents,” Sherita recalled. Again, nobody’s been arrested. And, because snitches get stitches, people are hesitant to talk. “This is an epidemic that’s going on inside of the Black community, especially,” Sherita said. “And until the people in our community start to say, ‘Enough is enough,’ and start coming forward to speak, this is going to continue to happen.”

If you have any information, please call Crime Stoppers at 205-254-7777.

There’s a $5,000 reward.

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  1. Keep celebrating and promoting this backwards destructive culture of rap, guns and single mothers and this will continue to be their REALITY.

  2. This is why I feel you really can’t trust nobody! Secret hate is the worst, and it usually comes from someone close.

  3. I’m sick of hearing we forgive them. No quit forgiving these monsters

  4. The senseless killings is still gonna happen when they do tell who did it! Satan is on the prowl! ¹We must do what the Holy Bible says and be vilagent and stay prayed up!!!

  5. Rap beefs, jealousy, & envy, is just the tipping point, besides sho boating in your videos with money & guns, rapping about unaliving you’re opps..These young people most of em think their invisible to death️, because they carry heat..

  6. This could be a inside job it happened the same way 16 yrs ago to other family members

  7. some of you are really stupid. it shouldn’t matter if your a flashy person or not you should be free to be who you are without jealous broke ppl targeting you. That’s the problem it’s the victims fault ppl decided to rob him instead of getting they own money. Being flashy shouldn’t make you a target, i really hate this generation

  8. Stop flashing money you don’t have on social media and in your pics. You’re only putting an unnecessary target on your back and endangering the lives of others.

  9. At this point send in the national guard to all these cities that this is happening at. its sickening!

  10. This rapper flashing large sums of money on social media that was very dumb! Dating these inner city rappers is almost suicidal ! This young female should have been in college working towards a degree! So many very bad decisions

  11. Everyone hates snitches until their on the opposite side of the court room.

  12. The devil is deceiving so many people on this Earth. If it was about money, he was flashing money all over social media.


  14. Rappers stop flaunting your money don’t you know that’s the quickest way to get killed especially if you are still living in the same environment

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