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Woman says broke men are better than dudes with jobs

Broke men suddenly in demand/YouTube

Broke men are better lovers.

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ATLANTA — A viral video shows a ranting black chick excoriating single ladies for eschewing penurious fellas. It’s her assertion “broke” men make the best lovers. She also believes men with mazuma are too confident and won’t put up with her bullsh*t. Babygirl would rather have a man who’s dependent on her — like a child. “Ain’t nobody finna make me say I’ma be with somebody who… already got their sh*t together,” she said. “Hell naw! I’m in the business of building a motherf*cker! I don’t care that he ain’t got sh*t, I got it. It don’t make me no sugar mama because I’m doing it for him.” Babygirl said the reason she’s cool with being the breadwinner is because her ex paid all the bills when she was destitute. “My baby daddy took care of me for a long time,” she admitted. “I made my first hundred thousand with my baby daddy. I ain’t never seen a hundred thousand ’til I got my baby daddy… He made sure I was straight. He put me on my feet. He taught me how to be a woman. Why I can’t teach another younger guy or older guy how to be a man? What’s wrong with that?”

“Y’all around here scared to f*ck with these n*ggas who broke and ain’t got sh*t. Them the ones you need, bitch! Because they will listen,” she continued. “A man who got so much going on, he can’t hear you… He’s doing something else. Y’all be curving the one that’s broke in the projects and all that sh*t. Them n*ggas got motion and they hard… They gonna do some sh*t!”

Social media reaction was hilarious.


Another chimed in with, “I agree with her.”

A third viewer added, “Broke males should deal with chicks who have no goals! Perfect match!”

Do you agree with babygirl?

Do broke men make women feel better about themselves?

Watch her defend dudes with no cash.

Share your thoughts.


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  1. As someone who did relationships for “love” and “not money,” I support tf out of this video.

  2. It’s a burden on a woman dealing with a broke Man, it’s a toxic situation,

  3. What about when they only take jobs that they want knowing it doesn’t pay the money that is needed to sustain the household?

  4. My guy works a lot but doesn’t make enough to cover bills and rent. He told me at first he could pay for everything but once I moved in with him he said needed me to find another job so I could help pay for everything. I don’t mind paying for my expenses and helping a bit but it does feel awful handing him nearly my whole paycheck. I wish he would’ve told me he was going to need this much help with money before we moved in together. I think I have to walk away.

  5. I want the finer things in life. I’m very ambitious and I’m always going after bigger things and becoming a greater person. But my bf is the same person and in the same situation he was four years ago and still living paycheck to paycheck and going backwards even…and he is starting to hold me back .I’m trying to work around it. But at some point I feel like I’m drowning and him pulling me under. At one point he told me ‘if it was up to me. I would live in a trailer with just a mattress and a tv.

  6. Damn this video describes my situation that I just ended a week ago.
    I met this man when he was running his own business, making great $. Then almost 3 years later, he moved into my home, broke and gave up on his business. He blammed me for not being his peace and support which caused him to give up on the hurdles of running his business. He was living in my house and had no $ to move out with. He refused to get a job because hes a business owner. So after a year and a half of carrying him and him sucking my savings account and me being too scared to go through the dating process again, being 35 with 2 kids. But enough was enough, I was tired of having another dependent and his ass taking away resources for my own kids. Ended up getting him out finally.

  7. I’ve never had a good experience dating men who had less than me. 1. They got jealous I made more (but didn’t realize all of the work I put in to get here). 2. They always had some sort of addiction which prevented them from being financially comfortable. 3. They tried to use me for shelter and help. 4. Broke men and lazy men always have multiple women because they are constantly on their phones entertaining other chicks, especially if these women can provide for them. 5. They’re usually in bad debt and or have kids they have to pay for and can’t so they’re in and out of court.

    It’s not that hard to be financially responsible! Stop spending more than you make and get two jobs if you have to at first.

  8. The question is why would a woman try to build up a bum ? Only the bum is going to do is take all he can get and go to the next woman and bum off of her and they don’t see any angles of that pattern

  9. It’s not a women’s job to build a man. Her role is to be supportive and play your position. I’m responsible for building myself up.

  10. The last 60 years have taken its toll on the black community. Drugs, gender confusion, violence, promiscuity, and severe mental illness plague the people. We are a broken ethnic group unfortunately due to the gullibility of the black woman and her delusional beliefs/aspirations

  11. These bishes are stupid asf!

    Ugh build a man???? How can a woman build a man!? She’s not a male! Only a father, big brother/uncle, grandfather, or a male neighbor with strong qualities can build another man! I can’t teach my son how to be a man but I can teach him how to be responsible!

  12. I had a coworker invite me to lunch i told him i forgot my debit card he didnt say anything lol

  13. They so backwards when it comes to pookie and Ray Ray they wanna build productive men they can’t build

  14. A guy i met on hinge took me out on date to a bar ( mind you he doesn’t have a car) but says he drives) . He only bought 1 drink just 1 and after the date he expected sex. He said the last girl he dated he spent money on her etc and he got nothing in return. So he said because of that he limits what he gives to a woman and that on the next date i have to pay for HIM! Loser. He told me that he is a bodyguard for a famous person lol ( i knew he was lying) I was like ” ok” mind you he never asked me what I did for a living all he talked about was sex , he pressured me for a whole month into have sex with him. Then he said that just because a woman has a vagina doesn’t mean she deserves everything right off the bat lol.
    He then said come to my house and I can fuck you ” i was like if I come to your house then I will have to leave early and ill take an uber is that ok? And the idiot had the audacity to say ” is that your way of asking me to pay? ” I was like” did I ask you for money?” I ended right there.
    He got mad and blocked me. So what he wanted me to do was travel all the way to his house and feel no way about making sure i get home safe. He had no gentleman qualities

  15. Black Women Love Toxic Drama Relationships, The Reason Why They Love The Low Hanging Fruit Because They Ain’t No Good Themselves

  16. You can either date a busy man or babysit a broke one lmao.

    If you can live independently (pay your own rent & bills, feed yourself, afford your own transportation, work, etc), then why would you want a man who can’t? That’s a downgrade.

  17. I was with a broke man for far too long don’t spend any of your time with a broke man it was years of going without not worth it !

  18. We don’t called them “Slow Keisha” for nothing. Black men don’t procreate with these slow Keishas. Your children will be slow…

  19. The need to control is a masculine trait. Real men ONLY do feminine women period.

  20. Personally all this dysfunction and backwards thinking these kweenz do, I love it. They make it so easy for black men thats meant for the world to leave them the hell alone and date out. All this “black love” bs is a pipe dream, you’re a utility to her black man, they want dominance over you.

  21. A broke dude can be popular with the ladies if he has the physical attributes they desire.

  22. Women wanna sit back at the finish line getting ran through by Chads and Tyrones and watch a good man suffer, and then when he does reach the finish line, women wanna come in and pretend to care and love him. Id rather be a broke man and alone than a rich man with materialistic women pretending to care.

  23. Hearing a BW say the N – word is REPULSIVE!! The way these birds talk… gross.

  24. I have been saying this for years now. Black women are repelled to brothers who got their life together. I have to lie to the sisters that I am a jobless deadbeat to get some cat with ease without dinner dates.

  25. wow. no wonder u westerners have 50% divorce rate within first 2 years. my wife married me when i was unemployed and was still studying and was living with my parents. she is selfless lady and supported me. eventually i started earning decent money and bought a decent house for her. tried buying a nice car but she told me to buy an old toyota coz they are durable and inexpensive

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