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Australian banks no longer ‘accepting’ cash or checks

Australia no longer accepting cash/YouTube

Australia going completely cashless.

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SYDNEY — Uh-oh! Digital Currency is coming sooner than we expected. Macquarie Bank, one of the largest financial institutions in Australia, just told its customers their cash and checks will no longer be accepted. No sir. Instead, starting in November, mazuma will be replaced with a digital-centered banking experience. Macquarie has $267 billion in assets. Account holders are understandably pissed. “In case you missed it, we’re phasing out our cash and cheque services for all products,” the company wrote on its website. “To prepare for this change, you’ll need to start transacting digitally – a safe, quick, and more convenient way to bank. We’re removing our cash and cheque facilities in a phased approach.” Bank executives said customers won’t have access to a myriad of over-the-counter services. That means they won’t be able to write or deposit checks. And they can’t deposit cash. Any checks received after October 31, 2024 will be returned to sender.

When it comes to going cashless, Australia ain’t bullsh*ttin.’ According to the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), more than 400 branches — representing 11 percent of the country’s banks — were closed between June 2022 and June 2023. Not to mention, 718 ATMs have been removed. Several stores and restaurants, including KFC and Krispy Kreme, are cashless.

Last month, disgruntled citizens held a rally in protest.

Social media reaction was wild.

One commenter wrote, “Great. Now banks and the government can track every cent you spend. Next, they’re gonna make us take a microchip implant.”

Another chimed in with, “In a cashless global society, there would be no more trading accounts for drug dealers, racketeers, and by refusing trading accounts to the Military Industrial Complexes & standing armed forces of the world, a safer global society would emerge. As well, less armed hold ups, robbery of physical cash would seize, and muggings would take a noticeable decline. This is a good thing.”

A third person added, “As a Christian for over 50 years, I have understood since the 70s that the end of this age would be marked by a closed financial system… It is sad and horrifying to watch it unfold at this time. Eventually, this will also mark the rise of a global leader and the unification of nations by choice as well as by force. At the peak of all this, God himself will finally intervene and bring an end to all this insanity and evil. No matter what good people do, it seems we are not able to stop what’s happening.”

What’s my take?

Ezekiel 7:19 says, “They will throw their money in the streets, tossing it out like worthless trash. Their silver and gold won’t save them on that day of the LORD ’s anger. It will neither satisfy nor feed them, for their greed can only trip them up.”

Keep in mind, there’s two things that guarantee freedom:

1) Cash.


2) Your body.

If they eliminate cash and force you to take implantables, you’re no longer free.

You’ll be a slave, similar to Roots.

Only difference is the new Massa is 100% digital.

I’m serious.

Don’t do what he says, and you’ll find yourself penurious and homeless.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit 4 years ago, I said this would happen.

What’s going on in Australia is very serious, and cashless is coming to an American Bank near you.

Anyway, does a cashless society equate to the Mark of the Beast (666)?

Will you accept a microchip in lieu of cash?

Watch disturbing reports.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. What happens when i want to pay my neighbor’s kid a few $$ for lawn mowing, or some gardening? He dosen’t even have a bank account yet.

  2. Now I understand how they will control your ability to buy and sell unless you conform to their will.

  3. When this comes to the US. Everyone will just start stealing everything.

  4. Once cashless system is in place, the government can easily “turn- off” your access to your funds if you don’t behave the way they want you to behave.

  5. Everyone that cares about their freedoms and rights had better stand up and say no to anything and everything they are trying to force on we the people !

  6. No matter how many sensible people oppose this issue, there are always many more idiots that are fine with it . They let down the sensible freedom loving people .

  7. 3 years ago during COVID this was demmed a conspiracy, but now its a Reality.

  8. These systems and measures are being introduced stealthy, without public consultation and knowledge.

  9. Canada is next. The antivaxxers and the freedom convoy could only be regulated by going cashless

  10. This is so true and yet so many don’t even realize it!
    Cashless society
    New World Order
    Ruled by AI
    Everything we do monitored
    No food / buying / selling unless vaccinated / Mark of the beast – 666

    Time to seek Christ & be saved from all this & Hell
    Seek eternal life in Jesus

  11. Implantables??? Are they already here??? Research the past few years and decide for yourselves people. WAKE UP. Repent turn to YHWH. Yahshua said we need to do His Fathers will as He did. Mark of the Almighty is Remember to keep the Sabbaths and follow His Commandments and have faith in Yahshua’s sacrifice. We are not to follow men. Does not the Creator know better than the creation?

  12. Becoming a slave to the government. Follower their rules or they cut you off from your cash/money. We are loosing control of what we can do with our money.

  13. 1) implement Modi governments demonetization of cash
    2) use Vaccine passport QR code to be a CBDC wallet

  14. Why are people so shocked , this was written 2000 years ago in the bible , you won’t buy or sell without the mark of the beast , this is only possible in this electronic age.

  15. If the world governments think there is a lot of crime with cash! Then wait to see how much crime there will be if cash goes away!

  16. Some establishments are 100 % cashless now. Steak n Shake restaurant I went to was cashless.
    I walked out.

  17. I must be ahead of the times, I’m already cashless. I have literally $1.25 in my account

  18. Offend the wrong people and suddenly master card will refuse to allow you to use your digital money.

  19. Please resist this! It will not be pretty! Cash gives us individual freedom.

  20. A cashless society means losing privacy, your spending history you will belong to the government.

  21. We’ve used Cash for over 5000 years, and before then used a barter/trade system, as far back as 40.000 years.
    Humanity has and will always need something tangible, to be used as either cash or Barter.
    The Government’s are foolish to believe, that a cashless system would last for Decades or more.

  22. Use Cash more often. Don’t allow people to get us in a cashless society. Too many people are trying to control the narrative of how we live life. They say America the free but they are still trying their best to control us. If a business doesn’t accept cash then we need to come together to boycott them. I understand sometimes it is easier using your phone or debit/credit cards but the last thing we need is being watched and monitored for everything we do. If you have a cell phone which most of us do we are already being monitored enough. No need to overdue it by making it a cashless society.

  23. Having a cashless society is a threat for our privacy. Cash is a Guarantee for our privacy in our transactions. Having a cashless society requires every person have a bank. Wish means that the government will have control over us. Is we don’t comply with regulations they can just freeze our bank accounts. If the government wants to implant bio hands chips, they can force us.

  24. If we went cashless we would only need banks for loans. Pay me direct to my government issued personal digital account where I could invest it myself. Maybe the government would be safer for giving out loans at a set interest rate over a set period of time and we wouldn’t need banks at all. Just a thought. If banks aren’t actually holding any money what’s their purpose in the long term? Are the banks going to guarantee our money, is the government? Maybe someone else has some better ideas.

  25. Wont happen in America too much blood will be spilled and internet will fall as well as all electric appliances.

  26. I only use cash, if you don’t accept it I won’t shop there, I no longer use domino’s pizza,

  27. Banks want to control how much you spend simple. A bank can cancel your card cancel a payment. Authorize a payment. Basically keep your money. Go to a bank and ask to draw say $20000 from your account how many questions will you have to answer to withdraw YOUR OWN MONEY

  28. This is proof of how stupid society is becoming.
    Becoming a cashless society will just cost you more freedoms.
    How long before your bank account is frozen for saying the wrong thing.

  29. if you don’t want to pay by card, go somewhere else, but people seem to miss the point. this is all geared up for them the banks, if their is no cash to use, if their was a crash like 2008, the banks will be able to take money to cover that, and have been in places where the tills have gone down, and have stopped accepting card altogether, and now accept just cash.

  30. We could stop this madness by all boycotting cashless establishments, but humans are stupid lazy creatures and it will never happen and we’ll slide into a dystopian hell where the government decides if we can access our money or not, and what you spend it on.

  31. Banks are businesses. They should not dictate how you access and use your money. Go look for a bank that treat and respect you as a customer.
    The government is allowing financial corporations to do this.

  32. Having so many scammers people can’t relied on digital system if internet doest working you not able to do anything without cash. So it’s bullshit absolutely . People should able to have choices this democracy not what’s brainless politicians wanted or Bank would decided I am sure banks will loose their profits very quick

  33. Yeshua is coming back soon repent repent except Jesus as your lord and personal savior repent is the digital ID so repent please repent the kingdom of God is at hand repent repent

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