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Black chick says women naturally evil and wicked

Black chick says women are wicked/YouTube

Are women naturally evil? 

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ATLANTA — If you recall, Satan approached Eve instead of Adam in the Garden of Eden. Now we know why. A viral video shows a garrulous black chick admitting that women are naturally evil. Yessir. It’s babygirl’s assertion that most females are profoundly immoral and downright wicked. Damn. Maybe it’s best to remain single. “I’ve come to the conclusion that I think women are just pure evil,” she proclaimed. “Women are naturally evil beings. And not even just how they deal with men and kids makes them evil, but how they deal with each other. Women are so jealous, deceptive, conniving… like you can just feel the evil when you are in the presence of certain women. You can walk in a room and you just feel the daggers. You just feel that demonic spirit. Women are evil. I don’t care what nobody say. Women are untrustworthy, deceitful, demonic beings.” Damn babygirl. Tell us how you really feel.

Social media reaction was priceless.

One commenter wrote, “I’m buying a sex doll. I’m not f*cking with these narcissistic women. Plus, I don’t even like the human species.”

Another chimed in with, “Unfortunately, men discovered years too late that they made a deal with the devil when they said, ‘I do.'”

A third viewer added, “That encounter with the Serpent in the garden wasn’t just for the moment… it was for all of history. A woman can’t help but be evil. It’s their true nature. All of their charateristics are in line with the serpent. Look at what Delilah did to Sampson… Look at what Herodias did to John The Baptist. Only TheMostHigh can change a woman’s nature and they will fight against him too.”

What’s my take? Not sure if women are naturally evil. But, because they prefer fantasy over truth, they’re easier to inveigle. That’s why Satan went after Eve. He knew Adam wouldn’t have put up with that bullsh*t. And neither would I. Ecclesiastes 1:9 says, “There is nothing new under the sun.” Lucifer is no doubt using women and feminism to eradicate traditional Christian values.

That’s why there’s so much accouchement out of wedlock.

That’s why our kids spend more time with strangers at daycare centers than with their parents.

That’s why Kansas City Chiefs placekicker Harrison Butker implored women to embrace their God-given femininity as homemakers during his commencement oration at Benedictine College.

Western culture is so Satanic, the Passport Bros are traveling overseas to find wives.

Not to mention women — like the lady in the video — routinely lambaste each other, setting off all kinds of red flags.

Yep, women hate women.

So, why should men like ’em?

Me personally, I love sex which means I love women.

But I try to elude lengthy confabulation with ’em because all they do is complain about their métiers, weight, frenemies, family members, employers, mental health, physical health and other women.

There’s nothin’ positive in their spirit.

It’s all negative.

Case in point: Another female TikToker released a video, saying, “Good women are dead. Evil bitches, rise up!”

And, she said the sh*t with pride.

Do you agree with her?

Are women born to be nefarious?

Should we blame Adam for failing to keep Eve and Lilith in check?

Watch babygirl keep it 💯.

Share your thoughts.


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  1. Adam had two wives and both of them were wicked. Inherently evil but they can learn to change.

  2. Most serial killers have traumatic experiences with their mother that says it all

  3. I agree 100% there’s their fake surface personality, then the REAL demonic them..

  4. Ecclesiasticus 25:16
    “I had rather dwell with a lion and a dragon, than to keep house with a wicked woman.”

  5. Proverbs 31:3 Do not give your strength to women, Nor your ways to that which destroys kings.

  6. “Only women understand each other, and they all hate each other!”- The Great Al Bundy

  7. The Bible basically lets you know this from Genesis 2. Moral of the Adam and Eve story: don’t let a woman make you deviate from your purpose.

  8. Remembering back as a child, I’ve always heard that women/girlz were sugar, spice and everything nice and the thing is I really did believe that, at least at that time. I can officially tell you this. Growing as a teen I caught on and knew it was all a lie. I was sitting in church one day and the preacher made mention of EVE. If that Bible is 1000’s of years old along with other ancient text written about how evil wom3n can be, then it has to be genetically imbedded within their DNA, just like hypergamy.
    Seems with men/boyz when we disagree on something we either argue or duke it out in back. I had fought a guy, we were tired, red liquid from cuts were on my cheeks, his nose had red liquid running down. 5 minutes later drinking beer together, been best friends for 15 years.
    I’ve noticed with women, an argument can led to furniture being damage, windshields broken or having hot grits thrown on you, Al Green anyone. They are sneaky/sinister. There is a reason why rattlesnake mouths when open looks just like the womenz goodyparts when opened. It may look good but, it’s deadly.

  9. Simps still pay evil women then wonder why God allows them to be punished..that’s the true meaning lusting is a sin..Not just cause u see a hot chick and get aroused

  10. I succeed anytime I avoid women. Also during this time, they chase me. Lol
    Keep texting and calling even when I block them they find them through social media. Etc,…
    Yet when I chase them or show interest they fail me.

  11. This is why they HATE not having “Tabs” on you and why they even vent FRUSTRATION on how you move! w/out updates,they can’t stand it

  12. I’m was married 17 years wife passed over 3 years ago.guess what she told me before she died. Find a good woman. Ever since then wrong women have been coming my way. And I been turning them down.

  13. Also how most really don’t love their husbands or boyfriends, they can just leave them and not blink an eye. Most men are crushed emotionally when their wives cheat or leave, and the woman doesn’t care one bit, they are more upset that they got caught and the man is trying to hold them accountable.

  14. EVE chose the serpent over Adam. And continues to choose ESAU over JACOB

  15. She ain’t lying… My ex-wife proved that… Glad I divorced her… ️️️️️️

  16. Wish that I learned this stuff as a kid. Instead I was raised to believe that women were these holy perfect angels who never had to shower or got dirty. 100 percent opposite. I literally gag when I see pictures of my ex wife. So glad she is with some other schmuck now.

  17. Proverbs 31:3 Do not give your strength to women, Nor your ways to that which destroys kings.

  18. @Kenrick Nelson: That’s right the Bible also says that it’s better to sit on the rooftop of your house alone than inside with a cantankerous woman!

  19. This re-affirms my single life: No dating, no sex, no ‘entanglement’ bs. Just Christ and family.

  20. @Christopher Simmons: I think it was something to do with the tongue. The serpent used his tongue on Eve and she allowed it. Who knows how many times before Adam found out.

  21. Ever since Eve bit the apple, man has been trying to fight off the evil that apple has brought. The fight is eternal.

  22. The Bible basically lets you know this from Genesis 2. Moral of the Adam and Eve story: don’t let a woman make you deviate from your purpose.

  23. @ceasetheday87: Which is true, God was mad at Adam not Eve because Adam was disobedient, God gave Adam dominion over everything, keep in mind Eve was asked for and created thru Adam not blessed by God that’s why the serpent was able to get to her and get to Adam thru Eve and destroy God’s plan thru Adam, and remember that Eve was not Adam’s first wife, her name is Lilith, so with that being said the punishment for Eve is pain thru love as a virgin and her encounter with sex, child birth and abandonment which is a underneath dislike of men, Adam’s punishment is never knowing or receiving Conditional love and no defense for it, back in the day it was called Pussy Whipped now it’s called Simp’n, God is like I gave you all that you needed, I gave you what you asked for and you disobey me because you loved her more than you loved me and how you will do, give, be, kill and die for her love, and you will never truly get it matter what you do, there was a time when men wrote songs about loving a woman or being heartbroken because of one, now they write songs about sexing her or how evil she is (in a good way) and the pain of being known for that, she loves it.

  24. Proverbs 31:3 Do not give your strength to women, Nor your ways to that which destroys kings.

  25. “Only women understand each other, and they all hate each other!”- The Great Al Bundy

  26. @Kenrick Nelson: That’s right the Bible also says that it’s better to sit on the rooftop of your house alone than inside with a cantankerous woman!

  27. Seen alot of stuff growing up even from my mother,was in court at 18 just because a girl lied about her age to my friend,seen bros lose jobs and opportunities just because of a white lie, Heard all the name calling they do when they don’t get their even go on to physical violence & the most mental they insinuate the deaths or wars of many men, heard them bragg about the guys who’d fought for them, men and nations go to war over of them and it being the biggest turn on of their lives found it fucked actually, they’re not the ones fighting but their fighting for what they said, they were given the choice to join the military but it’s still an 80% male field Cause they know what fighting is, they’re not stupid nor babies but bust a nut when they see men fight…and if you don’t comply it’s cursing and name calling,they purposefully destroy I remember 1st yr in college got a bad mark on 1 class where my mom sweared and cursed at me till she crashed,got a text from my father a few hours later and he actually gave me advice to right my wrongs and showed me wisdom of what real life is after school cause he felt,he had to eventually,drinks a lot and basically never spends time home but he’s the reason I passed next semester

  28. Remember in their bible they talked about how God kicked Adam out of the garden and cursed him. His Curse was that no matter what Adam does he will never please Eve. No matter what Eve gets it will never be enough. Only the black man knows how to control Eve but the world thinks that they are better then the black man so they tried to and failed.

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